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Made for Marketing MBA class at the University of San Francisco.

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  • Ikea is in 43 countries as opposed to Walmart in 27 countries, that too under 55 different names like Seiyu in Japan.
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  • IKEA Marketing

    1. 1. HISTORY
    2. 2. History IKEA in orange regions in the map. Today: 349 stores 43 countries
    3. 3. MARKETS PRODUCTS GLOBAL: USA Europe Australia Asia: China, Japan Entering India Furniture Appliances Electronics Home Linen Kitchenware Bathroom ware Décor Food
    4. 4. CUSTOMERS DIFFERENTIATORS Masses, not niche Low to upper mid-income One Stop Shop In-house Ikea brand Signature Swedish design Focus: Solutions (Storage, modular etc) Low cost, low involvement, low commitment buy Standard, mix & match-able furniture. Encourages return buy.
    5. 5. COMPETITORS Walmart Target Ebay Amazon Home Depot Costco
    6. 6. EXPANSION Action: Enter India, Africa, Latin America E-COMMERCE Action: Improve e-commerce experience and deliver faster, cheaper. OPPORTUNITIES:
    7. 7. COMPETITION In-city competitors short drive away & online competitors that take away the need for one-stop shop. Defense: Continue to offer complete, assembled looks by home stylists and do product pairing online. Also highlight Ikea brand & look. ‘CHEAP BRAND’ TAG Consumers seek better designs & quality. Defense: Run an advertising campaign on the option of durable furniture to tackle the current low-quality reputation of Ikea. THREATS:
    8. 8. STRENGTHS Complete furniture solutions Ikea design Rich store experience WEAKNESSES Not for quick, small buys: • Fewer stores in city. • Located in the outskirts. • Painful store navigation. IKEA VS WALMART:
    9. 9. PRODUCTS
    10. 10. Theme based yet solo products
    11. 11. Various price points
    12. 12. Modular storage Easy to assemble
    13. 13. Food, with a European touch
    14. 14. In-store restaurant Product extends to service
    15. 15. Augmented Services
    16. 16. PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE Reverse positioning strips away “sacred” product attributes while adding new ones. “IKEA … innovative marketing and phenomenal growth … brilliant reverse positioning.”
    17. 17. EXPEDIT is being stopped much to the outrage of loyal customers but is being reintroduced as Kallax this April. Example of reverse positioning • A scratch-resistant and sturdier system • Child-friendly rounded edges • Thinner shelves to reduce wood consumption
    18. 18. How many new products (NET) does Ikea create per year? Source: http://www.dallasfed.org/assets/documents/institute/events/2010/10micro_landry.pdf
    19. 19. Prices as low as $2.99 advertised PRICING STRATEGY
    20. 20. Market need identified > Cost is set to meet need, mostly low cost > In-house designers create product towards set cost Market need drives cost drives design
    21. 21. Price control methods - By using minimal flat-packaging - Due to economies of scale - By being in a position to bargain with material suppliers - By saving assembling cost
    22. 22. Does the same Ikea chair cost the same everywhere? No. Higher costs as you move away from Sweden due to extra shipping & handling expenses. IKEA sources the bulk of its goods in Eastern Europe and in Asia. Source: http://www.dallasfed.org/assets/documents/institute/events/2010/10micro_landry.pdf
    23. 23. Source: http://www.dallasfed.org/assets/documents/institute/events/2010/10micro_landry.pdf TARGET CUSTOMER
    24. 24. COST BASIS SEGMENT Students, First Jobbers Living in rented apartments. Low inc. FAMILY LIFE CYCLE BASIS SEGMENT New families, parents Nest building. They return as needs grows. BEHAVIOURAL BASIS SEGMENT DIY People They like to assemble and make.
    25. 25. FEW CHANNEL PARTNERS: Control over brand interaction at POP You buy IKEA at IKEA. Own design, manufacturing, exclusive retail outlets and online store. Own merchandising, display, in-store promotion choices. 1300 suppliers worldwide for raw materials Long-term relationships developed Yet cost competition encouraged
    26. 26. CUSTOMER RETENTION STRATEGIES 1) Member only deals, Ikea Family Card
    27. 27. 2) Refund policy, credit offered instead of cash
    28. 28. 3) Getting new customers through existing ones
    29. 29. 4) End to end solns. They do not lose customers in the process of thinking, buying, delivering.
    30. 30. 5) Interest-free installment payment plans. Thus, ease in beginning Ikea relationship and road for long-term association.
