Hero Project


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Hero Project

  1. 1. BY: Adriana Klein and Carly Lynch
  2. 2. • Her appearance is: she has chocolate brown hair- always up in pigtails. She wears taped up glasses and has braces. Her eye colors are green, blue, and brown, and if looked at closely, you can see a tint of purple. She wears suspenders, that hold up her plaid skirt. NAME & APPEARANCE
  3. 3. APPEARANCE(CONT.) • that hold up her skirt. She wears white knee socks, and black buckle shoes. She is fairly skinny, and has a good height- in between tall and small. Arellsa has a burn scar in her right arm. She is 13 years old.
  4. 4. CHARACTER EXPOSITION • Arellsa was adopted, and found in a fire, and mysteriously survived at the age of 3. • She is from the planet Tonflucal- the lightning planet. • The purple in her eyes gives her a special ability/ power-a power called Eplet
  5. 5. MOTIVATION • Arellsa’s motivation is a locket given to her by her real parents. • She loses it in a dream one night, and needs to find it, so she can remember her real parents even more, and keep in touch with them. Her locket is shaped like a lightning bolt. The locket can basically show images of whoever you want, and talk to them.
  6. 6. TRIALS • First she fights trolls,but then she was only 5 years old in training . • Then when she was 9 years old she was fighting cyclopses. • And finally, at age 13, she fights Hades.
  7. 7. SKILLS,POWER,WE APON • Arellsa’s special powers/skills/weapons are: the purple in her eyes, gives her a power called Eplethal, which lets you have all the lighting & fire power,like fire sword and you can summon lighting. When you get touched by it or you touch it.
  8. 8. DIVINE INTERVENTION • Arellsa’s parents are the greek god Zeus, and the “mortal” Hera Duconsberry.
  9. 9. LESSON LEARNED • Arellsa learns that you do not need one thing to remember your loved ones, because they are always in your heart.
  10. 10. ANTAGONIST APPEARANCE APPEARANCE • The antagonist is Hades. • He appears to be devilish looking,red beady eyes with fire in them, devil horns, and breaths fire. He is very tall, and weighs about 300 pounds. H3e is very buff.
  11. 11. CHARACTER EXPOSITION • Hades opposes Arellsa because she is the daughter of Zeus-his mortal enemy. Zeus killed Hades’ wife on accident, with a lightning bolt.
  12. 12. COMPARISON • Arellsa is like Jason because he is determined to find his memory & she is determined to find one of her precious memories- her locket.