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Kwiz pakodah 51-100-by mr.bay leaf-07

  1. 1. 1. It is shimgo in goa, kaman pandigal in tamilnadu, phagwa in Bihar. what am I talking about?(Holi)2. Aegis communications is the BPO arm of which business group? (Essar)3. Who owns HARPO productions? (OPRAH WINFREY,reverse Oprah)4. Derived from the Sanskrit word, it means "giver of all things good”, started by an IIT, IIM alumni. It opened its first store in Thiruvanmiyur in Chennai in March, 1997 with an investment of about Rs. 5 lakhs. Identify the brand which is featured in Boston Consulting Group’s list of world’s top 50 local dynamos-08? (Derived from the Sanskrit word, Subhiksham or "giver of all things good", Subhiksha was founded by Mr. R. Subramanian, an IIT-Chennai & IIM-A alumni.)5. "Guy the Gorilla".is the knick name of this famous cricketer. Identify.(Ian Botham)6. “Head On” is autobiography of which cricketer? (Ian Botham)7. Ajay Jdeja, Essar oil, Lakhota Lake. Connect it. (Jam nagar, Jadeja’s birth place,Essar Oil refinery, Lakhota Lake is in Jamnagar)8. Why kiran bedi is known as Crane Bedi?( She is popularly referred to as Crane Bedi for towing the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi car for parking violation (the PM was on tour of United States then.)9. He has over two-dozen patents to his name. His products can be found in Olympics stadiums, the Sistine Chapel, NASA Space Shuttle, and the Japanese National Theatre. He was also a professor of electrical engineering at MIT for many years until he retired in 2000. This NRI Entrepreneur featured on the 2006 Forbes Billionaires list with a personal wealth of $1.2 billion. (Amar Gopal Bose)10. Kondapur Saalibai, Raipally Anjamma, Gudpally Pultibai, Bhagyamma Vadla, Suvarna, S.K. Pahima are his clients. He holds an BA from Tufts, an MA from Yale and Ph.D. from the University of Chicago where his dissertation focused on poverty alleviation strategies. His organization disbursed over $52 million (Rs 240 crores) in loans to 221,000 women clients in poor regions of India. Identify him and his organization? He has been named by TIME Magazine as one of “The People Who Shape Our World” for 2006.Gurcharan Das is among the board of directors of this company. (Vikram Akula, SKS Microfinance)11. The logo of this company has blue, red, green, brown and purple colored women. It says, Blue symbolizes the lower caste, the dalits or untouchables. Red symbolizes class, Green symbolizes the environment, Brown symbolizes the land. Purple symbolizes women. Identify the company? (SKS Microfinance)12. I am one of the most renowned Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam dancers in India today. I hold a MBA and a doctorate from IIM Ahmedabad and have experience in acting, film-making, editing and television anchoring. The state government in late 2002 had accused me of human trafficking. I played the role of Draupadi in the Peter Brooks movie The Mahabharata. Who am I? I do manage the Darpana Academy of Performing Arts. (Mallika Sarabhai)
  2. 2. 13. Carrying the baseline, `The new taste of health, “Sofit” soymilk drink is owned by whom? (Godrej)14. Who sells Processed Chicken under the flagship of ‘Real Good Chicken’, Rural Retailing under the flagship of ‘Aadhaar’ and Retailing of Fresh Farm Products under the flagship of ‘Nature’s Basket’? (Godrej Agrovet)15. The Groups chosen logo is the Gyan Mudra, an aesthetic hand posture practised in yoga, meditation and dance over the past 3,000 years. The three fingers in the logo symbolise the mind, the body and the intellect, mirroring the Groups core values: knowledge, action, care. Harmonising with each other, they aspire to form a circle of perfection, peace and happiness.I am talking about which company? (Nicholas Piramal India Ltd)16. “Chillz” brand of flavoured belongs to whom? (Mother Diary)17. Sildenafil citrate is commercially sold as _____________. (Viagra)18. It is nick named as the blue pill and has competitors like cialis, levitra. (Viagra)19. I am just ten years old, blue in colour, earned