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Grace Smith


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Published in: Spiritual, Self Improvement
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Grace Smith

  1. 1. My Hero By: Emma McIntyre
  2. 2. What is a hero? • A hero is an unselfish, kind, outgoing human being. Bravery, wisdom, enthusiam, selfsacrifice, respect, teamwork, honesty, dedication and fairness are all characteristics of a heroic person. Heros don’t look alike. Some are short, tall, young, old, and different ethnicities. A hero never quits, always forgives, and is always kind.
  3. 3. My Hero: Grace Smith
  4. 4. Grace’s Story • 7 year old Grace Smith is a hero in Dixon, CA. She and her mother, Lindsay Smith, were getting ready to watch a movie together. Before the movie began, Lindsay went to wash her face and brush her teeth in the bathroom. Waiting patiently, Grace heard a big thump. Lindsay was having a stroke. Grace quickly ran to her next door neighbor to ask for help. The neighbor called 911 and rushed to Lindsay’s side. Lindsay recieved urgent help and ended up just fine. Grace saved her mother’s life. by acting quickly.
  5. 5. Grace’s Desires • Grace wanted more than anything for her mom to be okay. In order for her mom to survive, she needed to get help quickly.
  6. 6. Obstacles • Grace Smith had to face the thought that her mom might not survive this stroke. A typical 7 year old may be overcome with fear. They may not think clearly and act quickly in this type of situation. Grace didn’t let her fear get in the way of seeking help for her mother.
  7. 7. Did Grace have any help? • Grace received help from her neighbor when she needed to find someone to call 911 for her.
  8. 8. Story Moral • I have learned that heros aren’t just in comics. There are real life heros. Even a child can save a life. Grown-ups aren’t the only ones that can help.
  9. 9. How is Grace heroic? • Grace is heroic because she was wise enough to ask a grown up for help. Another heroic characteristic is patience. Grace was patient when she waited for her neighbor to open the door and when she waited for the paramedics to arrive. Grace is not lazy, selfish or mean. She had the best interest of her mother in mind.
  10. 10. Grace & Piper • Grace & Piper have a lot of similarities. They both are female and they both love someone; Piper loves Jason, and Grace loves her mom. They are both caring; Grace cared for her my mom by saving her life, and Piper cared for Jason when he got hurt.