Power Up Your Email Marketing - Presentation from Content Jam, Chicago 2013


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All you want to know about email marketing from Content Jam.

Content Jam is a one-day conference for people who create or curate content for the web. Experts in content strategy and creation, SEO, analytics, promotion, and marketing automation will share their smartest tools and techniques. You’ll learn how to create, manage, promote, share, and measure your content marketing efforts.

You’ll be happy. Your boss will be happy. And most of all, your audience will be happy.

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Power Up Your Email Marketing - Presentation from Content Jam, Chicago 2013

  1. 1. Powered by Email Mana Ionescu @manamica @manamica #contentjam
  2. 2. Email Kicks Ass @manamica #contentjam
  3. 3. Your email device is... Ringing! 79% use their smartphone for reading email… and more than for making calls.* *source: Adobe – “2013 Digital Publishing Report: Retail Apps & Buying Habits @manamica #contentjam
  4. 4. 72% 62% read email before getting out of bed* of British women, and 48% of men, admitted to pausing sex to check their mobile phone.** *source: Mailchimp **source: DailyMail 4
  5. 5. Email Marketing is... #1 Channel for permission-based marketing: 77% prefer to get marketing messages via email vs 9% over the phone and 5% via SMS #1 Channel for sharing: 63% prefer to share content with friends/family via email 33% via Facebook 29% via phone Source: Exact Target 2012 Channel Preference Survey @manamica #contentjam
  6. 6. How often do you use the following? Source: Exact Target 2012 Channel Preference Survey @manamica #contentjam
  7. 7. GROW YOUR LIST @manamica #contentjam
  8. 8. How do I get more subscribers? 1. Ask 2. Promise 3. Set expectations 4. Deliver on promise @manamica #contentjam
  9. 9. But.... Don’t cold email It’s: Rude A waste of time @manamica #contentjam
  10. 10. Before… After… @manamica #contentjam
  11. 11. 1900% increase. @manamica #contentjam
  12. 12. Why it works 1. Prominence 2. Value 3. Proof @manamica #contentjam
  13. 13. GOOD @manamica #contentjam @manamica #contentjam
  14. 14. BAD @manamica #contentjam
  15. 15. GET OPENED sender name, subject lines and timing @manamica #contentjam
  16. 16. Sender Name @manamica #contentjam
  17. 17. Sender Name = Human Be a Person - Sonia Simone @manamica #contentjam
  18. 18. Hi, One of the business owners from Goldman Sachs program took your advice to use her name in her 'from' email. As a result, her open rate went from 20% to 39%. People also responded to the email so it helped with customer service and client interaction. Jason @manamica #contentjam
  19. 19. Subject Lines @manamica #contentjam
  20. 20. @manamica #contentjam 20
  21. 21. 1. Subject lines fewer than 10 characters long had an open rate of 58%. 2. Personalized subject lines are 22.2% more likely to be opened. 3. For B2B companies, subject lines that contained “money,” “revenue,” and “profit” performed the best. 4. 64% of people say they open an email because of the subject line. 1. Adestra July 2012 Report @manamica #contentjam
  22. 22. Don’t be a bore... Keep it: •Short, descriptive, valuable •Personalized •Under 50 characters Avoid: Help, Percent off, and Reminder 22
  23. 23. Tell, Don’t Sell “…the best subject lines tell what’s inside and the worst sell what’s inside” Source: MailChimp Email Marketing Subject Line Comparison @manamica #contentjam
  24. 24. Email Timing @manamica #contentjam
  25. 25. When To Send: Day of Week Source: HubSpot, Science of Email Marketing, February 2011 @manamica #contentjam
