Data entry services at affordable cost


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Outsourcing data entry services helps businesses of all sizes to maintain their records in an organized manner. Choosing a reliable data entry service provider that can ensure data entry services at an affordable cost is important.

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Data entry services at affordable cost

  1. 1. Data Entry ServicesData Entry Services at Affordable CostWell organized and accurate records go a long way in ensuring businessefficiency and productivity. Busy entrepreneurs usually fall short of time to keeptrack of and maintain records of the huge volumes of business data that aregenerated in their offices. One of thebest options for businessorganizations is to assign their dataentry tasks to a reliable outsourcingcompany based in the United States.Many established service providersare well-equipped to offer affordabledata entry service to help businessfirms maintain accurate and updatedofficial records.Reduce Back Office Expenses and File BacklogsThe consistent and affordable data entry services that reliable outsourcing firmsoffer considerably reduces the administrative responsibilities of businessprofessionals. Availing of these services helps them save their precious time andeffort, so that they can focus better on their core business activities. Also, settingup an in-house infrastructure for such jobs is expensive, and outsourcing thework is a more cost-effective option. Data entry outsourcing benefits can be listedas follows:• Helps maintain error-free and updated business records• Prevents file backlog• Reduces bulk paper work• Business records in easily accessible electronic file format or hard copy• Streamlines business functions 800-670-2809
  2. 2. Data Entry Services• Minimizes back office expensesSmall and large business firms, insurance companies, healthcare facilities,government organizations, banking sector, educational institutions and manyother entities benefit from these services.Professional Data Processing ServicesOutsourcing companies are well equipped with state-of-the-art technology andadvanced software and offer comprehensive solutions to deal with voluminousdata. The professionals in these firms are experienced, have good commandover the English language and exceptional handwriting analysis and keyboardoperation skills. They can input both alpha numeric and numeric data quickly andaccurately. The processed files are cross-checked by proofreaders, editors andquality analysts to ensure error-free documentation. Professional data entryservices cover:• Books• Catalogs• Business cards• Texts• Forms processing• Medical bills• Manuscripts• Handwritten and printed material• Surveys• Insurance claims• Documents/ Online forms• Medical claims• Practice forms 800-670-2809
  3. 3. Data Entry Services• Accounts entries• Journal entries• Scanned images• Legal documents• Alpha numeric data• OCR conversionThe efficient online data entry services are designed to suit a variety ofapplications and include data cleaning, creating and updating database, mailinglist compilation, and so on.Data Processing Services: Core HighlightsEstablished business process outsourcing companies take great care to ensuregreater confidentiality and security for all data that they receive for processing.They ensure 256 bit AES encryption, a secure computing environment, as wellas other privacy and security options. They can deliver the processed files indifferent file formats like Access, Acrobat portable, Word, database, text, XMLand HTML. The data entry services of these firms come with:• Convenient and secure FTP, email or other web-based file transfer system• Round-the-clock customer support• Stringent quality assurance• Output files in any specified file format• Quality solutions in customized turnaround time• Competitive pricing• Free trial offerPartner with an Experienced Service Provider 800-670-2809
  4. 4. Data Entry ServicesOutsourcing the core data recording tasks to professional outsourcing serviceproviders can help business organizations improve their efficiency andproductivity by reducing their documentation workload. To benefit from qualitydata entry services at an affordable cost, it is important to partner with anexperienced outsourcing firm. Browse web directories and the yellow pages toobtain information about the leading service providing companies. Look at firmsthat have offshore facilities where cost is low. Reviewing forum discussions,articles, blogs, and newsletters can help you identify a reputable data entrycompany that can offer free trials and excellent solutions. This would definitelyensure services that positively impact your cash flow.Contact:Managed Outsource SolutionsUnited States Main Office8596 E. 101st Street, Suite HTulsa, OK 74133Ph: (800) 670 2809 800-670-2809