Telica Mission Trip


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Telica Mission Trip

  1. 1. Telica, Nicaragua Mission Trip December 28, 2009-January 11, 2010
  2. 2. Telica We were here.
  3. 3. Excitement builds as we get closer to our destination!
  4. 4. Grateful to have safely arrived.
  5. 5. Settling into our new home.
  6. 6. My bed for the next 12 days.
  7. 7. The women’s residence slowly became central head quarters.
  8. 8. Downtown Telica
  9. 9. Always strange to see a Christmas tree, where there is no snow!
  10. 10. A typical scene on the roads in Telica
  11. 11. A typical scene on the side of the road, between Telica and the city, León.
  12. 12. Las tiendas de León.
  13. 13. Los mercados estan en todos partes de León.
  14. 14. Another typical scene in León.
  15. 15. Roosters are not only seen all over, but heard all 1:00 AM! In Spanish this is called a gallo pinto...
  16. 16. That’s also the name of the national dish, which is beans and rice. ...and you have it everyday...breakfast, lunch AND dinner!
  17. 17. Many a day was spent shopping in León. When building houses in 90° F heat people need LOTS of water!
  18. 18. On the road back to Telica. Facing the volcano (volcan) with the same name.
  19. 19. A New Year’s Eve tradition...the burning of the old man.
  20. 20. No New Year’s celebration would be complete without fireworks in the street!
  21. 21. Celebrating New Years Day with surf, sun and...
  22. 22. ...dancing!! Baile!!
  23. 23. After the celebration...back to work.
  24. 24. This morning’s workout...sifting sand! Burns at least 20 calories.
  25. 25. Mercedes and Teresa (the owners of the new homes) showing off the puppies.
  26. 26. Mother and all seven of her children!
  27. 27. ...and these are Mercedes beautiful daughters. If you look behind them, you will see where they were living before we built their new home.
  28. 28. In Nicaragua, an education means a brighter future. Something families take very seriously, but not for granted!
  29. 29. One of the most important parts of the mission; getting children ready and able, to attend school.
  30. 30. And celebrating their accomplishments.
  31. 31. Week Two: The beginning of Vacation Bible School
  32. 32. A scroll of hands to show people back in the U.S all the children who attended VBS.
  33. 33. Each morning began with skits. This is the story of Jesus healing a blind man. Apparently before Jesus came along...
  34. 34. unsuccessful healer tried stickers!
  35. 35. We played lots of games, like kickball, which the kids loved!
  36. 36. As with any game, there are winners, and there are good sports willing to graciously accept a loss!!
  37. 37. Overall, we had FUN, good spirits, and most importantly, snack!!
  38. 38. Friday, we celebrated with a FIESTA! (she had a really good time!!)
  39. 39. Friday also saw the final touches on some of the houses.
  40. 40. Everyone who lent a hand on the house building including the recipients of the new homes.
  41. 41. The blessing of the houses.
  42. 42. A very moving, spirit filled, house blessing.
  43. 43. Saturday, time to say, “Nos vemos en dos años,” because...
  44. 44. was too hard to say, “goodbye!”
  45. 45. Left Telica to spend two days at a resort by the beach.
  46. 46. Roughest two days of the whole trip!
  47. 47. Monday morning, 4:45 AM. And dreams of home. A quiet bus ride to the Managua Airport.
  48. 48. Thank you for sharing in one of the most profound, transformative moments of my entire life. God’s peace, Kristin