  26. 26. When To Send: Day of Week Source: HubSpot, Science of Email Marketing, February 2011 @manamica #contentjam
  27. 27. When To Send: Time of Day Source: HubSpot, Science of Email Marketing, February 2011 @manamica #contentjam
  28. 28. Other Impacts @manamica #contentjam
  29. 29. Beat the Spam Filter 1. Don’t Spam! 2. Increase your text to image ratio 3. Make sure your email has an html and text version 4. Don’t use all caps 5. Avoid certain words that trigger red flags: free $ xanax viagra free 50% 100% @manamica #contentjam
  30. 30. Google Tabs Before After ISP Open Rate Click Rate ISP Open Rate Click Rate Google 27% 9% Google 26% 3% Yahoo 36% 9% Yahoo 32% 2% Other 36% 11% Other 28% 3% @manamica #contentjam
  31. 31. Yahoo Email Recycling What to expect If your list has a lot of Yahoo addresses you may see: •More Bounce-backs •More Unsubscribes Why Yahoo will send bounce back emails alerting senders that the deactivated account no longer exists. Yahoo will unsubscribe these accounts @manamica #contentjam
  32. 32. GET CLICKED mobile friendly, magazine, segmentation @manamica #contentjam
  33. 33. Ouch! @manamica #contentjam
  34. 34. Mobile Friendly @manamica #contentjam
  35. 35. Be mobile or be deleted Source: Bluehornet.com @manamica #contentjam
  36. 36. The Mobile Inbox  Your first line of text matters! @manamica #contentjam M
  37. 37. Mobile Email #FAIL @manamica #contentjam M
  38. 38. Responsive Email  Desktop Mobile  @manamica #contentjam M
  39. 39. Not Responsive… but still mobile friendly 1. Content on the left 2. Buttons AND Links 3. Big text 4. Use “alt” tags and links for images Screens = 320 pixels wide Fingers = 44 pixels wide @manamica #contentjam M
  40. 40. Make a Magazine @manamica #contentjam
  41. 41. Magazine: S, M, L • • • • • • 1 Featured Article Statistic Event, Video, etc. Recent Projects “SEO Horoscope” Other Links @manamica #contentjam M
  42. 42. Magazine: Curate • • • • 1 Featured Article 2 Articles from others Promoted eBook Tweets, jobs, etc. @manamica #contentjam M
  43. 43. Lots of Links Source: HubSpot, Science of Email Marketing, February 2011 @manamica #contentjam M
  44. 44. Lots of Links Source: HubSpot, Science of Email Marketing, February 2011 @manamica #contentjam M
  45. 45. Segmentation @manamica @digimegaphone @manamica #contentjam
  46. 46. Get Data Smart - Split Your List “ Database says feline, female, high probability she hates water…” #fail @manamica #contentjam
  47. 47. Get Data Smart - Split Your List “I’d click on that! …too bad I ate the mouse.” @manamica #contentjam
  48. 48. TESTING & TRACKING @manamica #contentjam
  49. 49. Testing @manamica #contentjam
  50. 50. What to test? Subject Lines? Landing Pages? @manamica #contentjam
  51. 51. Measure & Improve: A/B Testing Source: MailChimp @manamica #contentjam
  52. 52. Tracking @manamica #contentjam
  53. 53. This is a 1 x 1 pixel transparent image… @manamica #contentjam
  54. 54. Campaign Tracking @manamica #contentjam
  55. 55. Campaign Tracking Thank you, Email! @manamica #contentjam
  56. 56. Numbers: Sent, Delivered, Opens and Clicks @manamica #contentjam
  57. 57. Rates: Sent, Delivered, Opens and Clicks @manamica #contentjam
  58. 58. Measure, Test, Improve 1.Watch your stats 2.Listen for feedback 3.Experiment: landing pages, subject lines, sender name, formatting, topics, timing, layout @manamica #contentjam
  59. 59. BOTTOM LINE @manamica #contentjam
  60. 60. Bottom Line “Send timely, targeted, relevant, valuable emails to people who asked for them.” DJ Waldow Waldow Social Source: Internet Marketing for Smart People Radio @manamica #contentjam
  61. 61. Thank you! Mana Ionescu @manamica mana@lightspandigital.com LightspanDigital.com @manamica #contentjam