1000Eyes Hack-A-Thon Presentation


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This is our final presentation delivered with a working iOS camera application that would real-time feed to a web based timeline.

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1000Eyes Hack-A-Thon Presentation

  2. 2. Team Joe Phillips (@philljw) front end web dev Michael Massie (@mmassie) product design & UI/UX Matt Stockton (@mstockton) backend & iPhone dev Blake Samic (@blakesamic) product design & management
  3. 3. Concept & VisionExperience live and past events on any devicethrough the lenses of the people there.
  4. 4. How it WorksContribute photos withyour mobile Every event has a location and a time frame. Mobile app locates you and suggests events very close to your location. You can contribute photos to those events or create new ones. No login or authentication required. We just verify the location and time of the photo.
  5. 5. How it WorksExperience on any device Laptop, Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, TV Interactive timelines and maps
  6. 6. DemoMobile app
  7. 7. DemoWeb app
  8. 8. Roadmap iOS Web Viewer Android app appProof of Ability to add photos to local events and to Ability to view eventsConcept create events trending globallyPhase 1 - Adds social sharing capability & ‘favorite’ Event search MVP events Integration with popular App launches, featuresPhase 2 photo sharing apps (Instagram, Picplz, on par with iOS app Posterous, Flickr) HTML app tailored forPhase 3 viewing on all major platforms
  9. 9. Business ModelSell ability to create private events Examples: Weddings, private partiesBrand partnerships Examples: Sports teams, bands
  10. 10. Q&A