Case study on stp


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Case study

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Case study on stp

  1. 1. Case Study on STP<br />Sunrise Airlines recently started Airlines Company that operate in western India and has flights with 60 passenger aircraft. Tickets are at least 35% cheaper than others national airlines. There is no pre assign sit no. <br />Airlines do not serve food and if passenger demands he has to pay at extra price. Other facilities related to transport are also limited. Sunrise Airlines has limited staff, many times ground staff work as flight attendance.<br />This newly started airline desired to expand its business by attracting more & more passenger, who eager to cover short distances by air. Its long term objective is becoming a leading National Airline within a period of 5 to 7 years.<br />Q1.Define Target Market.<br />Q2.Being a Marketing Mgr. of this co. How will you promote this airline?<br />Q3.How will you plan for future expansion? <br />