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Teach more than English


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"Teach More than English”. Plenary presentation. Ameghino 90th Anniversary Conference “Language Matters”. June 2007. Rosario

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Teach more than English

  1. 1. TEACH MORE THAN ENGLISH Prof. Mariel R. Amez 2007
  2. 2. USING LITERARY TEXTS IN THE LANGUAGE CLASSROOM encourage language acquisition motivating material access to cultural background develop interpretative abilities educate the whole person
  3. 3. Educating the whole personstimulate imaginationdevelop critical abilitiesincrease emotional awarenessgrow confident about expressing ideas and emotions in English
  4. 4. Peace education in UNICEF Peace: absence of overt violence presence of social, economic and political justice
  5. 5. Peace education in UNICEF Education:Process that develops knowledge, skills, attitudes valuesleading to behaviour change
  6. 6. Peace education in UNICEFProcess of promotingbehaviour changes prevent conflict and violence resolve conflict peacefully create conditions conducive to peaceat intrapersonal, interpersonal, intergroup,national or international level
  7. 7. Changing behaviour1. becomes aware of the issue;2. becomes concerned about the issue;3. acquires knowledge and skills pertaining to the issue;4. becomes motivated, based on new attitudes and values;5. intends to act;6. tries out a new behaviour;7. evaluates the trial; and8. practises the recommended behaviour.
  8. 8. Join the Army;travel to exotic, distant lands;meet exciting, unusual people.
  9. 9. MONTAGE1+1=3
  10. 10. MONTAGE1. images from papers and magazines2. radio or TV commercials
  11. 11. Poetentialitylatent possibilities for meaning in language exploited to poetic effectalienationrealignment
  13. 13. CONCRETE POETRY reduction of language a new relationship to space / time an object to be perceived rather than read communicates first and foremost its structure reader participates in creation
  14. 14. Hibakusha
  15. 15. Relative SadnessEinsteins eyeswere filled with tearswhen he heard about Hiroshima.Mr. Tarnikihad no eyes leftto show his grief.
  16. 16. Creative writingReactions to the same event by:• mother and son/ daughter• boyfriend and girlfriend• teacher and student
  17. 17. love – celebrate –romancing – celebration – life – innocent
  18. 18. “Celebrate “Song” “Dream” Life”I am purely innocent; Love shall be the bountyHear the thrum Of the lovely night;Of my innocent engine; Life the celebrationinnocently I come. Of the fields of light.The stars are thick as I am purely innocent flowers Come to celebrateIn the meadows of July; Beauty and goodness,A fine night for romancing Tenderness and joy.Winging through the sky.
  19. 19. bombs – evil – destroy – desecration – death – murder
  20. 20. SONG OF THE BOMBERI am purely evil; Bombs shall be theHear the thrum bountyOf my evil engine; Of the lovely night;Evilly I come. Death the desecrationThe stars are thick as Of the fields of light. flowersIn the meadows of July; I am purely evil,A fine night for murder Come to destroyWinging through the sky. Beauty and goodness, Tenderness and joy.
  21. 21. Although it doesn’t deal with an unusual topic, it is highly original. It seems very simple but the real meaning is much deeper
  22. 22. 1- Blessed by Fire e- http://www.tribecafilmfestival. org2- Falkland Islands War f-also called Falklands http://www.britannica.comWar, Malvinas War, orSouth Atlantic War3- Official Website for a-the Falklands 25 http://www.falklands25.comCommemorative Events
  23. 23. 4- Falklands veterans g-afflictions http://en.wikipedia.org5- The Falkland Islands c-Memorial Chapel http://www.falklands- The Falkland Islands b-Tourist Board http://www.visitorfalklands.com7- Re: Argentina d-Reasserts Claims To
  24. 24. 1- Blessed by Fire F2- Falkland Islands BWar also calledFalklands War,Malvinas War, orSouth Atlantic War3- Official Website for Athe Falklands 25CommemorativeEvents
  25. 25. 4- Falklands Eveterans afflictions5- The Falkland CIslands MemorialChapel6- The Falkland DIslands TouristBoard7- Re: Argentina GReasserts ClaimsTo Falklands
  26. 26. a. This story is fictional.b. It is meant for children.c. The author sides with the Old Iron Woman’s soldiers.d. The moral is that victory is not the same as success.
  27. 27. Teach more than English Use Literature for Peace Education
  28. 28. Human rights educationuphold and promote rights, boththeir own and others’address responsibilities that comewith rights.
  29. 29. Education for developmentglobal solidaritypeaceacceptance of differencessocial justice
  30. 30. Gender trainingRights of girls and women to safety respect non-discrimination empowerment
  31. 31. Global educationenvironment and ecologytoleranceconflict avoidancepersonal healthcooperative skillsmulticulturalism
  32. 32. Life skillsnegotiationcommunicationdecision-makingproblem-solvingempathycritical and creative thinking
  33. 33. Use Literature to Teach Englishfor Peace Education
  34. 34. TEACH MORE THAN ENGLISH Prof. Mariel R. Amez 2007