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Celebrate a eco friendly holi


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Celebrate a eco friendly holi

  1. 1. Celebrate a eco-friendly holiIdeally, the joyous festival of holi is meant to celebrate the arrival of spring while the colours used in holi are used to reflect the various hues of spring season.But unfortunately in modern times, holi doesnot stand for all beautiful things. Like other festivals, holi has also become ruthlessly commercialized, boisterous and another source of environmental degradation.
  2. 2. • The use of toxic chemical colours. 3• The use of wood for burning holi fires. issues• The wasteful use of water during holi.
  3. 3. • In earlier times when festival celebrations were not so much commercialized, holi colours were made from the flowers of trees that blossomed during the spring, such as the Indian Coral tree and the Flame of Forest, both of which have bright red flowers.
  4. 4. Heath effects of toxic chemicals Colour Chemical Harmful Effects Black Lead Oxide Renal Failure Green Copper Sulphate Eye Allergy and Temporary Blindness Silver Aluminium Bromide Carcingenic Blue Prussian Blue Contract dermatitis
  5. 5. Holi recipe !!!...MUST TRY• Yellow - mix turmeric (haldi), powder chick pea flower (besan), boil marigold or tesu flower in water.• Deep pink - slice a beetroot and soak in water.• Orange-red paste- henna leaves(mehndi) can be dried, powdered and mixed with water.
  6. 6. Made by Avantika Binani (daughter of Mamta Binani)Class VI, LaMartiniere For Girls’