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The History of Management

  1. 1. The History of management By: Ranem Amer Radiyeh Asrar Hmoud Alshemmrey Dalal Salem Alshatti Hessa Ali Alrashed Fouz khaled Albaker
  2. 2. The Management Researchers Ranem Amer Radiyeh
  3. 3. -Researchers began to look more carefully at systems theory -The systems approach views systems as a set of interrelated and interdependent parts -The manager has to manage all the parts of the system perfectly.
  4. 4. What is the Quantitative Approach? Asrar Hmoud Alshemmrey
  5. 5. 1940’s -The quantitative approach to management, it is using the quantitative techniques -This technique was developed in the 1940s during the world war -A good example would be the “Whiz Kids” military group; they used the statistical methods to improve Ford company decision making.
  6. 6. What is the Hawthorne Studies? Dalal Salem Alshatti
  7. 7. 1924 – Mid-1930s -The Hawthorne Studies, a series of studies that provided new insights into individual and group behavior -The results showed that the productivity in both groups varied with the level of lighting
  8. 8. Management Writers Hessa Ali Alrashed
  9. 9. Late 1700s – Early 1900s
  10. 10. The Organizational behavior Fouz Khaled Albaker
  11. 11. 1960s – Today -Organizational behavior is the field of study that researches the actions of people at work. -
  12. 12. In The End We Wish that our Presentation about the history of management piqued you’re interest 