Heroine: Kiana


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  • Heroine: Kiana

    1. 1. Kiana Deotie the hero by: Avery Goelz and Olivia Benson
    2. 2. Name Our super heros name is Kiana Deotie
    3. 3. Appearance Kiana is a demigod, Daughter of Zeus, she is pretty, and strong she looks kind of like this
    4. 4. Character exposition Kiana is from Honolulu, Hawaii. When Kiana was first born Zeus struck her with lightning as a test. She passed because the wasn’t even a small burn.. Kiana has only told one person this supernatural birth story, Her best friend at school Ana. Now Kiana is on one of the biggest quests at the age of 14.
    5. 5. Motivation Kiana wants to defeat Afroman. She needs to defeat Afroman so the world doesn’t fall under his power... Using super cool mirror that no mortal can resist. That enables Afroman to get inside the mortals head.
    6. 6. Trials Kiana faces lack of transportation( since she is only 14.), Losing her best friend Ana because Ana thinks Kiana is lying to her, Afromans afro-minions big battle, and Afroman himself.
    7. 7. Kiana’s Strength Skill: Back flips Power: Summon weapon Weapon: Ring that controls where lightning strikes enemy
    8. 8. Divine Intervention Kiana is a Demigod; Her mom is mortal Her dad is Zeus.
    9. 9. Lesson Learned Kiana learned that Even a young girl can be a leader, also Fear is an option, it is NOT REAL.
    10. 10. Enemy’s Appearence Afro man a.k.a PJ. has black hair, A black leather jacket, Black Pants, Leather Boots Black Hip-Hop sunglasses.
    11. 11. Enemy’s Exposition One Day Kiana and PJ(Afroman) were going out to surf. As they were surfing PJ fell off his surfboard into the water. Kiana kept surfing the wave. PJ swam over to his board when a current took him out. He ended up stranded on a island. He thought Kiana didn’t care.
    12. 12. Comparing Jason and Kiana Friendship; Jason had friends, Leo and Piper Strenth; Jason stayed strong even in the worst time Bravery; Jason never backed out even when he was scared Saving; Jason saved camp half-blood and his friends Fairness; Jason let everyone( Piper and Leo) fight even though he didn’t want them to get hurt.
    13. 13. Bye Hope You Enjoyed our Keynote!:)