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  1. 1. Prepared by:- Khambholiya Manan. MBA sem -II
  2. 2. Content  Introduction of Company  Difference Between Practical & Theoretical Process  Conclusion  airtel#btnNext
  3. 3. Introduction of Company  Name :- Bharti Airtel  Founder :- Sunil Bharti Mittal  Establish :- 7 July 1995  Head Quarter :-Delhi  A=Affectionate, I=Interested, R=respectful  T=Tolerant, E=Energetic, L=Loving  Work: 19 Countries (Asia and Africa)
  4. 4. Introduction  Recruitment is understood as the process of searching for & obtaining applicants for job, from among whom the right people can be selected.  Recruitment process is said to end with the receipt of applications, in practice the activity extends to the screening of applications so as to eliminate those who are not qualified for the job.
  5. 5.  Effective recruitment is the process of getting the right kind of people to apply the vacancies in an organization. Effective Recruitment
  6. 6. Recruitment Process
  7. 7. Recruitment Process in airtel
  8. 8. RECRUITMENT PROCESS: •In sourcing: Airtel.. recruit the candidates and, employ them, train and develop them and utilize the human resources of these candidates. This strategy is called In-sourcing. Companies formulate and implement this strategy when the corporate strategy is stable.
  9. 9. •Out sourcing: Airtel..depend for their human resources on such external organization whose core business is to provide human resources. This strategy is called Out-sourcing. Out-sourcing strategy is more suitable for both the fast growing and diversifying companies. •To search for talent globally and not just within the company. •To design entry pay that competes on quality but not on quantum. •To anticipate and final people for positions that do not exists yet.
  10. 10. RECRUITMENT TECHNIQUES IN BHARTI AIRTEL: Recruitment techniques are the means or media by which the management contacts prospective employees or provides necessary information or exchange of ideas order to stimulate them to apply for jobs.
  11. 11. FACTORS THAT ARE CONSIDERED WHILE RECRUITING IN BHARTI AIRTEL: •Determining which characteristics that differentiate people are most important to performance. •Measuring those characteristics. •Deciding who should make the selection process. •Time effective and economical.
  12. 12. JOB SPECIFICATION: Qualification required for the post of project trainee: •The educational qualifications that are needed for a telecom industry is ITI level, diploma , B.E and M.E. •He should have a good and sound technical knowledge. •The candidate must be within the age limit of 20 to 25.
  13. 13. STEPS IN RECRUITMENT PROCESS: Step 1: Whenever there is a vacancy in the company first it will be known by the project manager. The project manager informs about the vacancy to the general manager. Step 2: Once the general manager comes to know about vacancy in the company he will inform it to the chairman to get the approval of recruitment. Step 3: After getting the recruitment approval the process will be carried by the HR manager. Moreover the recruitment of the company internally, that is the existing employee will be given first priority.
  14. 14.  Media include:  Newspapers  Trade/professional publications  Billboards  Subway and bus cards  Radio  Telephone  Television Media Advertising
  15. 15.  The Internet is a popular recruitment tool because: •It is relatively inexpensive •It provides immediate access to thousands of prospective applicants •It allows searches over broad geographic and company postings •Some online services, like, catalog traditional newspaper recruiting ads •Specialized sites focus on particular fields or areas  Having a human resources Web page is an effective addition to an overall recruitment strategy E-Recruiting in Airtel…..
  16. 16. It is a method of recruiting by visiting and participating in college campuses and their placement centers. Possibly the most popular way of hiring the best brains in the country, this method has to be used with lot of care and caution. Campus hiring, of course, is not easy. Airtel arrenge....
  17. 17. Recruitment Policies in Airtel…… •A recruitment policy indicates the organization's code of conduct in a specific area. •In its recruitment activities, the company will: •Advertise all vacancies internally. •Reply to every job applicant promptly. •Inform job applicants the basic details and job conditions of every job advertised . •Process all applications with efficiency and courtesy. •Seek candidates on the basis of their qualifications. •Aim to ensure that every person invited for interview will be given a fair and thorough hearing.
  18. 18. BUDGET ALLOCATED FOR RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION PROCESS IN BHARTI AIRTEL: •The budget for the recruitment and selection process for company will be allotted every year. Around 25% of the profit is been allotted for the recruitment and selection process as a whole in a year for the company (Bharti Tele ventures Pvt Ltd) including Bharti Airtel. Since candidates will be recruited every year for other designations also.
  19. 19. CONCLUSION Recruitment as being one of the major topics is required by most of the organization, hence the study helped in understanding the various aspects of recruitment and selection process. In the BHARTI AIRTEL the sources of recruitment is effective, the internal selection of the organization also in an economical means which also reduce costs, only after looking the efficiency of the existing employee towards the company and his sincerity that employee will be selected, in BHARTI AIRTEL the effective selection process is adopted in the last 5 years. It can be retained as such.