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Company profile of ranbaxy


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Company profile of ranbaxy

  1. 1. Company ProfileRanbaxy Laboratories Limited (Ranbaxy), Indias largest pharmaceutical company, is an integrated,research based, international pharmaceutical company, producing a wide range of quality, affordablegeneric medicines, trusted by healthcare professionals and patients across geographies. Ranbaxy todayhas a presence in 23 of the top 25 pharmaceutical markets of the world. The company has a globalfootprint in 43 countries, world-class manufacturing facilities in 8 countries and serves customers in over125 countries.In June 2008, Ranbaxy entered into an alliance with one of the largest Japanese innovator companies,Daiichi Sankyo Company Ltd., to create an innovator and generic pharmaceutical powerhouse. Thecombined entity now ranks among the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, globally. The transformationaldeal will place Ranbaxy in a higher growth trajectory and it will emerge stronger in terms of its globalreach and in its capabilities in drug development and manufacturing.Ranbaxy was incorporated in 1961 and went public in 1973.MissionRanbaxys mission is Enriching lives globally, with quality and affordable pharmaceuticals.FinancialsFor the year 2011, the company recorded Global Sales of US $ 2.1 Bn. The company has a balanced mixof revenues from emerging and developed markets that contribute 47% and 46% respectively. In 2011,North America, the companys largest market contributed sales of US $ 791 Mn, Europe contributing US$ 297 Mn and Asia clocking sales of US $ 503 Mn.
  2. 2. StrategyRanbaxy is focused on increasing the momentum in the generics business in its key markets throughorganic and inorganic growth routes. Growth is well spread across geographies with focus on developedand emerging markets. It is the companys constant endeavour to provide a wide basket of generic andinnovator products, leveraging the unique Hybrid Business Model with Daiichi Sankyo. In Japan, DaiichiSankyo Espha Co., Ltd. (DS Espha) will market generic drugs. As part of the Hybrid Business Model,Daiichi Sankyo will utilize Ranbaxys strong manufacturing capabilities and expertise in developinggeneric medicines for the Japan and market them through DS Espha.The company will also increasingly focus in high growth potential segments like Vaccines andBiosimilars. These new areas will add significant depth to the existing product pipeline.R&DRanbaxy views its R&D capabilities as a vital component of its business strategy that will provide asustainable, long-term competitive advantage. The company has a pool of over 1000 R&D scientistsengaged in path-breaking research.Ranbaxy is among the few Indian pharmaceutical companies in India to have started its researchprogram in the late 70s, in support of its global ambitions. A first-of-its-kind world class R&D centre wascommissioned in 1994. Today, the company has multi-disciplinary R&D centers at Gurgaon, in India, withdedicated facilities for generics research and innovative research. The R&D environment reflects itscommitment to be a leader in the generics space offering value added formulations and development ofNDA/ANDAs, based on its Novel Drug Delivery System (NDDS) research capability. Ranbaxys firstsignificant international success using the NDDS technology platform came in September 1999, whenthe company out-licensed its first once-a-day formulation to a multinational company.Ranbaxy has developed and launched Indias first new drug, Synriam™, for the treatment ofuncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria, in adults. The anti-malarial new drug, arterolanemaleate + piperaquine phosphate was approved by the Indian Drug Regulator, Drug Controller Generalof India (DCGI) for manufacturing and marketing in India, earlier this year.
