ManageEngine Applications Manager vs SolarWinds SAM


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ManageEngine Applications Manager vs SolarWinds SAM

  1. 1. The Following Presentation is in Response to the Following SolarWinds Presentation: Click to edit Master title style
  2. 2. All APM Tools Are Not Created EqualWhy Customer-Focused Software Development Trumps Vendor-Driven Financial Engineering Click to edit Master title style
  3. 3. Software Development is for the Customer Financial Engineering is about the VendorOpManager – Network Monitoring with Network Traffic Analysis & Athena Security Aug 2012 Change/Configuration Management July 2012 for $20 millionNetwork Security & Patch Management Eminentware in Feb 2012 for - $? MillionOpStor – SAN Management Dameware in Dec 2011 for $40 MillionServiceDeskPlus – ITIL HelpDesk Oct 2011 for $11 MillionAsset Management TriGeo in July 2011 for $35 MillionDesktop Management Tek-Tools Jan 2010 for $42 – Web App & Server Monitoring SaaS Hyper-9 in Jan 2011 $23 MillionFirewall Analyzer & EventLog Analyzer Kiwi Enterprises Jan 2009AD Management Neon Software (Lan Surveyor) - May 2007Customer Support IPMonitor 2007Password ManagementIT360 – Integrated IT ManagementManageEngine Enterprise IT Management Tools SolarWinds Monitoring ProductsPurpose built from the ground up Cobbled together from acquisitions 3
  4. 4. What is True Application PerformanceManagement ? Application Performance Management (APM) is all about delivering business applications that meet customer satisfaction through:  End User Experience monitoring  Runtime application architecture discovery, modeling and display  User-defined transaction profiling  Component deep dive monitoring in application context  Business-driven analytics Enterprise IT Management teams must also be in control of the whole process of application delivery APM empowers educated decisions and rapid problem resolutions to IT administrators can make optimum use of time & resources At the Bottom Line: Satisfied customers, efficient IT operations & better ROI 4
  5. 5. Customer-Focused Software Development Versus Vendor-Driven Marketing Hype Financial EngineeringEnterprise-Class Software Development for the Customer for the Vendor’s Bottom Line SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) ManageEngine Applications Manager  True APM with real-time monitoring of • Conventional server monitoring functionality end users’ quality of experience at best  APM Insight provides x-ray vision into • By definition (Gartner), not a true APM Java/.NET/Ruby on Rails transactions product  Pinpoints bottlenecks from the URL all the way to the database Immediate ROI & enduring value View ManageEngine Applications Manager Real-time Monitoring SolarWinds “real-time” Monitoring Screenshot 5
  6. 6. Application Performance Monitoring that does NotDepend on Third Party Contributed ScriptsApplications Manager supports over 50+ applications out-of-the-box (withoutthe need to manage templates and contributed binaries or worrying aboutusing untested third-party code like you have to with SolarWinds). Themonitors we support are tested and certified for use from our R&Dlabs, which will give you the peace of mind that our monitoring capabilitiesare safe to use in your mission critical data center.That said, ManageEngine Applications Manager allows customers toseamlessly integrate and use any home grown scripts to monitor software orhardware components. 6
  7. 7. ManageEngine Offers More Pricing Options for CustomersThe cost of monitoring 25 servers with ManageEngine Applications Managersubscription pricing or perpetual pricing are nearly the same.A Wall Street Focused company (SolarWinds) that needs to show maximum revenue can’tstomach the delayed payments associated with a subscription model.
  8. 8. Somebody Has to Pay For All Their Acquisitions… 8
  9. 9. SolarWinds SAM Charges Per Sub Component Not byServer or Application!Take Exchange Server monitoring as an example. This SolarWinds forum post says you need 34SolarWinds Monitors to monitor one Exchange Server.With Applications Manager, you can monitor 25 Exchange Servers (count assumed for simplicity)and all the associated performance metrics, with a 25 Monitor license that costs $795 per year(subscription) or $1,980 with a perpetual license.With SolarWinds, in the above scenario, you need 850 Monitors which will cost $11,990Oh, you may need something else - with SolarWinds you can always pay more!You pay $4,995 if you want to aggregate your multiple Orion consoles into a single console.You pay for Additional Pollers too if you run in to scale - $16,975You pay additionally for multiple Web Server logins - $495Failover is also an additional cost with SolarWinds - $6995 to $20,995ManageEngine Applications Manager Pricing is easy to understand and publicly available onthe web. No strings attached. Please make an educated comparison. 9
  10. 10. ManageEngine – World-Class Enterprise IT Management& Award-Winning Product Portfolio 10
  11. 11. ManageEngine Technology is Cloud ReadyManageEngine IT management on-demand solutions are built onthe same platform as, a world leader in SaaSbusiness, collaborative and productivity applications servingmillions of users. So, ManageEngine customers get the benefit ofthis robust professional grade platform when usingManageEngine’s cloud solutions like Site24x7.ManageEngine’s web infrastructure and server monitoring and Help Desk On Demand are just two examples of thecommitment to deliver world-class and innovative solutions to our customers. 11
  12. 12. Gartner’s 2012 Magic Quadrant for APM Validates ManageEngine Applications Manager  Applications Managers transaction monitoring feature APM Insight supports Java & Ruby on Rails  ManageEngine includes more-sophisticated add-ons that enable SAP monitoring  With constrained budgets and limited time to implement and manage monitoring software, ManageEngine products have a growing installed base among Gartner clients.  Applications Manager is a low-cost solution that includes full APM functionality, offering analytics that provide root cause analysis capabilities  Customer references confirm that support and product management are very responsive to support requests and customer issues  Despite being targeted at the small or midsize business (SMB) market, the platform can scale to encompass many thousands of nodes and continues to deliver on the promised capabilitiesNote: SolarWinds SAM has never been included in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 12
  13. 13. SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor is atbest, a server monitoring tool in APM clothing! 13
  14. 14. ManageEngine Applications ManagerEnterprise ready business application monitoringsoftware. Monitor server & application performance inphysical, virtual & cloud environments Visit to learn more. 14
  15. 15. Open Challenge: ME APM vs SW SAMWe invite SolarWinds for an open debate on ME APMcapabilities vs. SW SAM capabilities. It will be moderatedby an unbiased third party. May the best product win.@Brandon Shopp: Waldo says “Hi” Visit to learn more. 15