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Shopping List

  1. 1. Item Price Store  FRUIT Apples $2.49kg Coco's Rockmelon $2.98 ea Coles Bananas 1.98kg Coles Grapes Lemons Water Melon Stone Fruit Mandarines Oranges Pears VEGETABLES Avocados 0.8 Coles Broccoli $6.75kg Coco's Brussel Sprouts $1.99kg Bi-Lo Capsicum 2.95kg Coles Carrots $1.99 Coles Cauliflower .99kg IGA Celery $2.99kg Coles Corn 4pk $4.99kg Coles Leb Cuecumber $2.69kg Coles Lettuce $4.98kg Coles Mushrooms .98ckg Coles Onions .99c ea Coles Potatoes Sweet Potato Tomatoes Zucchini
  2. 2. Garliic Pumpkin Silver Beet BAKERY Hambuger Rolls 6pk $1.99 Coles White Bread $1.99 Coles Crumpets Pickelets DELI/MEAT Chicken Sliced Meat Bacon Prawns Steak Roast Pork Roast Chicken Roast Lamb Sausages
  3. 3. Item Price Store  SAUCES Vinegar BBQ Tomato Olives Mayo TINNED VEGETABLES Coles Creamed Corn $1.35 Coles Edgell Four Bean Mix $1.69 Coles Corn Corn Kernals .94c Coles Coles Chick Peas $1.20 Coles Coles Carrots $1.25 Coles Beetroot Peas PASTA SAUCES Kantong $3.15 Coles Leggos $3.39 Coles Tomato Paste PASTA/RICE Jasmine Rice Spirals Spaghetti BAKED BEANS/ SPAGETTI Baked Beans RECIPE BASES/GRAVIES/ST Spagetti
  4. 4. Ravioli SOUP Coles Soup $1.69 Coles Heinz $1.39 Coles Heinz Chunky $2.00 FISH Tuna 425g $1.86 Coles Tempters Salmon
  5. 5. Item Price Store  BAKING Plain Flour SR Flour Raw Sugar White Sugar Icing Sugar Salt Cake Mix Brown Sugar OIL/EGGS Eggs Oil Spray Oil INTERNATIONAL Wraps Soy Sauce HERBS/SPICES RECIPE BASES/GRAVIES/STOCKS Gravy
  6. 6. Beef Stock Bacon Stock Chicken Stock DRIED FRUIT/NUTS Almonds Sun Flower Seeds Apple Saltunas Dates Prunes
  7. 7. Item Price Store  CEREAL Saltuna Bran Rolled Oats Palmolive Dish Washing Liquid DESSERTS Rice cream Custard Powder UHT Custard TINNED FRUIT Pineappl Slices SNACKS Kellogs LCM's $3.80 Coles Fruit Cake $3.19 Coles Muslie Bars Pop Corn TEA/COFFEE Milo Coffee Tea UHT MILK Soy BISCUITS
  8. 8. Rice Crakers HEALTH FOOD SPREADS Strawberry Jam Vegimite Peanut Butter JUICE/SOFTDRINK Fruit Cup Cordial Sars Cordial Apple Juice Orange Juice
  9. 9. MISC. Batteries Light Globes
  10. 10. Item Price Store  CLEANING Laundry Liquid $2.99 Sams 2 pk Paper Towel $2.00 Sams Palmolive Dish Washing Liquid $2.50 Sams Air Freasheners Sandwhich Bags Garbage Bags Cling Wrap Alfoil Zip Lock Bags Baking Paper Oven Cleaner Disinfectants Floor Cleaner Sard soaking powder Cockroach Baits Rubber Gloves Sponges Chux Toilet Cleaner PERSONAL Toilet Paper 24pk $2.00 Sams Bandaids $2.50 M/B Sams Conditioner 400ml $2.50M/B Sams Cotton Tips $6.99 Sams Cotton Wool Dental Floss Deodrant Face Cleaner Hair Gel
  11. 11. Hair Mousse Insect Repelant Lynx Mouth Wash Pads 20pk Panty Liners Razor Blades Razors Shampoo 400ml Shaving Cream Soap Sunscreen Tampons Tissues Toothbrushes Toothpaste FRIDGE Frankfurts Milk Sour Cream Cheese (Block) Cheese (Slices) Margarine Butter Cream Custard FREEZER Sweet Sour Pork Meal Curried Prawns Meal Ice Cream Chips Wedges
  12. 12. Fish Fingers Fish Puff Pastry Short Crust Pastry Mixed Vegetables Vegetables MISC. Batteries Light Globes
  13. 13. Date Special Price Save 12/07/10-25/07/10 Tissues $3 for 4 .56c
  14. 14. Store Coco's