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Manam Infotech is a leading mobile and speech solution provider.

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Corporate Brochure Manam Infotech

  1. 1.   Product Offerings Real Time Enterprise Mobile Solutions Speech Solutions Solutions • MobeeSuite • SpeechVox • CAS • MobeeBank • SpeechVoxIVR • LOS MobeeSuite - is a complete package of enterprise messaging solutions that help businesses to interact with their customers naturally and provide real time information over various channels like SMS, USSD, GPRS and WAP. It is an enterprise-ready, easy-to-use, and affordable delivery management solution that helps enterprises to deliver their services in channel independent way. MobeeSuite product avoids having different solutions to cater different delivery channels deployed in different places, and hence provide a unified solution to expose business services all-in-one box. MobeeBank - is a complete Mobile Banking Solution, built on Manams premium mobile applications platform MobeeSuite. It empowers your customers with access to banking services through SMS, USSD, GRPS and WAP leveraging on a single multi-channel platform. SpeechVox - is a complete Phone Banking Solution, built on Manam Infotechs IVR Application Platform SpeechVox IVR. SpeechVox makes transactions or enquiry easy for your Customers as it will help the customer to call from the comfort of their home or office, any time, just by picking up and dialing using the normal telephone or through VoIP phones. Customers calling into the system can identify themselves by punching the T-Pins on their telephone set. The system then will prompt and will guide the customer through the various Simple-to-follow instructions, using these instructions the customer can make enquiry or transactions   SpeechVoxIVR - provides fast access to data and information for your customers as it will help them to call from anywhere and at any time, by just picking up and dialing using the normal telephone or through VoIP phones. Customers calling into the system can use touch-tone or speech recognition to interact with the system, retrieve and submit data from databases and 3rd party networks.   CAS - Customer Acquisition System is a complete web based solution for banks and financial institutes to manage their offerings / product sales. Using this solution banks can take care of acquiring a customer for a specific product and manage the entire application life cycle. This also gives an advantage to the client to cross sell or up sell. Objective of using this solution is to bring down the no of days bank can take to acquire a customer. LOS - Loan Origination System is specially designed to support the loan application processing needs of banks and financial institutions. It employs workflow technology to control and monitor the various work steps in the loan processing and uses digital imaging technology to reduce the delays and inefficiencies in handling paper documents.
  2. 2.   Service Offerings Manam Infotech has helped numerous clients meet their IT requirements by facilitating them in identifying, evaluating and configuring their IT architectures across multiple geographies. With consultative approach combined with global delivery model, Manam Infotech enabled them to reduce costs, mitigate risks and improve organizational performance. At Manam Infotech the range of services vary from Consulting, IT Services, Product Implementation, Off-shore Development and Professional Services. Consulting Services Our consulting competencies spread across business, process, quality and technology consulting. We offer the following consulting services: • Call Center Consulting • Business Consulting • Technology Consulting • Gap Analysis IT Services Our complete range of IT Services addresses the needs of both technology and business requirements to help organizations leverage leading-edge technologies for business improvement. We provide the following IT Services: • Application Development • Application Maintenance • Software Testing Services • Quality Assurance Services • Enterprise Application Solutions • eBusiness & eGovernment Solutions • Enterprise Application Integration • Portal & Content Management • Document & Workflow Management • Legacy Migration • Mobile Government Professional Services We deliver global IT talent and provide end-to-end management of staffing services, and relieve you of non-core administrative tasks. We offer the following professional services: • Permanent Staffing Services • Contract Staffing Services • Managed Services • Workforce Optimization Services • Support Services • Network Integration Services