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How to become a successful doctor


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How to become a successful doctor by putting your patients first

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How to become a successful doctor

  1. 1. Doctor ? Nurses ? The receptionist ?
  2. 2. • Why we continue to fool ourselves successfully • Only 1 of 20 unhappy patients bother to complain • Others walk out of your clinic and tell ten others about their bad experience.
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  4. 4. Convenience ? Cost ? Clinic ambience ? Reputation ? Justdial ? Practo ? Google ? Referral ? Parking availability ?
  5. 5. Not your perception – the patient’s perception Life is not always fair.Not all busy doctors are good – and not all good doctors are busy No point in complaining about this. Learn to accept reality ! Soft skills are often more important than clinical skills
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  7. 7.  Loyal patients create your reputation. Act as ambassadors. Help your staff perform better by providing professional satisfaction Improve your income – both financial and emotional!
  8. 8. Help to build a patient service culture Create magic with Right people Right processes Right environment
  9. 9. How well does your staff treat your patients ? If you treat your staff well, they will treat your patients well ! They will copy you !
  10. 10. • Losing patients can be expensive ! • Train them. Respect them. Appreciate them • Make sure your staff works well as a team • Do not shout at them ! • Working in a clinic can be thankless job. Help them to do their best
  11. 11. I. The patient is never an Interruption - the patient is your work. Everything else can wait ! II. Greet every patient with a smile. III. Call patients by their name. IV. For patients, all staff members are as important as the doctor ! V. Never argue with a patient. Be a good listener.
  12. 12. VI. Don’t say, "I don't know.” Say “ I will find out”. VII. The patient pays your salary - treat him like your boss ! VIII. Choose positive words IX. Always go the extra mile. Exceeding patient expectations is the best way of keeping patients happy ! X. Brighten every patient's day. This will make your own life happier.
  13. 13. Try taking an appointment Wait in your waiting room Help you to think like a patient ! This will make you more empathetic ! « Patient engagement, patient experience and patient centeredness » are no longer just buzzwords !
  14. 14. • Play patient education videos while your patients are waiting • Give them tablets to watch videos • Do not overbook - respect your patient’s time
  15. 15. • Follow flowcharts for improving workflow! • Need processes which your staff can follow How to answer the phone How to greet a new patient How to help them fill up a form Doctors usually create bottlenecks !
  16. 16. No interruptions when you are with a patient No phone calls during clinic hours Return all calls at a fixed time Intelligent phone systems for recording all calls. Cloud based virtual receptionist I prefer email – no phone tag
  17. 17. •Reminder SMSes to reduce “noshows” •Prescribe apps to your patients •Set up whatsapp groups •Ezines
  18. 18. Need to understand your patient’s wants, needs and desires We can learn a lot from 5 star hotels – they put customers first Ask your patients for help !
  19. 19. • Comment cards –It was easy to get an appointment. –My doctor answered all my questions. –I would recommend this hospital to friends. • Telephone calls after their visit. • Internet surveys by email
  20. 20. This does not mean that there are no problems or that all your patients are happy with you The truth is that most patients are scared to complain and will not tell you they are unhappy to your face
  21. 21. How many of your patients refer their friends to you ?
  22. 22. Doctors take pride in their professional competence Patients have no way of judging this. Assume all doctors are competent ! Judge by their behaviour Need to improve your EQ – a high IQ is not enough !
  23. 23. “The patient will never care how much you know, until they know how much you care !”
  24. 24. E - Eye contact M - Muscles of Facial Expression P – Posture A - Affect T -Tone ofVoice,Touch H - Hearing the whole person Y -Your response
  25. 25. • Dissatisfaction = Mismatch between Expectation and Reality • Satisfied patients will tell three other people • Dissatisfied patients will tell 20 others. • However, if you can satisfy an unhappy patient, he will tell at least 50 others, and become your most valuable ally !
  26. 26. There will be slips and lapses Master the art of service recovery Take ownership of the problem – it’s your clinic !
  27. 27. • R = Re-establish rapport ( empathy) • A = Agreement ( get the patient to sayYes) • P = Problem ( define this) • S = Solution • A = Ask Permission ( is the patient happy with the solution you have offered ?) • N = Next step ( Follow up) • D = Document
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  29. 29. Doctor did not explain properly Not enough time with the doctor Unnecessary long wait time Rude staff Overcharging Poor documentation
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  31. 31. Treat all patients asVIPs. Respect them ! The lifetime value of a patient
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  33. 33. Happy patients have better treatment outcomes ! More compliant because they are engaged Fewer medical errors , because they keep the medical staff alert Less likely to sue Happier patients heal better !
  34. 34. To cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always
  35. 35. Everything else is paperwork ! Need to delight your patients – one patient at a time Happy Patients = Happy Doctors, Happy Nurses, Happy Staff, and a Happy Family !