Capitalization Rules


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Learn, review or practice using rules about correctly using capitalization in writing.

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Capitalization Rules

  1. 1. Capitalization Rules
  2. 2. Capitalize Names and initials of specific people - Brad Pitt, George W. Bush, Detra Fipps Title with a person’s name - Miss Susie Brown, Dr. William Lee, Mayor Lamar Bailes (but not when speaking of doctors or mayors in general terms - The doctors met for lunch.)
  3. 3. Capitalize Titles used alone if they refer to current holder of position - the Pope, the President Mom, dad uncle, etc. when used in place of given name Hey, Mom, get me up at 7. My favorite relative is Uncle Buck. (but not when speaking of them generally - My mom gets me up at 7. It usually follows a possessive pronoun.)
  4. 4. Capitalize The pronoun “I” - When the bell rang, I hustled for the classroom. Deity or religious scripture - God, Allah, the Bible, the Koran (but not when referring to the mythological gods and goddesses - In Greek mythology, Athena was the goddess of wisdom.)
  5. 5. Capitalize Brand names, but not the product that follows - Crest toothpaste, Tombstone pizza Places: cities, counties, states, provinces, nations (countries), continents - Paris, Bradenton, Oconee, Cook County, South Carolina, California, United States, Spain, Alberta, British Columbia, Africa, South America
  6. 6. Capitalize Other words made from the places above - Spanish, Spaniard, American, Chinese Bodies of water - Atlantic Ocean, Bay of Bengal, Chattooga River
  7. 7. Capitalize Major landforms - Rocky Mountains, Kalahari Desert, Skull Island Public areas - Central Park, Yellowstone National Park, Fort Sumter
  8. 8. Capitalize Buildings and other major structures - the Pentagon, the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, the Pyramids Roads and highways - Blue Ridge Parkway, Interstate 85
  9. 9. Capitalize Directions referring to specific areas of the United States or other countries - We moved to the South when my dad was transferred. (but not compass points - We drove south along the coast.)
  10. 10. Capitalize Proper adjectives made from the directions referring to the sections of the U.S. (or other countries) - We enjoyed Southern hospitality in South Carolina. Organizations and groups - the Red Cross, Nolan Middle School, Sertoma Club, the Beatles
  11. 11. Capitalize Major events, documents, and periods of time - the Battle of New Orleans, the Civil War, Gettysburg Address, the Renaissance, Oktoberfest Months, days, and holidays, but not seasons - November, Saturday, Memorial Day, summer
  12. 12. Capitalize Languages - English, Latin Races, cultural groups - Caucasian, Hispanics, Christians Names of specific school courses, but not general subjects - Biology 101, English I, social studies, science
  13. 13. Capitalize Ships, trains, aircraft, brand name of automobiles - Mayflower, Voyager 2, Chevrolet First word of a sentence - We are having dinner at home tonight.
  14. 14. Capitalize First word of most lines in poetry - Oh, say can you see First word of a direct quotation - Dad said, “The alien is riding the spacecraft toward Neptune.”
  15. 15. Capitalize First word of each entry in an outline  I. Martin Luther King  A. Early life  1. Birth  2. His books  B. College life
  16. 16. Capitalize Greeting of a letter - Dear Liza, First word (only) of the closing of a letter - Always yours,
  17. 17. Capitalize First and last word of titles, plus other “important” words, but not article adjectives, conjunctions, and prepositions usually Of Mice and Men “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”
  18. 18. Capitalize Names of businesses - Crispers, Ryan’s, Advanced Auto Parts, Taco Bell