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Manual to Automatic Desktop Management for VUB using ManageEngine Desktop Central


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Find out How VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) one of the leading university in Brussel got benefited by using Manage Engine Desktop Central for their IT systems management.

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Manual to Automatic Desktop Management for VUB using ManageEngine Desktop Central

  1. 1.  A dynamic and modern university Offers quality education to more than 9000 students More than 150 research teams working on both campuses
  2. 2.  A powerful software that can manage 20 servers and 75 clients from central location A deployment tool that will replace GPO User Friendly
  3. 3.  No bulk deployment Time consuming Software installation status cannot be viewed Limitation in accessing multiple systems at once
  4. 4.  To shift from tedious Manual process to Automated management process Able to deploy software packages from central location To reduce the cost by 50%
  5. 5.  Easy setup and deployment  Centralized place for lot of domain information“the only logical choicewas to order Desktop  Automated the whole desktopCentral because it management processcovers all my needs atthis time"-Sven Reyniers  Cost Effective(Systems Engineer)
  6. 6.  Patch Management Asset Management Remote Control Service Pack Deployment Power Management USB device Management Tools & Reports
  7. 7. Thank You!!Email ID : desktopcentral-support@manageengine.comWebsite :