a lot many name, fame, glory in the last decade. Who am I?Pele the football star or United States senator Bob Dole loves me a lot and talk in my favour always to the globe. (Viagra)20. A descendant of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. He is also a descendant of Late President of India Dr.Zakir Hussain and a second cousin of Former Chair Person of Rajya Sabha in Parliament Dr Najma Heptulla.He was one among the child artists in Yadon ki baraat.He was invited to have a wax imitation of himself put on display at Madame Tussauds in London but he politely declined this.Raghu Jetley, Siddharth Marathe are some of the popular chracters played by him in some movies. Identify him. (Aamir Khan, Raghu was a character in “Dil hain ki manta nahin”, whereas siddharth was in Ghulam)21. He was initially named inquillab,and his surname came from his fathers pen name otherwise it was srivastava. Satyajit Roy liked his voice so much that he offered him to be a narrator for his movie ‘Shatranj ki khiladi’ as he was not having a suitable character for him? He contested against H. N. Bahuguna, a well-known politician, and won his MP candidacy by the highest victory margin ever for a parliamentary candidate in Indian history (68.2% of the vote).Who is he? (Amitabh Bacchan)22. Connect Bawarchi, Lagaan, Tere Mere Sapne, Parineeta, and Fun2ssh. (All these movies had Amitabh Bacchan as the Narrator)23. Vishwanath is an alumnus of J J School of Art. started with theatre and was compelled to act in films by the late Smita Patil, who was thoroughly impressed by the actor’s intense performance.He is the only actor ever to win Filmfare Awards in the Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Villain categories. He is popularly known as ____________. (Nana Patekar)24. Who are arctophiles? (Teddy bear collectors are known as arctophiles from the Greek words arcto (bear) and philos (lover).)25. Who owns E24 channel? (BAG Films & Media Ltd)26. What is the importance of Potala palace and Norbulingka palace? (Winter palace of Dalai Lamas and summer palace of Dalai Lamas)
  3. 3. 27. W, X, Y, Z together founded a company. W is credited for trans-creation of a “Pavitr Prabhakar”. X is a chartered accountant, having studied accountancy to please his parents. He moved to Great Britain, and spent several years working as an accountant and management consultant. But this nephew of Dev Anand is known for his contribution to film fraternity is known for his series of postings on a blog namely “The Huffingston Post” and for his wellness business. Z published a magazine called Student when he was 15 years old. This was his first successful business venture.Who are W, X, Y & Z and what is the name of the company they founded together. (Sharad Devrajan who is trying to Trans-create spiderman as a boy growing in mumbai namely Pavitr Prabhakar in stead of translating the foreign identity. X is Shekhar Kapur, Y is Deepak Chopra and Z is the maverick businessman, Richard Branson. The company is Virgin Comics)28. Mecca Masjid Bomb Blast on 18th May, 2007 - One Ambulance reached the spot in one minute and two more reached the spot in another 15 minutes. Ambulances made 6 trips, shifted 13 severely injured people and 23 people with minor injuries. 5 dead bodies were shifted to hospitals, despite stone pelting, etc. Excellent coordination between ERC team was shown; hospitals and police received recognition from the public, media and Government. In Bhaktinagar- Rajkot, Gujarat, a 3 year old child accidentally ingested ‘All Out’ liquid and became critical. Ambulance reached site within 6 mins and through suction took out the poison. The child was admitted to a nearby hospital where his condition improved. This case study is a testimonial to the success of which organization in India? APJ Kalam is the chairman of their Emiretus division. (EMRI, Emergency Management and Research Institute)29. What is common to Hindustan Petroleum(HP),Titan, Kissan, Centurion Bank,IDBI Bank,Raheja group and Essar Group?