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Budget presentation


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Budget presentation

  1. 1. Library Information:• Did you know?• Statistics• How we compare to other NH Libraries by the numbers• Value of your library cardLibrary Services:• Materials- paper, audio, visual and digital• Information/Research• Instructional Assistance• Children’s Services and Early Literacy• Programming• Community Outreach
  2. 2. • The library charter with the city dates back to 1854.• Our mission: The Manchester City Library shall strive to provide quality services and materials to meet the cultural, educational and informational needs of our diverse and changing community.• Our two locations are open a total of 83 hours a week.• Manchester is a founding member of the only library consortium in the State.• Our informational databases and eBooks are accessible online 24 hours a day• Our staff started the first electronic newsletter in the city- MCL Notes in 2006.• Library users can request an item from any of the twelve libraries in our consortium and it will be delivered for you to pick up at either the main library or the branch• We have over 230,000 volumes of materials in numerous formats.• We have access to thousands of• eBooks online.• We work with numerous community partners to promote reading.• Our meeting rooms can be rented at both library buildings.• We have over 50,000 library card carrying members.• Our branch has been operating for over 30 years!• The Carpenter Memorial Building will be celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2014!
  3. 3. Main Library West Branch TotalAttendance 423,326 35,500 458,826Items borrowed 476,856 47,046 523,902New Patrons 4073 297 4,370Library ProgramsPrograms/Meetings 1141 420 1,561Attendance at Programs 24,667 2,695 27,362Questions Answered 68,251 15,400 83,651Website Usage 212,125 212,125Internet Usage 70,121 7,905 78,026Hours Open 3057 1224 4,281
  4. 4. Budget Salary & Other Appropriation Benefits Materials Op. Costs Population Per CapitaManchester* $2,707,863.00 $2,458,053.00 $54,960.00 $194,850.00 109,565 $24.72Concord $1,553,869.00 $1,191,890.00 $178,910.00 $75,945.00 42,695 $36.40Derry $1,150,914.00 $889,372.00 $75,885.00 $185,657.00 33,109 $34.77Dover $1,060,000.00 $826,800.00 $95,400.00 $137,800.00 29,987 $35.35Rochester $1,010,211.00 $826,072.00 $77,290.00 $106,849.00 29,752 $33.96Salem $1,369,247.00 $1,043,025.00 $150,379.00 $175,843.00 28,776 $47.59Hudson $985,629.00 $757,858.00 $77,200.00 $150,571.00 24,467 $40.28Londonderry $1,200,197.00 $945,827.00 $80,000.00 $174,370.00 24,129 $49.74Keene $1,480,570.00 $1,172,066.00 $141,550.00 $139,020.00 23,409 $63.25Portsmouth $1,562,458.00 $1,134,003.00 $202,675.00 $225,780.00 21,233 $73.59Bedford $1,037,224.00 $705,648.00 $107,500.00 $270,385.00 21,203 $48.92Laconia $793,304.00 $484,225.00 $94,500.00 $214,579.00 15,951 $49.74Hooksett $537,731.00 $415,143.00 $37,059.00 $85,529.00 13,451 $39.98Amherst $816,434.00 $642,171.00 $83,188.00 $91,075.00 11,201 $72.89*Manchester Benefits are estimated based on our current monthly expenditures in FY2013. A more complete chart including hours of operation and staffing levels is included at the end of your packet.
  5. 5. A family of four using the Manchester City Library during the month of April:Item Borrowed/Service Used Retail Value Savings with Library CardMom borrows 4 novels $25 each $200Mom borrows 4 eBooks $15 each $60Dad borrows 2 biographies $25 each $100Son borrows 2 video games $50 each $100Daughter borrows 10 picture books $20 each $200Dad borrows 8 new DVD releases $25 $200Family Attends a Library movie 4 tickets @$10 each $40Family visits New England AquariumUsing Museum Pass 2 Adult $22.95 $45.90 2 Children $15.95 $31.90By using our library they saved: $977.80
  6. 6. • Books• eBooks• Movies• Audio books (downloadable too!)• Music• Framed prints• Magazines• Online databases• eReaders• Microfilm• Museum Passes
  7. 7. • Access to magazine articles, business information, eBooks, and genealogy resources 24 hours a day from our website.• State and Federal Documents including tax forms.• Extensive collection of New Hampshire and Manchester history. Including High School Yearbooks and City Directories.• Broad collection of microfilm including historical Manchester newspapers.• Career Guidance Collection for job searching, resumes and interview preparation.• Internet Access including wireless for laptops, tablets and phones.• Referrals to other community groups for tax assistance, refugee assistance, medical advice and legal advice
  8. 8. • Technology assistance on all the new devices such as eReader instruction• How to use our eBook services Overdrive and the 3M Cloud Library• How to use our online resources such as our genealogy and business databases-• Computer Classes including basic Internet searching, job searching, how to setup an e-mail account, how to set up a password, how to complete a job application, and how to use social media.• Resume Writing• Tours of the libraries• Library orientation
  9. 9. • Story Times• Art programs• Musical Programs• Materials for all ages and reading levels• Home school kits• Parenting Collection• Teacher’s Resource Collection• School orientations and tours• Summer Reading Program• Themed programs• Annual Teddy Bear Picnics• Halloween Parades• Museum Passes• School vacation week activities
  10. 10. • Book Discussions• Family Fare Events• Genealogy• Computer Classes• Crafts• Big Truck Day• Educational Lectures• Musical performances• Movies• Book sales• Silent Film Festival with the Hippo Press• All library programs are on our online calendar as well as listed in our quarterly newsletter MCL Notes
  11. 11. •Story times in thecommunity- CurrierMuseum of Art, Mall ofNH, schools anddaycare centers•Day for Kids•Taste of Downtown•Homeless Continuumof Care•School Visits/Tours/Open Houses•Kindergartenregistrations•Back to School- NHFisher Cats•CHAD charity event-create a story booktable•Community GroupTours•Homebound Services
  12. 12. • If you have any questions about the library’s budget or the services we provide you can reach me at or Dee Santoso, Deputy Director at or by calling 624-6550.• For more information please visit the library’s blog at or via the city’s website.