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Business Aspects of High Performance Websites


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Published in: Technology
  • webdev, performance
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Business Aspects of High Performance Websites

  1. Very High Performance Websites The Next Competitive Advantage* Slide
  2. Me _Software Developer at SinnerSchrader _JavaScript Victim Extraordinair _ _@cramforce Slide 2
  3. Faster, more responsive Websites perform significantly better Slide 3
  4. Higher Conversion Slide 4
  5. Longer, Yes Longer Duration on Site Slide 5
  6. More Page Impressions Slide 6
  7. Load time now a≠ects Search Ranking Slide 7
  8. Go watch
  9. Proof
  10. 500 ms slower 20% drop in tra∞c Slide 10
  11. 100 ms slower 1% drop in sales Slide 11
  12. 1000 ms faster Download Page 2,7% better conversion Slide 12
  13. 5000 ms faster 12% better conversion Slide 13
  14. Potential
  15. 8300 ms load time 6000 ms time wasted Slide 15
  16. 2900 ms load time 2200 ms time wasted Slide 16
  17. What‘s a girl to do?
  18. Win the War in the Frontend Slide 19
  19. Backend Frontend Slide 20
  20. Now Some Very Easy Rules Slide 21
  21. Make fewer HTTP requests Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) Add Expires headers Compress components with gzip Put CSS at top Put JavaScript at bottom Avoid CSS expressions Make JavaScript and CSS external Reduce DNS lookups Minify JavaScript and CSS Avoid URL redirects Remove duplicate JavaScript and CSS Configure entity tags (ETags) Make AJAX cacheable Use GET for AJAX requests Reduce the number of DOM elements Avoid HTTP 404 (Not Found) error Reduce cookie size Use cookie-free domains Avoid AlphaImageLoader filter Do not scale images in HTML Make favicon small and cacheable Slide 22
  22. If it is so Great, why doesn‘t Everybody do it?
  23. Because it is HARD Slide 24
  24. Slide 25
  25. Web Development Finally is Hard again Slide 26
  26. Hard = Hard to Copy Slide 27
  27. Hard to Copy = Potential USP Slide 28
  28. You can build a better Website than your Competitor! Slide 29
  29. Cost Revenue Slower Faster Slide 30
  30. Not everything is a pareto distribution 20% of the possible optimizations get you 50% of the way Slide 31
  31. Take Aways
  32. Performance is hard, hire the right People! Slide 33
  33. 3 Quick Wins to ask your „Webmaster“ Slide 34
  34. 1. Do we do Domain- Sharding? 2. Do we load all JavaScript at the bottom of the page? 3. Do we minimize the JavaScript? Slide 35
  35. Faster Websites = _ More PIs _ Higher Conversion _ Better SEO _ Better Karma Slide 36
  36. Steve Souders Fast by Default Stoyan Stefanov High Performance Web Pages - 20 new best practices Don‘t make me wait The Performance Business Pitch Nicole Sullivan Designing fast Websites Slide 37
  37. More Sources web-search-ranking.html Slide 38
  38. Thank You for Listening! @cramforce