  3. 3. Within Ranbaxy, there is a sharper focus on R&D of Generics, as the company is increasingly working onmore complex and specialist areas.PeopleThe companys business philosophy based on delivering value to its stakeholders constantly inspires itspeople to innovate, achieve excellence and set new global benchmarks. Driven by the passion of its over14,000 strong multicultural work force comprising of more than 50 nationalities, Ranbaxy continues toaggressively pursue its mission of Enriching lives globally, with quality and affordable pharmaceuticals.Worldwide OperationsGlobal Pharma Companies are experiencing an ever changing landscape ripe with challenges andopportunities. In this challenging environment Ranbaxy is enhancing its reach leveraging its competitiveadvantages to become a top global player.Driven by innovation and speed to market we focus on delivering world-class generics at an affordableprice. Our unwavering determination to achieve excellence leads us to new global benchmarks. Ourpeople have consistently risen above all challenges maximized opportunities and positioned Ranbaxy asa leader in the global generics space.Ranbaxys global footprint extends to 43 countries embracing different locales and cultures to form afamily of 50 nationalities with an intellectual pool of some of the best minds in the world.An introduction to Ranbaxy in India Ranbaxy is one of the leading pharmaceutical Companies in India commanding a market share of around 5%. The Company has clocked sales of USD 293 Mn in 2009 in India. Growing ahead of the market, the Company has enhanced its competitive position in the domestic market through its focused approach. The Company‟s business has been realigned to its customer groups and investments have been made in high growth segments. These efforts have resulted in strengthening its Chronic franchise (Life Style led) as well as has reinforced its leading position in the Acute segment. Ranbaxy is a strong player in the Novel Drug Delivery System (NDDS) segment. Its product portfolio spans across Acute & Chronic Business covering Anti-infectives, Nutritionals, Gastro-intestinals, Pain Management (Acute) Cardiovasculars, Dermatologicals, Central Nervous Systems (Chronic) segments. Company‟s India operations are a dominant force in a number of participating therapeutic segments, for example Anti-infectives, Statins, Dermatology and Pain Management. A publicly listed company, Ranbaxy India is also a member of IPA (Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance) & OPPI (Organization of
  4. 4. Pharmaceutical Producers of India).Our Key Strengths • Company growing faster than the market. • One of the largest distribution networks that comprises 2500+ skilled field force. Dedicated task forces for specialised & chronic therapies • A strong player in the NDDS segment. Key brands include Cifran OD (Ciprofloxacin), Zanocin OD (Ofloxacin) & Sporidex AF (Cephalexin) • Strong brand building capabilities, reflected in the fact that around 20 brands feature in the “Top-300 brands of the Industry” list. Leading brands are Sporidex (Cephalexin), Cifran (Ciprofloxacin), Mox (Amoxycillin), Zanocin (Ofloxacin) & Volini (Diclofenac) • A well-built customer interface, with one of the highest customer coverage across India, and an excellent franchise with both Generalists & Specialists. This is proven by Ranbaxy India‟s Corporate Image being perceived as „Best-in-Class‟ by customers (source: AC Nielsen ORG MARG Report, June 2004) • Great emphasis is placed on Knowledge Management and Medico-marketing initiatives such as Advisory Board Meetings, Post Marketing Surveillance Studies and Continuous Medical Education programs. These have resulted in an excellent customer relationship with the medical fraternity. More than 2000 interface programs (Symposia, CME‟s) are conducted and about 20 Clinical Papers published annually • With a futuristic approach, the India operations attempt to capitalize on the fast- emerging, high- growth segments with innovative products and services: o Biological formulations such as Verorab (Rabies Vaccine) and Vaxigrip (Flu Vaccine), which require competencies to propagate the newer concepts in the market place. These products are being in- licensed or taken on Co-promotion from Sanofi Pastuer. o High end anti-infectives such as Cilanem (Imipenem+Cilastatin) & Faronem (Faropenem) have been launched for the first time in India. Ranbaxy is championing the concept of Penems/ Carbapenmens , locally o Dry Power & Metered Dose Inhalers have been launched in the Respiratory segment. All Metered Dose Inhalers are HFA based formulations, environment friendly inhalers. It is for the first time in India, that a company has launched its entire HFA propellant based MDI range. The world’s first novel product, Osovair (Formoterol + Ciclesonide) inhalation capsules has been introduced in the Indian market. o Anti-diabetic franchise has been further consolidated with launch of Insucare (Insulin) with an innovative delivery mechanism - “Controlled Insulin Logistics” This ensures that the cold chain, vital for product efficacy, is maintained. o A slew of products have been launched in the Dermatology segment: Suncross (Sunscreen lotion), Sotret (Isotretnoin), Eflora (Eflornithine)Manufacturing FacilitiesAn organisations capabilities and intent are strongly reflected in the product it manufactures. In otherwords, the manufacturing competencies and facilities echo truly, the R&D extent and the ability toimplement it for the best of the market it targets.RANBAXY® possesses the manufacturing strengths that have established it as a producer of world-classgenerics, branded generics and a major supplier of its range of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients forpharmaceutical products of companies worldwide.
