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Abs capital projects 19 01 10

  1. 1. Amman Baccalaureate School Capital Campaign Development and Improvement Projects The School recognises that since the construction of the original buildings in the 1980s, there have been significant developments in its programmes, including the implementa- tion of Information & Communication Technology. There have also been changes in the needs and expectations of the community. As a result of these changes existing facili- ties no longer fully meet the needs of the school and its students. The school wishes to have sufficient funding needed to construct and complete the fol- lowing projects: 1. Construction of a new Kindergarten: Target Completion Date: March 2010 Currently the ABS KG is a self-contained unit, located on the lower floor of Building C. Since the original construction of the school the nature of the KG programme has un- dergone significant development and the existing facility has been adapted to accom- modate these changes. The Board and administration recognise that further develop- ment of the existing KG facility is not practical and seeks to develop a new, self- contained KG facility to better provide the initial foundation of the ABS educational expe- rience. The 2,000 m² indoor facility will include: • The reception area will be the welcome centre at the entrance of the Kindergar- ten • A multi-purpose hall naturally-lit with an enormous skylight where the children will have their music & drama lessons, morning line-up on frigid days and small group learning activities • A studio, located at the end of the multi-purpose hall, will mainly be used for dance & art. It will be fully equipped with a computer with internet access, an abundance of art supplies, a vast collection of dance music • A media centre with over 12,000 Arabic and English children’s books, teachers’ resources & reading schemes and a large variety of educational software, videos & CDs. The computer zone will be located at the south end of the media centre
  2. 2. fully equipped with a data show, Smart board, eight computers with internet ac- cess • Six classrooms (each one 7.5 m X 12 m) fully equipped with under floor heating and the latest technology (data show, interactive whiteboard & three computers with internet access), each classroom has an additional 3 m of which will be an outside learning area covered by a canopy of grapevines fully equipped with a sink for science experiments, artwork, gardening, etc. • Five spacious bathroom facilities & one handicap access bathroom to accommo- date for the 144 kindergarteners • A dining room that will seat 100 which can easily be converted into a theatre for class performances, Parents’ Open House, special holiday celebrations, etc. The theatre will be fully equipped with the latest technology to ensure transmission of quality performances. • A small kitchen to facilitate basic purposes only, kindergartners will bring their own healthy snacks to school • A teachers’ room equipped with 2 photocopiers, 2 computers, a printer and a large supply of stationery • A cosy corner for children who are ill or just need a little special attention. The cosy corner will feature comfortable child-size furniture where first aid can be administered in a comfy atmosphere • The Head of KG’s office will house all confidential records of the kindergarten • The large basement will be the main storage area for props, teaching material & supplies, furniture, etc. The 1,000 m² outdoor learning area will include: • Lush landscaping, • A small greenhouse for the children to plant, nurture and harvest their own “KinderGARDEN”, • Recycling storage area, • Learning gazebo surrounded with a moat or near a pond filled with an aquatic ecosystem,
  3. 3. • Massive pirate’s ship playground equipment that will entertain up to 80 children simultaneously, • Sand and water table area, • Rock climbing panels, • Traffic city area, • Bouncy apparatuses, • Magic writing wall, and • A morning line-up area for the daily exercises, national & school songs and announcements. The projected cost is estimated as: JD 1,640,000 (See attached break down) 2. Upgrading Technology Target Completion Date: July 2010 The upgrading of Technology within the school will ensure that the latest digital tech- nologies and learning and teaching are fully integrated. The aim is to ensure that tech- nology supports and enhances and, on occasions, transforms student learning so that students are fully prepared for their ‘digital’ futures. The projected cost is estimated as: JD 250,000 Please find attached our ICT Strategic Plan, The following areas will be key aspects of the plan Internet bandwidth: currently the school uses a 6 Mb microwave link but this has the capacity to go to 32Mb – with additional infrastructure at the server end and in- creased subscription we would like to take this to full capacity at the earliest opportunity. Further investment may enable us to use an even faster satellite link. Mobile computing: increased use of mobile computing devices. In the Junior School and Kindergarten these would take the form of carts of laptops that can be moved from room to room as required. A cart may hold 24 laptops with charging facilities and in-
