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Evaluation question 1

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 1. In what ways does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of existing media products?
  2. 2.  The genre of my film is “Drama”. As it suggests by the name, these movies are dramatic ones and mostly show the viewers some unrealistic events but in such a way that the viewers are forced to get involved in and for a minute believe whatever is being shown to them. I chose Bollywood as my institution because I think that it produces quality drama films. My media institution is “Pritish Nandy Communications”. Though, not that popular but there is no doubt in saying that the way dramatics have been portrayed by this institution is highly commendable.
  3. 3.  Drama is usually considered to be the broadest movie genre which furthermore includes many subgenres such as political drama, political drama, romantic drama and so on. When we believe it to be the broadest movie genre that also means that it targets a vast audience base such as, adults and youth. Drama films mostly have satirical and tragic storylines attached with them.
  4. 4.  Some examples of drama films produced by PNC includes Shabd, The Mystic Masseur, Bow Barracks Forever and Ankahee. My film basically is similar to Shabd, as it portrays aggression through the protagonist and the thirst to succeed which somewhere also leads to superiority complex. These films have targeted the youth as well as the adults.
  5. 5.  My film “Unrevealed” basically targets the youth by showing them a person from within themselves. He cannot overcome his aggression as it is simply uncontrollable for him to do so. Just like majority of the youth today, all he aims for is success. Another factor which leads him to excessive aggression is that he cannot stand rejection what so ever the matter be. The film is a bit close to the reality in the context that it is evident to us today that the extent to which the youth of present has become hyper and aggressive will eventually lead them to adverse circumstances and take them into a state which no one would ever want to experience.
  6. 6.  The mise en scene of my film includes a place with shabby appearance, in drama movies locations establish the emotions of the story. Dull lighting effect has been used even though the movie is shot in the morning, this basically matches the character (Vivek’s) intentions and acts. The deep side of his nature is portrayed through this slight darkness. Similarly in Shabd low key lighting was used. A dark effect prevailed all through the movie which actually signified the dark side of the protagonist (Shaukat’s) personality and aided in providing the audiences with a clearer picture of the character and his acts.
  7. 7.  The props used in drama films usually vary from character to character depending on their interests. For instance, in Shabd Shaukat is a writer, so he uses a typewriter. I have used realistic props instead of making it very fancy and thus unreal. To show the quality of young business man I have used an Apple Iphone which targets youth and has applicability's for business as well. In addition to that, Vivek drives a Corolla which is considered to be a car which usually upper class officials possess.
  8. 8.  Towards the end of my movie, a student is shown (Rahul) he is stylish and is wearing casual clothes with a trendy wrist watch which clearly depicts that he is a student. Similarly, in Shabd Zayed Khan (Yash) belongs to a younger age bracket and thus dresses up casually. This aids the audience in understanding the nature of this character and also differentiate between him and Vivek as both of them possess entirely different backgrounds.
  9. 9.  Shaukat has a formal wardrobe according to his role in the movie. My character Vivek has a semi-formal wardrobe which portrays him as a being a workaholic. He wears a jeans with a shirt which is thought to be the cloth for hardworking people. His coat sheds light on the formal business man look. Moreover, a grey car is used to depict the sober nature of the young business tycoon (Vivek).
  10. 10.  The characters shown in the film would be usually belonging to different age brackets. This is mainly because the drama genre films mostly target a vast audience base i.e., both youth and the adults at the same time. Though, the characters would be formed as per the story suggests depending upon the particular needs. For example in Shabd, Shaukat belongs to a 40 above age group, Antara (his wife) is in her 30’s and Yash the young teacher is in his 20’s. So here we see characters belonging to different age brackets. This means that the widest target audience base is available for such films. Similarly, in my film “Unrevealed” the protagonist Vivek is a 32 year old business man, while Rahul is a young 22 year old student.
  11. 11.  In Shabd, Shaukat is an independent man, who does not have a family as such. He lives with his wife in his house. He is really aggressive as it is evident throughout the movie at several stages. He always did what he wanted to do and did never listen to anyone else to an extent that he thought that his writings can direct others lives. Similarly, in my movie, Vivek also possesses the same thinking and cannot stand directions at all. He is his own boss, an independent guy who lives alone and has no one from within his family with him to support him.
  12. 12.  The editing used in drama films is usually slow to match the storyline’s pace which is usually a tragic one. Therefore I have also done this kind of editing in my film to create a deep combination with the film’s storyline. I have used an intense background music to create the atmosphere accordingly. Later on as Vivek suicides, a very sad tune played on a violin is used again to create the satirical atmosphere within the audience. In Shabd, a bluish thematic effect has been given to the whole movie with low key lighting to create the impact of the storyline appear more strongly upon the audiences. Similarly, I have also used this bluish thematic effect in my film to create the same impact.
  13. 13.  The title of my film has been made keeping in mind the intense and deep theme attached to it. As it is a tragic drama story so the title has been kept as simple as it could be which portrays parts of the depression reflected in the movie. Similarly, the title of “Shabd” is also made in a simple way with black theme to portray the dark side attached to it.
  14. 14. Challenges  Usually in a drama film, there is a female who is attached to the male protagonist in some way or the other. For instance, Shabd and Ankahee. Both the movies have a male lead as well as a female lead. However, my film challenges this convention by not having a female lead in the movie. Instead of this, the movie focuses over the male protagonist himself. So basically there is no love story element in my movie. This shows that, a drama film which does not have a female lead can also be made and presented to the audiences with a unique storyline and thus can appeal them. This will turn out to be an X factor in my drama film.
  15. 15.  Other than that, my film challenges another convention as well i.e. the location used in drama films. Focusing on Shabd, the male protagonist Shaukat was confined to his house only. In the whole movie he remained in his house while my character Vivek from “Unrevealed” moves out as well other than just staying indoor. Therefore, in context to the location my film challenges Shabd as I have used outdoor location as well.