  5. 5. Ranbaxy has world-class manufacturing facilities in 8 countries namely Ireland, India, Malaysia,Morocco, Nigeria, Romania, South Africa, and USA. Its overseas facilities are designed to cater to therequirements of the local regulatory bodies of that country while the Indian facilities meet the requirementsof all International Regulatory Agencies. Some of the agencies such as MCA-UK, MCC-South Africa,FDA-USA and TGA-Australia, have audited Ranbaxy‟s manufacturing facilities for the compliance withinternational Good Manufacturing Practices and have registered its products for safety, quality andefficacy.ProductsUsing the finest R&D and Manufacturing facilities, Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited manufacture andmarkets generic pharmaceuticals, value added generic pharmaceuticals, branded generics, activePharmaceuticals (API) and intermediates.The Company remains focused on ascending the value chain in the marketing of pharmaceuticalsubstances and is determined to bring in increased revenues from dosage forms sales.Ranbaxys diverse product basket of over 5,000 SKUs available in over 125 countries worldwide,encompasses a wide therapeutic mix covering a majority of the chronic and acute segments. Healthcaretrends project that the chronic treatment segments will outpace the acute treatment segments,primarily driven by a growing aging population and dominance of lifestyle diseases. Our robustperformance in Cardiovasculars, Central Nervous System, Respiratory, Dermatology, Orthopedics,
  6. 6. Nutritionals and Urology segments, clearly indicates that the Company has strengthened its presence inthe fast-growing chronic and lifestyle disease segments.Top 10 Molecules (2010)• Valacyclovir• Simvastatin• Donepezil• Atorvastatin & Combinations• Co-amoxyclav & Combinations• Ciprofloxacin & Combinations• Ketorolac Tromethamine• Imipenem+Cilastatin• Ginseng+Vitamins• Loratadine & CombinationsLIFE AT RANBAXYHuman ResourceA career at Ranbaxy means an opportunity for ample learning & growth. It offers avenues to work acrossthe globe along side the finest minds. The Company offers a challenging assignment, a world class workingenvironment, professional management, competitive salaries, stock options along with exceptional rewards.If you have an appetite for challenges, we have an exciting career for youOpportunitiesThe global spread of Ranbaxy and the blazing growth in business provides ample opportunities for ouremployees to build careers in various fields. Opportunities have never been a constraint for the deserving.We believe in employee growth that goes beyond vertical movements and change in designations. Potentialand performance are the pillars of career progression at Ranbaxy. A robust development process supportsthis.
