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Albits High Frequency Energy Trading & Risk Management


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A software loaded with Algorithms to beat the market and create winners portfolio.

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Albits High Frequency Energy Trading & Risk Management

  1. 1. ALBITS- High frequency Energy trading & Risk Management Software
  2. 2. ALBITS:• Trademarks: This software belongs exclusively to M/s Albedo Energy Consulting. All the contents displayed in this video, including all calculations, formulas, texts, graphics, graphic designs, logos, button icons, images, and software, is the exclusive property of M/s Albedo Energy Consulting and is protected by local and international copyright laws. Users are prohibited from modifying, copying, publishing, transmitting, selling or displaying any of the contents displayed on this video.
  3. 3. ALBITS: Key Features• Robust Energy pricing model• Trading Algorithms to generate Alpha(ά)• Algorithms for Managing Energy trading Risk in real time• Real time pricing of Exchange traded & OTC Derivatives• Ultimate, Energy Portfolio Optimization Tool• Real time Analytics• Back testing & Market simulation• Low latency
  4. 4. Energy pricing Model
  5. 5. Trading Module
  6. 6. Maximizing the Portfolio Return for target risk
  7. 7. Minimising the Portfolio Risk for expected Return
  8. 8. VaR Based Portfolio Optimisation
  9. 9. Energy Derivatives (Exchange traded)
  10. 10. OTC Derivatives
  11. 11. Market simulation & Stress testing
  12. 12. ALBITS• Sales E: T: + 91 9873386501 Technical support E: T: + 91 9582347599•