    31. 31. IKEA THE BRAND Iconic Sensible
    32. 32. Advertising focuses on COST
    34. 34. CHOICES
    36. 36. LIFE SOLUTIONS
    39. 39. CATALOGUE 70% of marketing spend Published annually 62 languages 300 pages 12,000 products Takes 10 months to develop 208 million copies printed in 2013 i.e more than double no. of Bibles
    40. 40. TV, REALITY SHOW Part of ‘MADE BY IKEA’IMC by Ogilvy that boost sales by 7% Research showed Women in 30s no longer looked for complete solutions but pieces to add to their already full homes. “They had retail blindness. They saw kitchenware, not kitchens. They saw lamps and rugs, not living rooms. TV Commercial – One Room in Paradise Making the best of houses as tight as dollhouses
    41. 41. APP
    42. 42. Ikea E-commerce
    43. 43. SOCIAL MEDIA, officially Apart from Facebook, Youtube, Pinte rest, Ikea has made a Share Space page where people can create wish- lists, share items they like and go through others’ picks. Their catalogues also have QR codes that take them through digital brand experiences on their smartphones & tablets.
    44. 44. Social Media, unofficially Online forums where Ikea fans discuss products and DIY changes such as changing a 4 legged stool to 3 legged one for greater stability. Note: This site is not affiliated with IKEA in any way.
    45. 45. GUERILLA MARKETING Such as this in Brooklyn, NY. Whatever you need for your apartment you can get in an Ikea box
    46. 46. INNOVATION & EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING Ikea turned a monorail in Japan Into an Ikea space
    47. 47. THE STORE ITSELF The Ikea journey markets everything in the store to you when you came to buy one or just a few. It tells you visual stories. Starts with basic comfort – living room & beds, ends with delight – food, and has everything else in between. Single Exit.
    48. 48. Ikea CSR For every LED light bulb sold in stores during the campaign period*, the IKEA Foundation donated €1 to UN Refugee Agency to light refugee camps. Total: €7.7 million.
    49. 49. Ikea PR: Good Crisis Management Horsemeat in Meatballs scandal. Responded with timeliness, transparency, hone sty and humility. • Stopped selling product temporarily. • Changed meat partner. • Did not play victim. • Apologised.
    50. 50. ‘Green Campaign of the Year’ Award Winning PR Ikea banned the use of incandescent bulbs. PR announced green move by arranging interviews by US Ikea President Mike Ward and sending out stories to press and TV channels.
    51. 51. MARKETING STRATEGY CUSTOMISED AS PER MARKET IN CHINA: Positioning – Aspirational brand, not absolutely low cost Location - Near rail networks as people use public transport more than cars Communication – Use of local social media like Weibo gg
    52. 52. MARKETING SUGGESTION 1 Improve e-commerce experience. By being present on Amazon Ikea competes with other brands and loses on-stop-shop advantage. Improve call to action on website and product delivery. Tap into new, growing behavioural segment: online shoppers with no time to visit and haul things into vans.
    53. 53. MARKETING SUGGESTION 2 Sharp & early targeting Create Ikea Student Compete with Amazon Prime by offering free shipping to students. Create a Move-into-Hostel collection with desk, mirror, book case ensemble. Tie up with schools to include Ikea discount and free meal at Ikea in student welcome kit. Catch this segment early for future sales.
    54. 54. MARKETING SUGGESTION 3 Real Customer Service Ikea Handymen Currently the ‘Ask Anna’ button only redirects you on the website. IKEA needs a branded team like the Geek Squad for a single, strong promise of good and complete customer service. A team you can call, ask for packing, delivery, repair, ass embling help etc
    55. 55. MARKETING SUGGESTION 4 Teaser Stores to showcase furniture samples and promote Ikea food Small in-city stores for quick buys. Purpose: Brand engagement Centered around occasions: Mother’s Day Holiday season Providing a small portion of Ikea goods and food. People may also place order from this teaser store. MINI IKEA ON ?
    56. 56. OVERALL PERFORMANCE STAR ON BCG MATRIX As it continues to grow and expand online and offline. Revenues going up continuously. No end of the road in sight.
    57. 57. LEARNINGS SUCCESS FACTORS Sell an experience, not just products Merits of sticking to a single brand Keep it simple and basic Offer food at the end of the line! FAILURE FACTORS Catch up with new trends. App doing well but e-commerce needs to be stepped up.
    58. 58. Any Qs?