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Open and closed syllables special needs


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teaching tool that aims at helping kids divide words into syllables.and they are taught how to apply this strategy while reading.

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Open and closed syllables special needs

  1. 1. Open and Closed Syllables Prepared by : Anita Sharaf
  2. 2. Lesson Objectives Identify open syllable words
  3. 3. Syllable Type: open An open syllable ends with a long vowel sound. tiger paper pilot
  4. 4. Syllable Type: open ti ger pa per pi lot
  5. 5. Syllable Type: closed A closed syllable ends with a consonant and the vowel is short . napkin pencil hobby
  6. 6. Syllable Type: Closed hat c vc fit cv c mop c v c cut c vc
  7. 7. Syllable Type: Closed nap kin hob by pen cil
  8. 8. How many syllables does each word have? book ladder tomato
  9. 9. Practice Practice Time