  4. 4. clude a wireless network printer. Ideally, each floor in the Junior School would require one cart of laptops and each grade in the Kindergarten would be provided with one cart. Laptops in the College and Middle Years School will be provided by the students them- selves. Teachers will need to be provided with laptops that they will use both in the classroom and for lesson preparation at home. Wireless infrastructure: already, much of the Middle Years School and the College building have wireless access. We would like to complete the coverage of the whole school to include the Kindergarten, Junior School, Sports Centre and some common areas. Staff Training and Technical Support: investment in hardware and software must be accompanied by appropriate staff development and training. This may take the form of in-service courses, sometimes bringing in experts from overseas or by sending staff on courses. It may take the form of reducing staff loads so that on-going development work can take place. The level of Technical Support requires improvement by increasing the Technical Support Team by at least one, improving in-service training of our technical support team and improving the financial packages of our Support Team so that we can attract and retain the best staff. The projected cost is estimated as: JD 250,000 3. Our Scholarships Programme. The purpose of offering Scholarships (and Exhibitions) is to attract high quality entrants to the school and to retain students of exceptional quality who may be attracted by simi- lar scholarships at other institutions. The purpose of Bursaries or financial assistance is to provide support for existing fami- lies, who are experiencing financial difficulties and who otherwise would be unable to meet the full cost of the fees. The purpose of Academic Awards or Endowment Fund Awards is to recognize academic excellence, accomplishments in other fields and or exceptional commitment to the school. Please find attached our detailed scholarships programme. 4. Renovating Design Technology Workshops: Target Completion Date: July 2011 The project will enhance existing school workshops in order to meet the requirements of international standards in this subject. The new facilities will be spacious and well venti- lated and lit and equipped with CNC machines and modern equipment and machinery.
  5. 5. The projected cost is estimated as: JD 250,000 5. Renovating Laboratories: Target Completion Date: July 2011 The school currently has eight dedicated science laboratories, five of which were not originally designed to accommodate teaching in this field. As science forms a major and increasingly important component of the programme the school considers the renova- tion and refurbishing of these laboratories to meet developments in modern science education as a priority. The upgraded Science laboratories will be well equipped, ergo- nomically friendly, with student work areas arranged in islands, well ventilated and lit. The projected cost is estimated as: JD 250,000 6. Construction of a new IB Diploma College Target Completion Date: July 2013 A purpose built, environmentally friendly facility providing an exciting and dynamic learning environment for students aged between 16 -18. State -of- the- art facilities and equipment will en- sure the best possible resources are made available making best use of the latest tech- nology and preparing students for the opportunities of the 21st century. Such an inspira- tional learning environment will comprise purpose built science laboratories, language laboratory, multimedia suite, art studio, informal study areas with an internet cafe style environment, social and dining area as a well as more conventional classrooms with more flexibility and moveable walls to facilitate expansion to accommodate larger gath- erings or presentation/practical work. Extensive provision for careers and university counseling in a stylish setting will enhance the IB Diploma College's vision of providing a bridging role between school and university and highlight the relaxed, mature atmos- phere it is hoped will be created. The projected cost is estimated as: JDs 2 million for furniture and equipment. 7. Construction of a New Visual and Performing Arts Centre
  6. 6. This project will ensure that the Performing Arts remain at the heart of an ABS educa- tion. This centre would include the latest ‘state of the art facilities’ for Drama, Music and Visual Arts and would be available to all students and parents throughout the school. The projected cost is estimated as: JDs 2 million for furniture and equipment. 8. Sports Complex: Target Completion Date: July 2012 The upgrading of the school’s Sports facilities, particularly the gymnasium and the up- grading of equipment. The projected cost is estimated as: JD 150,000