  7. 7. Our managers will generally have the opportunity to live and work in different countries; such internationalexperience will help them better understand our complex business and grow both personally andprofessionally.Salary and BenefitsSalaries and other benefits in Ranbaxy are comparable with the best in the industry and one can expect tobe rewarded highly if the performance is consistently outstanding.Group Life Insurance, Medical Insurance and Pension plans are a few examples of the benefits we provide toour employees and their dependents with adequate financial protection on long term basis.Stock OwnershipThe ownership in business is fundamental to personal progression, we encourage you to take ownership ofyour investments.Stock ownership is a part of the compensation for our managers early in their career at Ranbaxy: you willsee the business results straight in your pay slip!Work EnvironmentAutonomy and entrepreneurship: We believe in providing autonomy to our employees and let themdiscover their potential while working for Ranbaxy. Individuals are given responsibility quite early in theircareers and their actions impact the business. This has helped in fostering a culture of entrepreneurshipwithin the organisation that we are extremely proud of.Creativity and Innovation: Supporting this entrepreneurial culture is the spirit of innovation andcreativity. You do not need to be part of Research and Development to bring about innovations. Creativity ispromoted in every part of the organisation. Genuine mistakes are considered as part of learning andcalculated risk taking is encouraged.Diversity: Ranbaxy is an equal opportunity employer and that gets reflected in the rich and diverseworkforce. This diversity provides us the strength to reach out to the world and touch the lives of millions ofpeople in different parts of the globe. We value the diversity that exists within our employees and leveragethis to bring about synergy within the organisation. Ranbaxy workforce of around 14000 people isrepresented by 51 nationalities with approximately 26% constituting foreign nationals.Employee DevelopmentEmployees represent what a company stands for. The value an organisation produces is unequivocally linkedto collective efforts of its people. We at Ranbaxy realize that the growth of the company can be sustainedthrough the continuous development of people who contribute to the business success. Hence we focus ourattention to harness the innate potential each individual brings to the organisation.Identifying PotentialWhile the initial years in the career of a Ranbaxy manager is used in developing the professional skills, thefocus changes as a person moves to the middle management level. Here leadership potential becomescritical. We have a robust process of identifying potential in individuals. Each of our middle level managersgoes through a process that clearly identifies their strengths, development areas and aspirations for thefuture. This is supported by a structured process of development, which includes movement within theorganisation.Building Leaders Across the Organisation
  8. 8. We believe that every individual can be a leader and leadership is not a domain of the people at the top.Accordingly the Ranbaxy Leadership Model focuses on strengthening the leadership qualities across theorganisation and quite early in the individuals career. The Model prepares individuals first to deal with theself and then with others. As the manager matures, the model facilitates the individual to become abusiness leader by understanding and appreciating the multiple facets of business. Finally managers ofRanbaxy are prepared to lead and drive change - an ultimate test of a persons leadership skillsIn addition, as an employee of Ranbaxy, you can expect to be trained in the latest developments in yourrespective field of functional excellence. Our Strategic Learning Partners support the development initiativesat Ranbaxy and are themselves leading names / institutions in the world of people developmentThe Management Trainee ProgrammeIn order to bring consistent growth, sustainability and novelty to our business operations we at Ranbaxyfollow a special “Management Trainee Programme”.This programme aims at developing and nurturing young talents identified from premier ManagementInstitutes of the country and trains them to excel in their respective area of specialization through on-job-trainings. Both behavioral and Functional trainings are imparted to them. They are put into diverse fields ofbusinesses and challenging assignments which enables them to be fully prepared to tackle any businesschallenges of tomorrow thereby moulding them to be our future leaders. Care has also been taken toprovide them with ample opportunities for their personal and professional development.Management Trainees are provided with live projects which expose them to the various facets of businessrealities. They are not only under rotation in different fields of activities during their tenure but also work inCross Functional Teams exposing them to deal with inter-related, complex and critical activities ofbusiness. Specific project assignments are also given under supervision and guidance of seniormanagement members and periodic progress is monitored. They are also given inter-location trainings toget them familiarized with in-depth understanding of the functions at various stages of the businessactivity.Throughout the process, hand-holding and guidance of Global OD Function ensures all management Traineesmake most out of their unique learning experience. After successful completion, a special evaluationcommittee constituted conducts merit driven evaluation of their results and performance under differentprojects. Based on their overall performance of the entire training period, they are regularized as Managersand accommodated into various departments of the organization. This unfolds the second phase of theirjourney of learning and achievements.Research & Development