(Sudarshan Dheer-who had designed their logo and brand identities)30. Dog Waldi,Amik the Beaver, Misha the Bear, Sam the eagle, Hodori the tiger, Cobi the sheep dog, Izzy, Milly-Sid-Olly, Athena & Phevos. what are they?(They are Olympics mascots since 1972)31. ‘Ordinary people, extraordinary attitude’-this tagline is used by which organization in India?(NALCO)32. I was a FIFA football referee in world cup before umpiring in cricket. I recieved not only an ICC Bronze bail but also a Gold Bail. Identify me.(Steve Bucknor)33. Which organization has a newsletter namely ‘PARICHAYA”, they have signed a MOU with Govt of Indonesia for a Greenfield project and recently ranked 1478 in Forbes’ ‘Global 2000 List’.(NALCO)
  4. 4. 34. It means literally "three stars" in Korean. Identify the company?(Samsung)35. Connect globosport, stumpvision ltd, musco lightings, Showdiff International, Senso, Naturence cosmetic Ltd, and Hyde Park entertainment. (All are companies created by the Indian sportsmen. Mahesh Bhupati started Globosport, Stump vision belongs to Anil Kumble, Musco Lightings in India belong to kapil dev, Ravi Shastri is partner in Showdiff International. Ajay Jadeja partnered in Italian restaurant Senso,Manoj Prabhakar is the owner of Naturence cosmetics Ltd and Ashok Amritraj owns Hyde Park Entertainment).36. Dutch magazine “DEN HAGG” had put the postal ticket/stamp on its cover page recently. Who is this famous bhojpuri actor cum singer? (Manoj Tiwary,a postal stamp, priced at 44 Euro-cent was launched by Netherland government.)37. He has been criticized for plagiarizing The Godfathers theme, Titanics theme, summer of 42s theme, Laura Allens "Slipe and Slide", Wham!s "Last Christmas", The Beatless "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)", Dean Martins "The Man who Plays the Mandalino", Modern Talkings "Cheri Cheri Lady", Michael Jacksons "Thriller", Mark Morrisons "Return of the Mack" and Deep Purples "Child in Time" to name a few.Identify him?(Anu Malik)38. “Welcome to the human network” is a slogan used by which organization? (Cisco Systems)39. Which movie supports “Mumbai Indians” IPL team through its promos recently? (TASHAN)40. Who is the first company to provide its customers insurance policy against the theft of their handsets in India? It has tied up with which insurance company for the same? (LG,United India Insurance)41. It is considered to be the “Poila Baisakh” gift for Bengalis by Indian Railaways? What’s it? (Maitree Express is a train running between Kolkata- Dhaka restored after 43 years and started it’s operation on the occasion of “Poila Baisakh”)42. Its age old mascot of galloping rhino will be withdrawn from this Indian company’s logo. Identify the company and it belongs to which business group?(CEAT Tyres,RPG Group)43. What is common to Indian national anthem & Bangladesh national anthem? (Rabindranath Tagore is the writer of both the nation’s anthem)44. Haiko supermarket belongs to which Indian real estate major?(Hiranandani)45. What is White Ribbon Alliance?(WRA is a global movement to save the life of mothers from pregnancy and child birth.70,000 women die at child birth every year in India)46. “Yo soy El Diego” is the which famous sports person’s autobiography?(Diego Maradona)47. He once said described pele as “a poet when he’s quiet”. He was selected the FIFA World Player of the Year and won the World Cup Golden Ball in 1994. He claims he is the second player in professional football history to achieve 1000 goals, after Pelé in 1969.Who is this person? Identify him?(Romario of Brazil)
  5. 5. 48. The son of a police constable Ibrahim Kaskar, was born in Ratnagiri in the Indian state of Maharashtra on December 31, 1955. He is of Konkani descent. He brings lots of money by selling Mandrax drugs. His passport number is A1332945.Identify him?(Dawood Ibrahim/ Sheikh Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar)49. Who was the only journalist to be a part of Olympics torch relay in India? He belongs to which news channel? (Dig Vijay Singh Deo,CNN-IBN)50. The first country to introduce a postcode system is ________________?(Germany)