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Soap Box Derby


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Pt England School blog posts about the 2009 Soap Box Derby

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Soap Box Derby

  1. 1. Soap Box Derby Practise By Nathaniel pracstise.html
  2. 2. Soap Box Derby Practise By Nathaniel Tuia Yesterday on the 11th of March the Pt England School Team went to Glendowie to practise for our Soap Box Derby. When we went to our practise we said a prayer and had a short meeting before we got ready. We were feeling pretty proud of our flash little red car! Jacob got ready to start.!! BOOM!! As the ramp ticked he went zooming down the hill. He set the pace, the new record he made was 4 seconds, and then next it was Shontal's turn. She looked afraid but she still did it. After Shontal it was me, Nathaniel. I zoomed down the hill and when I reached the bottom I slammed on the brakes. Before my turn I had been pretty nervous but after I had done it I felt really proud of myself. It was great fun. I can not wait for the big race coming up this Sunday.
  3. 3. Jacob - Champion driver for PES derby-racing.html
  4. 4. 2009 SOAP BOX DERBY RACING!! by Jacob At 6.30 am I woke up for my PRACTISE. I took my bag and lunch box and o I went to school to get ready for Mr Jacobsen. When I got to school I wore my uniform with pride. I waited for the rest of our crew to arrive to go to the race and win the prize. Mr Burt came with his beautiful truck and the pit crew ran to the shed to get the car ready to load and get tied up on the truck.
  5. 5. As the car got loaded on to the truck we set o to the netball courts down in Mount Wellington avenue. We got there and there were lots of schools there: there was ' Sacred Heart College, Bailey Road, Parnell, and Kings Prep. We got ready to race and o they went down the hill past the lights and quot;BRAKEquot; the man said. So they all braked ' and in first place was Kings Prep and then my school and then Parnell and last place was Sacred Heart. As the next race started it was me racing and as I went down the hill in third place Bailey Road nearly CRASHED so he stopped and I over took him and Parnell school and I came first.
  6. 6. WINNER'S GO TO THE AUCKLAND CHAMP'S by Jacob Monday, March 23, 2009 TRIPLE WOW!!!!!!!! On Sunday the 22nd of March it was the Soap Box Derby challenge.(WHOEVER WIN'S GOES TO THE AUCKLAND CHAMPS!) I got so excited as if I was a Millionaire! I arrived at Morrin road in Mt Wellington at 8:30am. The first race of the day was at 9:30 CHURR HOO. At 8 o clock Mr Burt our principal came to Morrin Road with Point England School's CAR. It was NICE and SHINY, mostly RED, and at the back it was BLACK.
  7. 7. We were mostly supported by KORKOR, a company that makes two way digital radios. BAM!!!!! 9:30 went past with a scream in my ear. Up first was CHURCHILL PARK SCHOOL VS PARNELL DISTRICT SCHOOL. O they went down the steep hill, then up a 300 metre hill. 5 seconds away from the finish line with CHURCHILL PARK UP IN FRONT. OH NO!CHURCHILL PARK BRAKED BEFORE THE FINISH LINE! which leaves PARNELL up in front, past the finish line, and brake as CHURCHILL PARK moved slowly across the finish line. WHAT A BAD START TO THE DAY FOR CHURCHILL PARK.
  8. 8. Next race was POINT ENGLAND VS SACRED HEART AND I WAS ON THE LEFT LANE. The pit crew brought out the car on the ramp and down I went straight down like a soaring sword and past the finish line. In first place is Pt England with the fastest time of the day. When all the rounds were finished, we had won all our races. After that was round 2 our quarter finals. For the next race it was POINT ENGLAND VS BAILEY ROAD. quot;GO!! quot; Said the man and o we went down the hill quot;and Jacob is taking the lead for point England schoolquot; (that's me). Down I went and quot;POINT ENGLAND IS WINNING BY 7 SECONDS.... 6, 5, 4....... AND THE WINNER IS JACOB!quot; I WON BY 4 SECONDS WITH THE BEST RECORD TIME of 33.221. SO OFF I GO NOW TO GET READY FOR THE GRAND FINAL'S WISH ME LUCK POINT ENGLAND
  9. 9. As I got up, the car was already loaded up and so I got in. Down I went vs Sacred Heart for the Grand Final's. SO WE WON! NORTH SHORE HERE WE COME WITH 4 TROPHY'S! auckland-champs.html
  10. 10. competition.html
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  12. 12.  competition.html
  13. 13. PES Racing Team on TV3 by Shontal On Monday at 6.30 am the P.E.S racing team had to go to school. We had to go to school because we had to get filmed by TV3. It was really interesting for me and the crew. All of the drivers had a go at driving and it was really fun. I am a driver as well. There were some other school's there too. Like King's school, Sacred Heart, Bailey Road and Churchill Park School, Parnell Primary and plus us- which was Pt England School. Then at 8.00 o clock we got filmed by TV3 and I was the one who had to get in the derby and drive it but before I did that I had to go and tell the man my name so then I told him and he said to me “well then hop into the car and go and wait in there while I go and get my word's ready and then we will get started”.
  14. 14. PES Racing Team on TV3 by Shontal Then they got ready and started to film and when he said “and here is the driver Shontal” I had to look back and wave at the camera I felt nervous and when I turned my back I had the giggles and then he said 3.....2.....1.... and RACING !!!! Then I was off when I was going down the hill. The Pit crew who were Sela and Destiny ran down with me and then they said BREAK !!! very loudly it hurt my ear's. Then I got out of the derby and I was hiding my face because I was ashamed of myself because I would be all over the news. But now some people have already said quot;Hey Shontal I saw you on the news driving that little go kart!” and I said ''Yeah it was lots of fun quot; racing.html
  15. 15. PES Racing Team on TV3 by Shontal Then I went home and when I got home my mum and Nan goes we both saw you on the TV and it was really cool to see that people saw me on TV but kind of embarrassing but it was really fun for me and the crew...... Thank You  for reading   From Shontal
  16. 16.
  17. 17. The Actual Race by Sela   quot;It was the best thing I've done in my lifequot; said Tanielu, quot;I knowquot; replied Destiney.   About eleven lucky students from Pt England were at Stonefield because there was an AMAZING  event happening and we were all included.  The big event was the quot;ALL AMERICAN SOAP BOX DERBY RACEquot;   I was very lucky to be in the group of eleven people.  In those eleven people were five drivers:Cruz , Shontal , Jacob , Tevita  and Nathanial .  Five pit crew members:Charm , Tanielu , Raven , Destiney  and me Sela.  Also one cheerleader: Mauina.  We all signed up to be part of the team.   There were a lot of schools like Bailey Road, Sacred Heart, Churchill Park, Sommerville, Parnell, Kings, St Kentigens and us Pt England.  All these schools did very well!!
  18. 18. Being in the pit crew was REALLY hard work, like I said before we had to change the weights,  wipe the kart down and nearly break our backs trying to lift it on to the weighing machine.   We had about 14 or 16 races and we won them all.  But finally it came down to the last race everybody talking and thinking about which team they wanted to win.  Then they started, we were versing Sacred Heart.  I couldn't hear anything but people cheering then came the final moment, which way was the flag going to point?   It was then said that we (Pt England) had lost.  We were gutted for a moment but at least we had made it in to the nationals!!  That was some very good news.  Now we wait for an even bigger day to come.