Kwiz pakodah 101-150-by mr.bay leaf


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Kwiz pakodah 101-150-by mr.bay leaf

  1. 1. 1. Who owns “Easy Day” retail outlets which were recently launched in Ludhiana?(Bharti Retail)2. Google website in India is available in how many languages except English and what are they?(Hindi,Bengali,Telugu,Tamil,Marathi)3. The official bank of the lucrative Indian Premier League (IPL) is______.(CITI Bank)4. What is Losar?(Tibetan new year is known as Losar)5. Brendon Mc’cullum plays for which country club? (Glamorgan)6. Which state is having the highest Tibetan population in India?(Karnataka,35,000 to 40,000 concentrated in five settlements-two in Bylakuppe,and one each in Hunsur,Kollegal,Mongod.)7. ‘The kalam effect: My years with the president’-this book was recently released in the market. Who had written this book?(P M Nair,Former secretary of the people’s president)8. The only cricketer, only hockey player to win Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna ?(Sachin Tendulkar-97-98,Dhanraj Pillay-1999-2000)9. After indicted for tax evasion and breach of trust, the chairman of Samsung resigned. Who is he?(Lee Kun-hee)10. Al Gore, the Noble peace prize winner and former vice-president of USA reveals the hard-hitting facts and expose the myths about Global Warming in this year’s Academy Award winning documentary. What is the name of the documentary? (an inconvenient truth-A Global Warning)11. “Libresse” is a sanitary napkin brand. Which Indian business house recently announced its entry into the female hygiene market? (Godrej SCA Hygiene Ltd.)12. Indiatimes has soft-launched its own social networking site. Name it.( The name of the new entity created by the Network 18 Group that will open a chain of cinema theatres across India? (Starglaze)14. One fine morning, the city of Chennai suddenly woke to multi-storied buildings, buses, auto-rickshaws, and taxis wrapped in newsprint. There were giant vinyl boats on the river and giant paper planes at the airports-all made of newspapers. The streets were full of cheerleaders –the men dressed in “veshti” and “thundu” (wraparound and cloth) and women in nine yards of newspaper content. The newspaper asked-Next Change? Identify the advertiser and in what context, they did so? (Times of India, while launching its Chennai edition)15. “X”–a newspaper launched by “Z”, headed by “Y”, a businessman. Besides him, Karvy Consultants, Matrix Laboratories and India Cements too have stakes in the company. “Z” is the name of the publishing house.(Sakshi-X,Y- Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy,Z-Jagati Publications)16. “Yeh kya haal banaa rakkha hai? Kuch lete kyun nahin?” from the coldarin ad, in everyday life. Who is the creator of that one liner? An alumnus of IIM- A, spent a couple of year at Voltas after which, he joined his first love advertising at Clarion-McCann in 1979.Who is this famous ad persona? (Arvind Sharma, chairman(India subcontinent))
  2. 2. 17. X recently introduced a new lipstick called the “Beauty Kiss Proof Lipstick”? Identify X? (Oriflame)18. ."The first rule is not to lose.The second rule is not to forget the first rule."It is a popular saying by which business tycoon? (Warren Buffet)19. Who is the only Indian bike manufacturer, which uses sound as an USP in their bikes?ANS-Royal Enfield20. The name of the company is paired with the symbol of a four-leaf cloverIt is a Latin word that translates as to bind together. This name has been chosen to reflect the integrated nature of the financial services the company offers. The name is intended to unite and bring together the phenomenon of money and wealth to co-exist and serve the interest of individuals and institutions, alike. Identify the name of the company?ANS-Religare21. The two hands that fuse seamlessly with a human form is the logo of this company? What is the name of this healthcare company?ANS-Fortis Healthcare22. This bank was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi. Recently; it has come up with a print advertisement in almost all national dailies namely"63 IN ONE DAY”. Identify the bank and in what context, they had released this advertisement? ANS-Union Bank of India, they opened 63 branches in one day23. "In my life, I have always looked to Mahatma Gandhi as an inspiration, because he embodies the kind of transformational change that can be made when ordinary people come together to do extraordinary things," "That is why his portrait hangs in my Senate office; to remind me that real results will not just come from Washington, they will come from the people," he said in an article while campaigning for the American presidential election recently. Who is this?ANS-Barrack Obama24. X a prominent personality visited a historical monument Y and said that, ‘See you again’. Identify X & Y? ANS-Nicholas Sarkozy,Taj Mahal25. What is BOGO in retailing? Ans:-"BUY ONE, GET ONE"is known as BOGO in retailing.26. This retail outlet was first given the urdu word for "trousers”. Later the name was added with two more words and it has become a fashion hub among the youth of India? I am talking about which fashion retail outlet? It belongs to which business group in India? Ans:-"Patloon" the Urdu word for trousers was the first name of Kishore Biyanis fashion retail outlet. Later he renamed it as "pantaloons”, which had a funky appeal to the young mass. It belongs to the Future Group.27. "The SURPRICING shopping experience" is the tag line used by which popular retail outline? Ans:-Pantaloon Shoppe
