Anaise Animal Adaptations


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Anaise Animal Adaptations

  1. 1. Adaptations in Animals By Anaise Year 7 - Room 12
  2. 2. Learning about animals and their adaptive features that help them live, is wonderful. At the zoo we saw how animals use their special features to survive. Here’s what we learnt.
  3. 3. INSECTS • Have antennae which act like feelers. • They have a mouth like a straw. • They wet their food with their saliva and then suck the food in. • They have six legs to help them walk. • Their wings help them fly. Aren’t these clever adaptations to help them survive?
  4. 4. FROGS • Frogs have pores on their slimy skin to help them breathe while they are in water. • When they are on land they use their lungs to breathe. • Their hind legs are strong. When they leap, frogs land on their hind legs which act as buffers. • Frogs have long tongues with which to catch their prey. • They croak to attract other frogs.
  5. 5. LIZARDS Lizards are reptiles. • Reptiles are cold blooded. • They need the sun to keep their bodies warm. • Lizards have bumps on the inside of their toes. While walking using the toes, a vacuum is created and this won’t let the lizard fall. • When in danger the lizard sheds its tail and moves away.
  6. 6. EAGLES • They have strong and sharp claws to catch their prey. • Their eye sight is very good. • They have large and strong wings that help them fly. • They swoop down, pick up and rip through their prey using their beaks and claws.
  7. 7. DUCKS • Ducks have webbed feet for swimming. • They have oily feathers to prevent them from getting wet. • Their beaks are flat and ridged to help them keep the food in, and get the water out.
  8. 8. ZEBRAS • They have unique black and white stripes to confuse its enemy. • They are herbivores.
  9. 9. TIGERS • Have brown and black stripes for camouflage. • They have sharp pointy teeth and strong paws and claws. • They are strong and fast hunters.
  10. 10. LIONS • Lions have manes to make their face look bigger and fierce. • They are called the kings of the jungle because they are strong and majestic.
  11. 11. BATS • Bats use echo location to find their prey. • They are nocturnal animals that can see very well in the dark. • They live in groups and hunt at night.
  12. 12. HUMANS • Humans are at the top end of the animal chain. • We can speak to communicate. • We can stand erect and use our limbs. • The thumb is a very useful adaptation that enables us to hold and do things.
  13. 13. I hope you have learnt something about adaptations in animals. I enjoyed preparing this presentation.