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Take Action - Key 4 or 5


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Take Action - Key 4 or 5

  2. 2. 5 KEYS KEY 1 – SEE KEY 2 – DECIDE KEY 3 – THE GAP KEY 4 – TAKE (the 1st) ACTION KEY 5 – CONTINUE
  3. 3. KEY 4 – 1st ACTION Small seemingly insignificantSTEPSlead to staggering results over time that will bridge the GAP. • Dream BIG, Start SMALL, Act TODAY!
  4. 4. • Ask yourself what am I going to do TODAY? • Look at the GAP realistically • Scrape the barrel for RESOURCES • Plan the timeline: How much, what and how often do I need to do this and that to get there?
  5. 5. RESOURCES Ask for HELP: Who can I reach out to today? Acquire more resources: What can I start to learn today? Exchange resources: What can I start to sell or exchange today?
  6. 6. Take the 1st Action • For example, if I want to run a marathon in 6 months, and on day 1 I decide to walk around the block, I need to LOOK with honesty, that if I only walked around the block, every day for the next month…
  7. 7. REALITY CHECK – research and speak to others who have run a marathon…or marathon coaches. • Either you consult with someone who has done what you want to do or who is trained in helping others do so.
  8. 8. Take the 1st Action • Identify the action for the day, BLOCK everything else out and finish it even if your mind keeps telling you that you have other more important things to do. • You have to BLOCK all that negative self talk and paranoid feelings out and complete your objectives for the day.
  9. 9. TODAY is ALL you HAVE • Get it done today…TOMORROW IS A DISEASE! • NO room for all reasons and excuses!!! This is integrity!! Not even a little bit. • You have to become OBSESSIVE about getting through your TO-DO list.
  10. 10. Take the 1st Action YOU CHOOSE IT in spite of HOW you are FEELING!