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Healthy and Happy Mumbai. Dr Sanjay Oak at a Free a Billion meeting


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This is Dr Sanjay Oak's vision for what we can do to make Mumbai a healthy and happy city

This was a presentation Dr Oak gave at a Free a Billion meeting, on what we can do to improve Mumbai

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Healthy and Happy Mumbai. Dr Sanjay Oak at a Free a Billion meeting

  1. 1. S Vision Mumbai 2.0 Healthy Mumbai , Happy Mumbai Sanjay Oak
  2. 2. What ails Mumbai? S Uncontrolled populace S Unrestricted entry S Unorganised dwellings. S Missing Sewage Management S Toilets…A luxury?
  3. 3. What are the root causes? S Health is not on the priority list. S Health is not a preferred agenda. S Insurance coverage is abysmally poor. S Walls between Public & Private sectors. S PPPs eyed with suspicion. S Cleanliness is uncared for.
  4. 4. 30 Crore Indian Women Still Have To Defecate In The Open. Will The Shame Reach Before The Stink? S Cleanliness is to be enforced as a discipline. S Toilets : populace ratio. S More water supply S Open breathing spaces. S Community to have ownership of health related projects.
  5. 5. Being Healthy S Hospital for sick children & women S Hospital for Mental Illnesses & Mental Health S Hospital for Communicable diseases. S Hospital for Geriatric Health S Hospices & Avedana Ashrams.
  6. 6. Day Care Units. S Augment primary care units. S Create more Dialysis centers. S Create more Day care chemotherapy centers. S Stress on preventive cardiac health S Create more comprehensive diabetic care centers.
  7. 7. Chidren’s Health S Newborn assessment S School Health S Mid day meal programs S Monitoring malnutirion. S Adolescent health care programs S Menstrual Hygiene activities.
  8. 8. Womens’ Health S Breast Diseases. S Cervical Hygiene & Cancers. S Nutritional ( Iron Deficiency ) Anaemia S Safe labor., secure motherhood. S Osteoporosis.
  9. 9. Water Related Health Problems S Treat as a crusade S Work thorough out the year. S Make diseases notifiable S Pass on the preventive responsibility to citizens. S Fines and Penalties and prosecutions.
  10. 10. Hospitals for future S More ICU beds. S More stress on day care. S Links between central & Peripheral – secondary & tertiary S Family physicians & Nursing homes are partners.
  11. 11. Mohalla Clinics S Standardize –process, protocols and infrastructure. S Build brands. S Technology driven- vending machine, I pads, mobile apps. S Documentation.
  12. 12. Cross Sector Cooperation S Transport S Communication S Sanitation S Water supply. S Civil construction.
  13. 13. Public Sector S More accountability S More responsiveness. S Accreditation S Partnerships. S Avoid duplications S Linkages.
  14. 14. Private sector S Responsibility 20% or even more. S Laboratories, Imaging sectors. S Re-invest profits in health. S Support public sector in dispensing & education.
  15. 15. Out of Box! S Health SEZ . S Re look at the tax S State Antibiotic Policy. S Revise drug formulary. S State Insurance to cover middle class. S Railways, Port trust, Airways, Police , hospitals to join hands.
  16. 16. Ye Hai Bombay …Meri Jaan. S e88907.jpg