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India answers


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An India-centric quiz, conducted on the 15th of August 2013, at IIT Guwahati

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India answers

  1. 1. Question-E-Hind. - The India Quiz
  2. 2.  “Lajong” in this football club's name means “our own” in the local language. As can be seen from its logo, the club seeks to represent the entire North-East. Which city is this club from? Q1.
  3. 3. Shillong
  4. 4.  A world cloud is a bunch of text, generated from a text provided by the user. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. The image is a word cloud created from a piece of text.  What is the source text for this word cloud (image on the next slide) Q2*.
  5. 5. The Tryst With Destiny speech by Nehru.
  6. 6.  Sherlyn Chopra is a little known Bollywood starlet. However, recently(as of 2012) she got the peculiar distinction of being the first indian to do something. What? Q3.
  7. 7. First Indian to appear on the Playboy Centerfold
  8. 8.  This confectionary is usually made with condensed milk and sugar. Other varieties include that of besan, cashew and pista. It’s name is derived from the Persian word for ice or snow.  It came into news for a completely different reason in 2012.  What am I talking about? Q4.
  9. 9. Barfi!
  10. 10.  A B, a poor Indian boy, lives in Mumbai with his Auntie Maya and Uncle Bhim. His parents died some years ago. Other boys at the school tease him and beat him. Only Meera, a girl from school, befriends him. Meanwhile, Nalin Oberoi, a local crime lord, uses an amulet to perform an ancient ritual, where he gets possessed by a demon committed to opening the gate for other demons to get back to Earth. While being chased by other kids, A B encounters an ancient yogi who gives him the power to fight the evil that threatens the world.  ID A B. Q5*.
  11. 11. Pavitr Prabhakar (the Indian version of Peter Parker / Spiderman)
  12. 12.  These ads featured a bunny made by Ramdas Padhye and Aparna Ramdas. The bunny was long eared and jumped on the screen extolling X, "eh he he". The voice over in the ad is that of Ramdas himself who is renowned as India’s leading ventriloquist and this ad made him a household name in India.  Name the brand for which this ad was created?  PS: You can still sometimescatch these ads on Doordarshan! Q6.*
  13. 13. Lijjat Papad
  14. 14. What does this sculpture at the Indira Gandhi International Airport depict(larger imager on next slide) ? Q7.
  15. 15. The Surya Namaskar
  16. 16.  Name this universal ‘Maa’ of the Indian Cinema.Q8.
  17. 17. Nirupa Roy
  18. 18.  The upcoming adventure of Asterix will, reportedly, be set in “old time India‟. It will also feature a new Gaul character who is named after “the most famous Indian‟, according to Jean-Yves Ferri, the present author of Asterix Comics.  Either name that new member of the Gaul village or identify the famous Indian after whom he is named Q9.
  19. 19. Gandhix / Mahatma Gandhi
  20. 20. What is happening here? Q10.
  21. 21. To make Priyanka Chopra look like the Olympic medal winner Mary Kom.  Mary Kom biopic being produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and directed by Omung Kumar.
  22. 22.  One name is missing from this list of people related to a major annual entertainment event (held in May 2013): • Steven Spielberg • Ang Lee • Christoph Waltz • Daniel Auteuil • Naomi Kawase • Lynne Ramsay • Nicole Kidman • Cristian Mungiu Q11.*
  23. 23. Vidya Balan  This was the jury for the 2013 Cannes film festival.
  24. 24.  Mahindra & Mahindra's two-wheelers company has a fondness for brand names ending in "-O", with products such as Rodeo, Duro, Stallio, and now Centuro and Panturo.  Later in 2013, the company will be launching its 300cc bike. The name for this vehicle is a word that primarily came from African folk culture, and is now English slang for a form of personal confidence. What word is this? Q12.
  25. 25. Mojo
  26. 26.  This Priyanka Chopra film releases in August 2013, and has her character "Ishani" flying over the Taj Mahal along with "Dusty". The background music plays "Tere Bina" (composed by A.R.Rahman) from the film "Guru".  Which film? Q13.
  27. 27. Planes
  28. 28.  J. Jayalalitha once brusquely ended their conversation by saying: “I must say it wasn’t a pleasure talking to you. Namaste”.  The Indian equivalent of Tim Sebastian, he was President of the Cambridge Union debating society in 1977.  He now appears in a TV show on CNN IBN. Who? Q14.
  29. 29. Karan Thapar
  30. 30.  This is the logo of the Indian Federation of which sport Q15.
  31. 31. Carrom
  32. 32.  This former Indian Chief Ministers family had the following custom: Soon after a woman gave birth to a child, they were asked what they would like to eat. The newborn was then named after that foodstuff. Over the years, the Chief Minister’s mother had chosen the likes of paan and rasgulla.  Name this former CM. Q16.
  33. 33. Rabri Devi
  34. 34.  In an interview to the Indian Express in November 2011, the lyricist Irshad Kamil said: “After Operation Blue Star in Punjab, the final examinations were postponed. [I] led a group of students demanding a month’s notice as preparation. We made banners saying, “____ ____”.and went about raising this slogan.” He used this slogan in a 2011 Indian musical romantic drama film.  Which slogan? Q17.*
  35. 35. Sadda Haq, Aithe Rakh
  36. 36.  He asked for one rupee for providing permission to the project. The makers added a touch of symbolism by finding a rupee note printed in 1958 - in many ways, this was a golden and breakthrough year not just for him, but also for Indian athletics because of the Commonwealth and Asian Games.  Who is he, and what did he thus bless? Q18.
  37. 37. Milkha Singh. The movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.
  38. 38.  Identify this 1979 Bollywood classic. Q19.
  39. 39. Golmaal
  40. 40.  This place is Asia’s largest wholesale market. Built by a king for his favorite daughter in 1650 AD so that she could shop all she wanted to, this market place derives its name from the canals filled with water that sparkled like silver in the moonlight.  Id the place? Q20.
  41. 41. Chandni Chowk
  42. 42.  Identify the person depicted Q21.
  43. 43. Shashi Tharoor
  44. 44.  The categories for awards are: Lajja Award for worst treatment of a Serious Issue. Dara Singh Award for Worst Accent. Black Award for Emotional Blackmail. Bas Kijiye Bahut Ho Gaya Award.  Which Awards? Q22.*
  45. 45. The Golden Kela Awards.
  46. 46. Q23.
  47. 47. Starbucks, Mumbai. The first Starbucks to be opened in India
  48. 48.  He protested against Draupadi’s cheerharan during that ill-fated game of dice. In the novel ‘Immortals of Meluha’ by Amish Tripathi, his name has been used to describe people who have been cursed for their deeds in their previous birth.  Identify this mythological character. Q24.
  49. 49. Vikarna
  50. 50.  Identify the context.Q25.*
  51. 51. Smile Pinki / Pinki Sonkar. Pinki tossed the coin at the start of the 2013 Wimbledon men’s final.