  3. 3. 28. It is the diversification venture of Gujarat Flurochemicals Ltd. It is also in an alliance with the Pantaloon Group. Winner of the ‘ICICI Entertainment Retailer of the Year’ Award 2005.Identify the brand/company? (INOX)29. Its quite like a fish market-if you dont sell your fish within the first few days, when its still fresh, you arent left with any option but to sell it at a discount and free up the space’. This is how he compared fashion with the fish market. Identify this business tycoon? Ans:-Kishore Biyani30. X got its name from a famous and most respected family of kerala who believed in Ayurveda. Dr.V.P.Sidhan, who successfully converted this traditional wisdom of this family found in ancient palm leaf manuscripts and created its flagship brand Y. Identify X & Y?(clue-Limca book of record most number of Pookalams under one roof is credited to this company) (X-Cholayil, Y-Medimix)31. X produces dish wash bar/liquid, household Insecticides,fragrances,distributes tea, coffee in India.Jeeva naturals is a brand of soap belongs to X.It distributes the Y brand of dhoop marketed and owned by Balaji Telebrands Ltd.Identify X & the agarbatti brand Y.Identify X & Y?Z is the visionary who founded this company? Identify X, Y & Z? (This company had six sales girls in its first Marketing team to sell their products door to door to housewives.)(Answer: - Jyothy Laboratories, Exo is dish wash brand, Ekta`s Karyasiddhi Graha Shanti Dhoops is a variety of agarbatti aimed at customers with astrological interests and beliefs. The brand is owned and marketed by Balaji Telebrands Limited and is distributed by jyothy laboratories, M P Ramachandran)32. Salvadore Persica - the famous Toothbrush Tree used for centuries. The astringent and bactericidal properties of it help reduce tooth decay, fight plaque and prevent gum disease. Which Indian brand has got its name from it? Ans:-MESWAK33. This Indian brand got its name from Acacia Arabia?(Babool)
  4. 4. 34. Ace Shaving Cream belongs to which business group?(Balsara)35. Odopic brand is owned by which business group?( Dabur,acquired by them from Balsara)36. Ayurveda Vikas - A Monthly Ayurvedic magazine in Hindi from ____________business group?(Dabur)37. Time magazine called him the superstar of Indian art house cinema while Maxim (Italy), the Sean Penn of Oriental cinema’. He was working as a creative director with “Rediffusion” advertising agency? He plays international rugby in the National "Orange Indian Rugby Team". Identify him. (Clue: - he is also actively involved in social work. Lately he set up an NGO called The Foundation to help the tsunami victims of Andaman and Nicobar Island.)(Ans:-Rahul Bose)38. It means “Three stars” in Korean language. Identify the organization. Attracting many of the countrys most intelligent and talented pupils, it is said that this organisation with 25% of its employees having a PhD degree or equivalent. (Samsung)39. This print ad goes like this:- “1991:English premier league established 2008:Indian Premier League established 1991:Australia beats India 2-0 2008: India beats Australia 2-0 1991:X-2,850 sq.ft. 2008: X-1.5 million sq.ft. Change is good”. Identify X-the advertiser? (Shoppers Stop)40. First it was Spikey, then chika and now white? Who are they? Identify them.(The ambassador pug used by Hutch & Vodafone)41. “Everyday I want to fly stay by my side... Everyday I want to dream stay by my side... Every morning I wish I could just play.... Wish the mornings would just stay...” these are the ad jingles. Identify the advertisement? (Vodafone-Happy to help ad)42. X was founded in Denmark by brothers Jonas and Robert af Jochnick and their friend Bengt Hellsten in 1967.(Oriflame Cosmetics)43. The ration card in one of the Indian state has a third gender code named “T”.It is for what purpose and in which Indian state?(Tamilnadu became the first state to recognize its transgender citizens by adding a third gender,”T”.To its ration cards giving the community a right to basic amenities.)44. Foreigners call it as G-jam as they find it difficult to pronounce. What’s it ?(Gulab jamun)45. What is the name of the kings in pack of cards? (Alexander, David, Caesar, Charlemagne)46. What is the name of the book recently released by the author Arundhati Roy? (Shape of the Beast)47. The Australian equivalent of Ranji trophy is known as_______? (Pura Cup- The Ranji Trophy is a domestic first-class cricket championship played in India between different city and state sides, equivalent to the County Championship in England and the Pura Cup in Australia.)
  5. 5. 48. As the Tatas have TAS (Tata Administrative Services), Birla group’s equivalent for TAS is__________. (GMTS or the Group Management Trainee Scheme that aims to take in hi-performers and give them one year of cross functional and cross business exposure including international exposure across the group, before giving them line responsibility.)49. Who are the two child endorsers in the Bournvita Confidence Academy TVC?(The dancer Kabir Arora, The folk singer Ashraf Khan)50. Bubbaloo Bubblegum, Halls owned by which company? (Cadbury India)