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  • Good ppt with detailed aspects of Big Bazaar's reasons for success!
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  1. 1. Submitted by Manas m.sIconz macfast collegeSecond semester mbaBuilding of big bazaar helpingsmall retailers
  2. 2. While retailers are involved with distributionand bulk breaking . They also contributestowards brand building . How is big bazaarhelping in brand building for many smallplayer? Explain with examples
  3. 3. Started by Kishore BiyaniBig Bazaar is the largest hypermarket chainin IndiaBig Bazaar was introduced by the FutureGroup in September 2001 Opening of its first four stores in Kolkata,Indore, Bangalore and HyderabadBig Bazaar is popularly known as the ‘IndianWal-mart’ todayThe largest brand in the hypermarket
  4. 4. Cont..dEntered into an agreement with HindustanUnilever to co-develop and co-brand bakeryproducts, which would be sold exclusively at BigBazaar storesElectronic Bazaar and Furniture Bazaar arelaunchedBig Bazaar tied up with Indian banking giant ICICIBank and launched the Big Bazaar ICICI Bank Card.
  5. 5. Brand“A name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or acombination of them, intended to identify thegoods or services of one seller or group of sellersand to differentiate them from those ofcompetitors.”
  6. 6. Purpose of Branding• Gives a business/enterprise a significant edge over thecompetition• Makes the customer view a business/enterprise as the onlysolution to their need or problem• A strong brand engenders feelings of trust, reliability,loyalty and recognition in the customer’s mind.• Through its brand image an enterprise will attract andretain customer loyalty for its goods and services andincrease the value of its business
  7. 7. Saravana Stores, a local retail store in T. Nagar Chennai was the inspiration for KishoreBiyani to start big bazaar hyper market. But most people think that the idea to start bigbazaar was from Wal-Mart but it wasn’t .Now big bazaar is considered as a people brandwhich ensure high quality at low rises making it a unique brand that are attracted to buy.the “Indian Wal-Mart”, is the modern Indian family’s favourite store.ANS: “VALUE FOR MONEY” RETAIL STORE HIGH QUALITY AT LOW PRICE INNOVATIVE SCHEMES EVERY PRODUCT AT ONE PLACEICONIC TAGLINES AND LOGOSPRICING METHODSAll this aspects made what today know as people brand or Indian Wal-mart. Big Bazaar is undoubtedly the number one retailer brand in India. It has built a loyal ,very emotional and cordial relationship with its customers. It is also very intending tobuilt long-term relationship with all its stakeholders, which is very essential for a
  8. 8. PRICING METHOD•Value Pricing•Promotional Pricing•Loss-Leader Pricing•Special Event PricingOther pricing strategies:Buy more, save morePrices reduced on a combinationHolding special discountsHighlighting the savings possibleThe Price Challenge Offer
  9. 9. Big bazaar itself is a example : As big bazaar started business from theconcept behind this entire retail format was from Saravana Stores, a local storein T. Nagar Chennai, the store sold products at low margin, which gave a highturnover . From this concept kishore biyani made his own changes andstarted big bazaar an organized retail hyper market . From big bazaar businessstory small player can bring their own brand with:• high quality product• low price or margin• product diversification• innovative scheme• modern way of doing business• know your customer• treat customers with respect• pricing methodHow is big bazaar helping in brand building for manysmall player? Explain with examples?
  10. 10. Cont..dIf small retailer are able to do business in this way that of big bazaar orSaravana Stores, a local store in T. Nagar Chennai. The retailer is able tocreate its own brand among the people creating a high turnover and also theretailer can buy the product directly from big bazaar retail outlet , then the smallplayer can sell the product at the local market with the brand name of thesmall retailer .Thereby big bazaar helps in brand building for many smallplayer
  11. 11. The presentation is done to show the how big bazaar contributed to the retailsectorAnd how big bazaar can help in brand building for many small retailers .Hope this presentation was able to provide with sufficient information andachieve it objective