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How to make him think of me constantly he won't be able to stop thinking about you after this point


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How to make him think of me constantly he won't be able to stop thinking about you after this point

  1. 1. Making up is fun to do as 1,2,3<br />How to Make Him Think of Me Constantly? He Won't Be Able to Stop Thinking About You After This Point<br />If you want your guy to keep you in his mind always and do not know how to do it, try these simple steps below and see if they work for you:<br />Give him a memorable experience Whatever you plan to do, make it memorable and leave happy thoughts. Even a simple date or an island getaway can leave some footprints not only in his mind but his heart as well. Make each moment spent with you a meaningful one. Instead of nagging and fighting, strive to be happy and if ever you have differences or misunderstandings, try to resolve them right away.<br />Leave a powerful scent Put on an enticing scent that he can remember even when you are not around. You can also spray some of your scent on his bed and pillows so that every time he goes to bed the last thing that will come into his mind is you.<br />Send him love quotes Send him one quote each day that he can read for the rest of the day. Even a tough guy can softened by a sweet and lovely text message. Try to keep the messages low and never try to flood his cell phone with a lot of these.<br />Give him a photograph of you Give him a photo of you that he can place in his wallet or something that he can frame and hang on his bedroom wall. A photograph is a good reminder of you so, every time he opens his wallet or stays in his bedroom, he will have a good look on your lovely face even in your absence.<br />Don't call him too often If you really want your guy to miss you, never call him every now and then to make a follow-up on his every move. Give him a little space to move and make him wonder about you. If you let his phone ring every hour, you will appear to be needy and clingy and he might slowly walk away from you.<br />Leave a little mystery for your man Tease him with information about yourself. Don't try to pour out everything about you in just one go. Leave something that you can share with him the next time you see each other. Keep him wondering and mystified.<br />One thing to measure how much he longs for you is when he thinks of you constantly. If you just follow the tips that were laid out for you, you will become victorious in your quest of making him miss you so much.<br />Pay Close Attention Here- Now listen carefully! Take 2 minutes to read the next page and you'll discover a stunning trick which will show you- How to Captivate a Man, Make Him Fall in Love with You -- and Give You The World. There is a set of easy to follow psychological tricks which shows any woman how to be irresistible to men. I strongly urge you to read everything on the next page before it's too late and time runs out- Click Here.Article Source: <br />