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Teacher Productivity with iPad


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These slides were used as part of my presentation at the Apple Store Syracuse on November 14, 2012.

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Teacher Productivity with iPad

  1. Teacher Productivity with iPad
  2. Mike
  3. Getting StartedPlease download the free QR app Qrafter
  4. Getting Join the backchannel to ask questions, etc.
  5. Why Have an Apple IDNecessary todownload apps,books, etc.Required for iCloudwhich provides appbackup & storageUsed by Apple nativeapps like iMessage &FaceTime to work
  6. Native Apps
  7. MailFlag for follow up orquick access laterSet up VIP Mailboxesfor Admins & ColleaguesSet custom textshortcuts for less typing(Settings > General >Keyboard)
  8. SafariUse Reading Listfor articles to viewafter or in classAdd webclips tohomescreen forfrequently usedwebsitesUse iCloud tabs toview webpages onyour Mac
  9. CalendarCreate a homeworkor classroomevents calendar(Public Calendar)Send invitations formeetings withcolleagues & parentsSet alerts forimportant deadlines
  10. App SelectionComplete tasksquicker or betterthan done on acomputerAllow for access todata via the webModel activities thatcan be used bystudents too
  11. Teaching Tasks with iPadCommunicatingCreatingInstructingCollecting
  12. Communicating
  13. Add phone calling abiltities to your iPad with theTalkatone app
  14. Send mass text messages with the Group Text! appat targeted times to custom lists
  15. Use the Group Mail! with Attachments to sendmass emails with attachment at targeted times
  16. Communicating
  17. Creating
  18. Use Drafts for iPad app is perfect for writingtext easily & working with it elsewhere
  19. Create, edit, & share collaborative documents withthe Google Drive app
  20. Make checklists, rubrics, and sign up lists with theNumbers app
  21. Creating
  22. Instructing
  23. Deliver and complete courses to iOS devices usingthe iTunes U app
  24. Use all programs and listen to any audio on yourcomputer using Splashtop 2 - Remote Desktop
  25. Use and interact with your computer from across theroom with the Mobile Mouse app
  26. Instructing
  27. Collecting
  28. Save videos, images, and more to an online accountwith the Pocket app.
  29. Download and use web content offline with the iCabMobile browser app
  30. Use your iPad camera to capture student work andsave it to the web instantly with the Three Ring app
  31. Collecting
  32. My Favorite App?
  33. Read, store & move files around with GoodReader
  34. Going Further
  35. Going FurtherADEs on iTunes U
  36. Going Further
  37. Thank you for attending!!Please stay connected.Mike