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  • [TBD]Explain branded search
  • [TBD]Explain non-vanity or long tail search
  • [TBD]Explain non-vanity or long tail search
  • [TBD]
  • Online directories play and increasingly important role in how consumers find legal information and representation. Often they are a starting point for people wanting more information about their legal needs. They are an easy way for consumers to find local attorneys that can assist with their specific need.
  • Go to insight, review referring domains
  • [TBD]Overview of social media an why they should care.
  • Ask Tom about his two blogs and how it contributes to his traffic, see insight reports.
  • [Amy]
  • [Amy – recap how to get started focusing on the positives of social media]
  • MN CLE internet marketing/web marketing/SEO strategy

    1. 1. Creating an Effective Web Strategy By: Ryan Tauer & Thomas Atkinson August 6, 2012
    2. 2. Agenda Build a web strategy to prosper Online reputation management for referrals Search Engine Optimization/SEO Social media Play to compete and win Evaluate your website SEO Build your web strategy to achieve more and better cases
    3. 3. Speakers: Thomas Atkinson, Attorney at Law Education Hamline University School of Law, St. Paul, Minnesota JD - May, 1993 Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA - Nominated BA History - May, 1990 to super Areas of Practice lawyers list Workers Compensation Social Security -- Disability - AV Rated
    4. 4. Speakers: Ryan Tauer, Internet Marketing Consultant Education St John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota USA BA Sociology - May, 2002 5 year tenure in lawyer internet marketing, advised 100s of law firms in the US and UK. Dedicated to MN and WI law firms.
    5. 5. Your Feedback PleaseComplete our survey cardfor a chance to win a $100American Express Gift Card
    6. 6. How many of you have a website?
    7. 7. Tom’s web strategy:
    8. 8. Online Reputation ManagementCrazy clients anyone?
    9. 9. Oh, perception is reality!Search engines - The newpublic records databaseOver a 1 billion searches perday!
    10. 10. Understand what’s being said!Do you look like this online?
    11. 11. google alerts – monitor your reputation Tom Atkinson lawyer
    12. 12. Create Your Own Destiny Firm’s Web Site PDF – Article in Super Lawyers Expert Web site Expert Web site FindLaw directory listing Blog firm listing Video Video Local Business Listing
    13. 13. Defending your online reputation (if attacked) Recourse is limited Contact site owner, request removal or post follow up comments Reputation Defender – software for Online Reputation Management Sincerity – Transparency & Consistency
    14. 14. Online Marketing Strategy Do you have a web strategy that mirrors your business strategy?
    15. 15. How Consumers research legal problemsMore people go to the Internet for solutions than any other source!Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project, December 2007. Survey on how Americans address common problems that mightbe linked to the government, including becoming involved in a legal matter.
    16. 16. The Legal Consumer Online 95% of consumers research general information on their legal need Nearly 50% of consumers researching the Internet contacted an attorney 56% contacted only one attorney 70% of those who contacted an attorney decided to hire an attorney Others validated attorney referrals, or accessed multiple Web sites to get more information about various attorneys and law firmsSource: FindLaw, How U.S. Consumers Meet Their Legal Needs Online, August 2006.
    17. 17. Branding Your Law Firm – homepage key
    18. 18. Components of a Business Brand Competencies: Your specialty and the foundation of your brand Standards: How your practice is positioned and how you present your services to clients Style: The personality of your brand, designed to evoke an emotional message that resonates with your target customerSource: Brand Tool Box® Business Brand Model, © 1995-2008 Brand Tool Box, Ltd.
    19. 19. Deploying a Brand – Family values
    20. 20. Three Keys to Online Success
    21. 21. Play to rank and win – top 10 ranking
    22. 22. FACT: 24,000 attorneys in MN
    23. 23. Competitive analysis – 1st page ranking
    24. 24. Search Phrase CategoriesSearch phrases (the words that a client types into Google) include: Vanity search phrase Branded search phrase Non-Vanity search phrase
    25. 25. Branded Search PhraseHow a referral will typically search for your practice
    26. 26. Vanity Search Phrase
    27. 27. Non-Vanity Search Phrase – Certified SpecialistHow a client will search for help with a specific legal need(they do not use the same legal terms as lawyers)
    28. 28. How Google Ranks – What matters the most? On-page SEO Off-page SEO
    29. 29. Online Legal Directories: Why They MatterOnline directories help consumers research their legal issue andsearch for lawyers in a specific area of practice and region A Starting Point for Clients: Directories are a commonly used starting point for many people researching their legal issue Powerful Search Tools: Clients use directories to search for lawyers in a specific specialty and geographic region Highly Visited and Fast Growing Portals: Directories receive millions of visitors every year, and their use continues to grow
    30. 30. 10 Online Legal Directories
    31. 31. Design: art and science Clarity, not complexity – User-friendly sites welcome visitors with a clear and intuitive layout Easy-to-follow content – Include practice areas, attorney profiles, and information about a variety of legal issues Contact information – Make it easy to contact your firm!
    32. 32. Content Is King Content should achieve three basic functions. • Position your firm and represent the quality of your work. • Strengthen the Web sites visibility on the Search Engines. • Position yourself as an expert at solving — and preventing — problems.
    33. 33. Social Media More than 700,000 local businesses have active Pages on Facebook. Purpose-built Facebook pages have created more than 5.3bn fans. It is a means to make connections with people who want to hear from you Time intensive form of marketingSource:
    34. 34. Importance of Blogs Capitalize on the importance search engines place on fresh, relevant content through blogging! • 77% of Internet users read blogs • 71% of bloggers increased the visibility of their business • 58% of bloggers became better known in the industry • 56% of bloggers established their company as a thought leaderSource: Technorati Authority, 2009
    35. 35. BLOG TIPS YOUR Don’t just blow your horn all day Listen to what’s out there Add insight and commentary Understand who your audience is Focus on the concerns and challenges they faceSource: HubSpot
    36. 36. Get Started YourCreate & Publish ContentStarting an active content strategy Auto Published Create & optimize your blog Create Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn business Auto page/s Published Connect your blog/s to your social media Promote your social media Auto Published
    37. 37. $100 AMEX Card drawing
    38. 38. Sign up a free web audit @ FindLaw booth THANK YOU!!
    39. 39. Questions