  9. 9. Ranbaxy views its R&D capabilities as a vital component of itsbusiness strategy that will provide a sustainable, long-termcompetitive advantage. The company has a pool of over 1,200R&D personnel engaged in path-breaking research.Ranbaxy is among the few Indian pharmaceutical companies inIndia to have started its research program in the late 70s, insupport of its global ambitions. A first-of-its-kind world class R&Dcentre was commissioned in 1994. Today, the company has multi-disciplinary R&D centers at Gurgaon, in India, with dedicatedfacilities for generics research and innovative research. The R&Denvironment reflects its commitment to be a leader in the genericsspace offering value added formulations and development ofNDA/ANDAs, based on its Novel Drug Delivery System (NDDS)research capability.The NDDS research at Ranbaxy focuses on maximizing the overalltherapeutic and commercial value of commonly prescribedpharmaceutical formulations by enhancing their performance andreducing their adverse event profile. Such innovation also helps toimprove the overall patient convenience and complianceThe companys NDDS focus is mainly on the development of NewDrug Applications (NDA) / Abbreviated New Drug Applications(ANDAs) of oral controlled- release products for the regulated markets. The Companys first significantinternational success using the NDDS technology platform came in September 1999, when Ranbaxy licensedits once-a-day Ciprofloxacin formulation on a worldwide basis to a multinational Company.Ranbaxys in-house NDDS programs are primarily focused on the oral segment. Inhalation (patenteddevices) and trans-dermal (patented adhesive polymers) programs are also being pursued throughcollaborations.In the oral NDDS space, Ranbaxy has already developed four platform technologies namely GastroRetentive, Modified Matrix, Multiparticulate and AeroGel. Several products leveraging these technologieshave been successfully developed.In July 2010, Ranbaxy‟s New Drug Discovery Research (NDDR) was transferred to Daiichi Sankyo IndiaPharma Private Limited as part of the strategy to strengthen the global Research and Development structureof the Daiichi Sankyo Group. While NDDR has become an integral part of Daiichi Sankyo Life ScienceResearch Center in India, based in Gurgaon, Ranbaxy continued to independently develop the anti-malarialnew drug, Arterolanemaleate + Piperaquine phosphate. In 2011, Ranbaxy received permission from theIndian Drug Regulator, Drug Controller General of India (DCGI), to manufacture and market this drug inIndia. The company has now launched India‟s first new drug, SynriamTM, for the treatment of uncomplicatedPlasmodium falciparum malaria, in adults.Ranbaxy will also explore the further development of late stage programs developed by NDDR in the last fewyears, including the development programs in the GSK collaboration.Within Ranbaxy, R&D of Generics will now get a sharper focus, as the company is increasingly working onmore complex and specialist areas.Business Development & PartnershipsOur Vision for SuccessBy continuing to invest in our research and development, we strive to discover and develop Value AddedProducts and quality generics that address unmet medical needs, improve patient compliance and makeproducts more affordable to patients. Our Global Business Development and Licensing team‟s mission is tosupport Ranbaxy‟s growth aspirations by partnering on late stage or marketed, high potential products thatcomplement our in-house portfolio (therapeutically, and by stage of development).
  10. 10. Proven Track RecordRanbaxy has a strong history of successful collaborations. Through the years, our entrepreneurial spirit hasevolved to include licensing in/out, collaborations and M&A. We have a full range of both global and localintegrated organizational and commercial capabilities combined with a track record of successful productlaunches – and the financial strength to ensure appropriate investment in the products. What makes us asuccessful partner? Our strong relationships with leading pharmaceutical firms, which stem from: Dedicated Global Business development and licensing teams and a focused in-organic strategy Large global reach with ground operations in 43 countries across emerging & developed markets Proven success in driving market share and volume Dedicated post alliance management teamOur Future InterestsTo fulfill our mission of contributing to enriching lives globally, with quality & affordable pharmaceuticals, wecontinue to seek partners that match our values, work ethics and commitment to patients. Our focus areasfor collaboration are: Cardiovascular Metabolic Disorders Oncology Dermatology Late-stage NME‟s (Phase III onwards / Already Marketed) and Early stage Super Generic productsrequiring strong commercial execution in above therapy area‟s for Emerging Markets and in Dermatology forour USA market Biosimilars Platform TechnologiesPartner with RanbaxyPlease contact us to start a conversation about how we can work together to improve patient lives throughthe development of high-quality & affordable pharmaceutical products.While our Global Business Development Team in based in our HQ at Gurgaon, Haryana, India we haveBusiness Development colleagues located globally, in Emerging Markets across India ( Mumbai), Africa(Johannesburg), CIS (Moscow), and in Developed Markets in US (Princeton, New Jersey) Europe (London,UK) and in several other markets.