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Shay Holson


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Shay Holson

  1. 1. Shay Holson by:Cameron C. Period 6
  2. 2. Appearance • Shay has light brown hair that is always braided. • She has light blue eyes. • Height “5,7” • Weight 120 lbs • Age 15
  3. 3. Exposition • Shay is from Oregon. • When she was little she grew up in a small house in Oregon, with 2 brothers and one other sister. • Her family was very poor, her father worked in a mine and her mom was a stay-home mom till she disappeared one night. • She always got her way. Her mom called her a sweet taker. She was also very good at shooting arrows
  4. 4. Motivation • Shay has always wanted to find her mom, ever sense she disappeared one night when she was only five years old. • She wants to find her mom because she was the only person who believed in her. Her three brothers, one sister, and her father had no care for her in the world.
  5. 5. Trials • Shay faces many monsters in her life sense age nine. The head monster is keeping her mom captive and forcing her to do almost the impossible. Shay is determined to find her mom before it is to late.
  6. 6. Skills/Powers/Weapon • Shays one skill is charm speaking. s her be able to This skill has let escape from monsters when she was about to be killed. • Her powers is being able to shoot arrows far distances, and spotting monsters from as far as one mile away. Shay is able to shoot these monsters ( and kill them ) without the monsters knowing the arrow is coming. • Her weapon is bow and arrow. Shay uses this weapon to over come monsters without being killed
  7. 7. Divine Intervention • Shay has one mortal father. Shays fathers name is Michel Q. Holson. She has a goddess mom too. Her name is Aphrite the goddess of love.
  8. 8. Lesson Learned • Shay keeps getting text messages from her best friend Anna. Anna keeps asking where is Shay is, and what is she doing. Shay doesn’t know what to do, and she keeps telling lies. One day Anna finds her; Shay doesn’t know what to say or do. Anna gets mad at Shay. Anna leaves and Shay never haers or see Anna again.
  9. 9. Monsters Appearance • There are to types of monsters that Shay faces. One of looks like a regular teenage boy/girl. When Shay is alone with them they change into a monster. The other type of monster can shape-sift into a person, and they can mimmic voices. Just like the other monster when they are alone with Shay they change into themselves. (monsters)
  10. 10. Character Exposition • All the monsters that Shay faces are taking orders from a giant. Shays mom is very important to this giant, and he knows that Shay can stop him. Shays mom is important to him because she can give him powers that he need to take over mount. Olympics.
  11. 11. Hero Comparison • Shay can compare to Jason (from the Lost Hero) because they both are looking for someone. Shay is looking for her mom, and Jason is looking for his sister. • Shay con also compare to Piper (from the Lost Hero) because they both are worried that they will lose something. Piper thinks that she will lose Leo and Jason or her dad.