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Overview on Digital Marketing and the Social Universe


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What is Digital Marketing and where do you start? Planning your website and Marketing Strategy. Why use social media and an overview on the main Social Media channels

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Overview on Digital Marketing and the Social Universe

  2. 2. What is digital marketing? Content Marketin g Website Email Marketin g PR Video Marketin g Online Branding SEO Social Media Blogging Online Adverts Mobile Marketin g Digital marketing uses TV, Radio, Internet, Mobile and any form of digital media to reach customers © Mamba Media - 2013
  3. 3. Where to start? • You own it • Your online image WEBSITE YOUR CENTRAL HUB • Drive traffic to generate leads • Turn prospects into customers • Improve SEO and track through analytics BRAN D • You identity • Your personality and values • Blogs MARKETIN G PLAN / STRATEG Y Video Email © Mamba Media - 2013 CONTENT CREATIO N SEO Advert • Videos • E-books Choose your channels for promotion Social Media • Infographic s • Resources PR Mobile
  4. 4. Before you start your website  Purchase a domain name  Use your business name  Keep the domain name simple  Try get the top level domains such as .com  Purchase hosting  You can do this with the domain provider or another hosting company  Remember you often get free emails with hosting so you don’t need to purchase the separate email package they try to sell you © Mamba Media - 2013
  5. 5. Using a free web builder Many hosting companies offer a free web builder with the package or there are others such as Wix, Weebly and so on PROS  Free  Simple to use  Can be quick to set up  Ready made templates and add-ons CONS  Extra functionality can be costly  Limited design  Some have poor quality code which affects your SEO  Possible ads (looks unprofessional)  Relying on one provider so not in total control  If you want to expand or move your site you have to start from scratch as they use their own content management system © Mamba Media - 2013
  6. 6. Having your own website  Many basic hosting packages come with free oneclick install options such as Wordpress  You can also upload html sites and many other types of website coding  You often get a number of emails included in the hosting package  You are in control and can move your site to other hosting if you ever need to  It often works out cheaper than the web builder and email packages they offer you  It is a better long-term and cost effective solution than using a free web builder package © Mamba Media - 2013
  7. 7. Essentials for your website homepage 1. Headline of what you offer 2. Description 3. Benefits 4. Call to action 5. Features and services 6. Testimonials 7. Achievements 8. Clear navigation menu 9. Visuals or video 10. Free offers 11. Resources 12. More CTAs © Mamba Media - 2013
  8. 8. Is your site responsive? more people accessing the web on tablets and mobile © Mamba Media - 2013
  9. 9. Does your website deliver?  Can people find what they are looking for  Is it easy to navigate – not too many clicks to get what you want  Are you delivering what you promise  Does it load quickly  Is it optimised for search engines © Mamba Media - 2013
  11. 11. Which marketing channels?  What is your target market?  Where are your customers?  What are your aims?  Using different channels? © Mamba Media - 2013 B2B or B2C – fun or professional Do your research Set goals and measure Change content to suit
  12. 12. Facebook - Twitter LinkedIn - Google+ The Social Universe Social news sites e.g. Digg, Stumbleupon TOOLS Visual: Pinterest, Fly-by-night YouTube platforms Slideshare, Instagram BRAND Measureme nt Black Hole: No plan & time issues © Mamba Media - 2013 CONTENT Listening WEBSIT E
  13. 13. Why use social media?  Improve chances of being found  Control of online real estate in search results and more access to your content  Social proof – peer to peer recommendation  Show industry expertise  Awareness  Cost may be less than advertising  Brand consistency – claim username on social channels  Access to new audiences – people change career, move, make new friends © Mamba Media - 2013
  14. 14. Overview on main social sites  Facebook - fun, visual, relationships, huge audience, B2C (business to consumer), build brand loyalty, engage with prospects  Twitter - news, real time, networking, awareness, no barriers, customer service © Mamba Media - 2013
  15. 15. Overview on main social sites  LinkedIn –targeted groups to generate leads, B2B, professional, networking, show expertise, connect with decision makers, company pages to showcase products or services  Google+ and Google Places – local marketing / SEO, free video hangouts, segmented targeting, niche communities © Mamba Media - 2013
  16. 16. Other popular social sites  Pinterest - visual, driving traffic to website or blog, people looking for inspiration to buy, predominantly women audience  YouTube – search engine in itself, humanise, inform, educate, entertain, great conversion if good call to action  Slideshare - presentations, primarily B2B, integrates with LinkedIn, generate traffic, search for great content  Instagram - photo sharing, B2C, great for local business, fun, visual © Mamba Media - 2013
  17. 17. Get in touch Karen Black – Mamba Media I am a web, digital marketing & social media specialist and offer Training, Set-Up, Management, Strategy & Consultancy in these areas for a range of businesses. @mambamedia Websites, SEO, Design & Digital Marketing for YOUR Business email | social | web | video | branding | print | SEO | training | strategy © Mamba Media - 2013