Presentacion De Los Deportes


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  • En el Ecuador hace falta una cultura más amplia en el aspecto deportivo, sugiero en las escuelas y colegios iniciarlos en un deporte específico, más no dar solamente una materia como tal.
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Presentacion De Los Deportes

  1. 2. Football In this sport is played with a ball. The objetive is score goal. Football is very famous and many people practise this sport.
  2. 3. Handball This sport is very similar to football. The difference is that football is played with the feet and hands handball. This sport is not very famous.
  3. 4. Swimming This sport is practiced in a pool. Quite a few people practice it. Some of these people compete in competitions, but not another.
  4. 5. Tennis This sport is practiced on a tennis court. Tennis is played with a racket and a ball. Do you practice this sport?
  5. 6. Rugby Rugby is played with a ball usually brown. Some of the class like this sport, but others do not like. Do you like rugby?
  6. 7. Volleyball In this sport you need a net and a ball to play. The objective of volleyball is that the ball fall on the ground the other team.
  7. 8. Athletics Do you like run? This sport is about. People that practice athletics, you train hard and competes in races.
  8. 9. Car racing Do you like cars? Do you like run at high speed? Then you will love this sport. Car racing consists of turning a circuit and the first to reach the goal.
  9. 10. Ski This sport can be practiced only in places where there is snow. We like much skiing but do not practice much because in Valencia there aren’t ski slopes.
  10. 11. Golf This sport is practiced in places where there is grass. Golf is played with a very small white ball and a kind of stick.
  11. 12. Motorcycling This sport is practiced in circuits. The goal is to reach the goal first. Many people on Sunday morning he sees on TV.
  12. 13. Basketball This sport is very famous. The goal of basketball is to score points. A lot of people like this sport.
  13. 14. Badminton This sport isn't very famouse. El balminton es parecido a el tennis. The diference is that the ball is diferente.
  14. 15. Cycling This sport is very famous. The cycling is done with a bike. The goal is to reach the goal first.
  15. 16. Fencing This sport is not very famous. We never have practiced fencing, and we would practice it. Do you play this sport?
  16. 18. <ul><li>By Alejandro, Laia, Marvin and Ana. </li></ul>