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Balancing equalities - Birmingham 10 November


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This presentation was delivered by Yvette Adams of LSIS at the event 'Managing the interface: sexual orientation and faith equality' in Birmingham on 10 November 2010. The event was organised by the Forum for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Equality in Post-School Education, in partnership with Lifelong Learning UK and the National Council for Faiths and Beliefs in Further Education.

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Balancing equalities - Birmingham 10 November

  1. 1. Balancing equalities Managing the interface: sexual orientation and faith Yvette Adams and Margaret Adjaye
  2. 2. • Equality Act 2010 • Implications for the FE sector • Case law • Questions for you
  3. 3. Equality Act 2010 • Consolidating legislation • ‘Protected characteristics’ • Public sector equality duty • Phased introduction
  4. 4. Protected characteristics • Age • Disability • Gender • Gender identity • Race • Religion or belief • Sexual orientation • Socio-economic (frozen)
  5. 5. The public sector duty • Eliminate discrimination and harassment • ‘Advance equality for all’ • Foster good relations
  6. 6. Case law • Local authority • Voluntary organisations • Supermarket • Fire service
  7. 7. Balancing equalities – Implications for the FE system • Building inclusive cultures • Learner charters • Handling relations between learners • Learning and support
  8. 8. Questions • What are the practical ‘levers’ to bringing measures such as learner charters to life? • What are the key issues regarding the workforce in your organisation? • What information/knowledge/skills should be covered by learning/training events to support people in this area? • What lessons can be transferred from other areas of policy to help progress in this area?
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