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Hero Project Unit_1


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Hero Project Unit_1

  1. 1. The hero will
  2. 2. appearance • • • • Tall and skinny Black hair Brown eyes A scar on his arm
  3. 3. Character exposition • • • • • Born June 22nd 2340 Did not not know his parents Is an orphan Told that his parents died in the war Born in the states
  4. 4. Motivation • To stop the war reunite the united states so that the war would end, so that less people die.
  5. 5. Trials • Has to go cross the border • Fight the demon • Have the courage to fight in the war
  6. 6. Skills power weapons • • • • • Has leadership and courage Agile Quick Spying Can control water
  7. 7. Divine intervention • Will is son of Poseidon which is why Will can control water. Poseidon also helped fight the demon with Will.
  8. 8. Lesson Learned • Will learned to not trust everybody such as the states. He later realized that some people are bad and can not be trusted.
  9. 9. The antagonist • The antagonist (Thomas) is a tall, muscular creature. He can disguise as a human, but really he is a demon.
  10. 10. Character exposition • The character opposes Will because he was full of greed and power and wanted to separate from the united states. Will did not want the United States to separate.
  11. 11. Hero comparison Jason • Friends with piper • Son of Zeus • Lost his memory • Has a sister • Fighting a giant • Not confident Will • Did not lose his memory • Son of Poseidon • Fighting a demon • Has no siblings
  12. 12. Both • • • • Selflessness A demigod Did not know their parents Had to fight a monsters