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Kwiz pakodah tech kwiz-prelims-questions & answers


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Tech Quiz conducted by years before

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Kwiz pakodah tech kwiz-prelims-questions & answers

  1. 1., 09937022518 PRELIMINARY ROUND QUIZ MASTER: - Mr. Bay Leaf Score Name: 1. ________________________________________________________ /25 2. _________________________________________________________ College: __________________________________________________________ Instructions: - (* Marked questions carry 2points, others carry 1 point. 0.5 negative for each wrong answer.) ANSWER SHEET*1.*2.3.*4.*5.*6.7.*8.9.10.*11.12.*13.14.15.*16.
  2. 2., 09937022518 PRELIMINARY ROUND-TECH QUIZ QUIZ MASTER: - Mr. Bay Leaf (* Marked questions carry 2points, others carry 1 point. 0.5 negative for each wrong answer.)*1.In the 1870s, two inventors X and Y both independently designed devices that could transmitspeech electrically. Both men rushed their respective designs to the patent office within hours ofeach other, Y patented his telephone first. X and Y entered into a famous legal battle over theinvention of the telephone, which Y won. Identify X & Y?*2.Thomas Sullivan is credited for inventing _______.3.Connect Ralph Andrews &John Larson? (Clue-Larson a Californian police officer invented thisinstrument.)*4.General Dwight D. Eisenhower said that America could not have won World War II withoutit. Willy’s Truck Company was the first company to create the right prototype. What am I talkingabout?*5.It was named Time Magazine’s Invention of the year in 2006. What am I talking about?*6. Bajaj contends that CC-VTi tech used in TVS new 125cc motorbike "Flame" infringed on itsDTSi patent. Thus Bajaj sued TVS and madras high court restrains TVS-M from selling andmanufacturing 125 cc bikes for some days? CC-VTi stands for?7. Its version 8.0 system now weighs less than 1.5 kilograms, compared with 6.3 kg of version2.It was designed for first developed for aircraft in 1929 by Gabriel Voisin.*8.Just by dialing the sequence *#06# into the GSM phone,you get this.What am I talking about?9. A courtier, author, Sir John Harington is a prominent member of Queen Elizabeth Is court, andwas known as her saucy Godson. He had invented The Ajax, for Elizabeth I of England.Hisdesign was ridiculed in England, but was adopted in France under the name Angrez. What did heinvent for Elizabeth I?10. What is the term used to describe a "Chinese Portal"?*11. What was the code name of Windows Vista?12. Once I was waiting for a train. It was a foggy night and I was going over in my mind theproblem of temperature and humidity control. By the time the train arrived, I had anunderstanding of the relationship between temperature, humidity and dew point. Identify me?*13.The name of this device is having a Czechoslovakian origin, which means slave, servant, orforced labor. What am I talking about? Clue-Asimov loves to write story about them.14. What term was coined by Don Hoeffler and appeared in 1971 in a magazine called"Electronic news"?15. It was originally known as QDOS (Quick and Dirty Operating System). Identify it?*16.A virus that attacks or infects specific anti-virus software is known?
  3. 3., 09937022518ANSWERS: -*1.Ans-In the 1870s, two inventors (X-Elisha Gray and Y-Alexander Graham Bell) bothindependently designed devices that could transmit speech electrically (the telephone). Both menrushed their respective designs to the patent office within hours of each other, Alexander GrahamBell patented his telephone first. Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell entered into a famouslegal battle over the invention of the telephone, which Bell won.)*2. Ans-Tea Bags, Thomas Sullivan was a tea importer based in New York City. He came upwith the tea bags, which was actually just a silk pouch with a small amount of tea inside. Thismeant that the client could taste the tea as before, but he wasnt wasting money on tins andmailing costs.3. Ans-The most notable polygraph TV show is Lie Detector, which first aired in the 1950screated and hosted by Ralph Andrews. John Larson is responsible for inventing it, which isalso known as polygraph.*4. Ans-The Jeep, During World War I, the U.S. Army needed a fast, lightweight all-terrainvehicle. In 1940, the Army called on the automotive companies to create a working prototype(fitting army specifications) in forty-nine days. Willy’s Truck Company was the first company tocreate the right prototype. The new vehicle was nicknamed “the Jeep.” General Dwight D.Eisenhower said that America could not have won World War II without it.*5. Ans-You Tube - The online video sharing and viewing community - was invented in 2005 bySteve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim.*6. Ans- (controlled combustion variable timing intelligent)7. Ans-Anti-lock breaking system (ABS)*8. Ans-The International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI9. Ans-First Flush Toilet10. Ans-Chortal*11. Ans-Longhorn12. ANS- In 1928, Willis Haviland Carrier developed the first residential Weather maker, anair conditioner for private home use.*13. Ans-Robot, The actual word robot was invented in the 20th century from theCzechoslovakian word robota or robotnik meaning slave, servant, or forced labor.14. Ans-Silicon Valley15. Ans- MS-DOS (short for Microsoft Disk Operating System)*16. Ans- Anti-Anti virus virus