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Two biggest countries of South Asia, INDIA and Pakistan are neighbors since the Independenceof INDIA and the birth of Paki...
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The two nations of South Asia


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The two nations of South Asia

  1. 1. Two biggest countries of South Asia, INDIA and Pakistan are neighbors since the Independenceof INDIA and the birth of Pakistan in August 1947. As we all know that in the pre 1947 erathey’re known as an integral country INDIA. Pakistan was formed by the Britons in 14 th August1947 and that day was registered as Pakistan’s Independence or Founder’s day. INDIAcelebrates its Independence Day on 15th August. They have fought four known wars till thedate. The third INDO-Pak war was the reason for rising of another nation in this world, theBangladesh formerly known as East Pakistan. INDIA is Democratic Republic country and theother two are Islamic Republic nations. There are too many similarities among these countriesas they share languages, religion, culture, ethnicity, race, sports, soil, agriculture, rivers, landsand other minor & major things. Nowadays one more and most important thing is sharingamong them and that’s Terrorism. All three countries are infected and affected by it. Somepeople say it is for Jihad, some say it is for separation. INDIA, Pakistan and Bangladesh have toomany issues of dispute. They have issues on Land, Water of Rivers and illegal activities at theborder sides. One biggest issue between INDIA and Pakistan is the Kashmir. Kashmir Issue is the biggest point for these two countries, actuallythere are three sides, INDIA, Pakistan and the separatists; as they demand for freedom and anIndependent nation Kashmir. INDIA and Pakistan both do not want to lose Kashmir and also notinterested in any kind of solution of it. Separatists are Bi-side unity as they support INDIA andPakistan both on some different issues. Kashmir was a part of INDIA at the time of division butsince that time it is also an issue of dispute.Kashmir is known as an INDIAN state Jammu & Kashmir and has two capitals Jammu andSrinagar. Pakistan captured a part of Kashmir and that part is known as POK- Pakistan occupiedKashmir and it is also has its capital at Muzzaffarabad. China the other nation also gathered apart of Kashmir and it consists a Hindu pilgrimage point the Kailash Mansarovar.Kashmir is the hot topic since 1947 and also an important point for UN the United Nations, USAand European countries. INDIA the second biggest economic power-house in Asia after thebusiness giant China. Indian history comprises with several golden moments and time periods,INDIA was known as business hub, an educational empire and a place to learn for the otherworld especially for the west. Today’s INDIA moving toward to a different arena or class, whereeveryone wants to be successful in a moment but it is also an Indian theory that success takestime.Today’s INDIA attracts people for its religious, cultural and linguistic versatility and as well as forits Poverty. It’s not all about INDIA only; it is the problem of whole South ASIA. SAARCcommittee should do something for them. The workout needs some extra effort andtransparency. South Asia is the part of world where cultural and relational bonds are muchstronger than the monitory terms.
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