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Doc998 quarterly operating report 2012-09-30


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Doc998 quarterly operating report 2012-09-30

  1. 1. leASE NAME: FPFG LIQUIDATING TRUSTleASE NUMBER: 09-33918-HDH-11 UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT NORTHERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS DALLAS DIVISON FOR POST CONFIRMATION USE QUARTERLY OPERATING REPORT AND QUARTERLY BANK RECONCILEMENT QUARTER ENDING: SEPTEMBER 30, 2012In accordance with Title 28, Section 1746, of the United States Code, I declare under penalty of perjury that I haveexamined the attached Post Confirmation Quarterly Operating Report, and the Post Confirmation Quarterly BankReconcilement and, to the best of my knowledge, these documents are true, correct and complete. Declaration of thepreparer (other than responsible party), is based on all information of which preparer has any knowledge.RESPONSIBLE PARTY:Original Signature of Responsible Party Is/ Matthew D. OrwigPrinted Name of Responsible Party Matthew D. OrwigTitle Post-Confirmation TrusteeDate 10/30/2012PREPARER:Original Signature of Preparer Is/ J. James Jenkins J. James Jenkins, CPAPrinted Name ofPreparer Robbins Tapp Cobb & Associates, PLLCTitle Accountants for TrusteeDate 10/30/2012
  2. 2. POST CONFIRMATIONQUARTERLY OPERATING REPORTleASE NAME: FPFG LIQUIDATING TRUSTleASE NUMBER: 09-33918-HDH-11QUARTER ENDING: SEPTEMBER 30, 2012 I BEGINNING OF QUARTER CASH BALANCE: 367,880 CASH RECEIPTS: CASH RECEIPTS DURING CURRENT QUARTER: (a). Cash receipts from business operations- Litigation Settlement + 675,000 (b). Cash receipts from loan proceeds - Savings Interest + 220 (c). Cash receipts from contributed capital - FPFG Chapter II Estate + 0 (d). Cash receipts from tax refunds + (e). Cash receipts from other sources- Trustee Bond Refund + 0 2_ TOTAL CASH RECEIPTS = 675,220 CASH DISBURSEMENTS: (A). PAYMENTS MADE UNDER THE PLAN: (I). Administrative- Chapter II Professional Fees + 0 (2). Secured Creditors + 0 (3). Priority Creditors + 0 (4 ). Unsecured Creditors + 0 (5). Additional Plan Payments + (B). OTHER PAYMENTS MADE THIS QUARTER: (I). General Business + 76,431 (2). Other Disbursements - US Trustee Program + 5,850 3 TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS THIS QUARTER 82,281 4 CASH BALANCE END OF QUARTER = 960,819
  3. 3. POST CONFIRMATIONQUARTERLY BANK RECONCILEMENT ICASE NAME: FPFG LIQUIDATING TRUST ICASE NUMBER: 09-339I8-HDH-IlThe reorganized debtor must complete the reconciliation below for each bank account, including all general, payrolland tax accounts, as we11 as al1 savings and investment accounts, money market accounts, certificates of deposits, governmentalobligations, etc. Accountswith restricted funds should be identified by placing an asterisk next to the account number.Attach additional sheets for each bank reconcilement if necessary. QUARTER ENDING· SEPTEMBER 30 2012 Bank Reconciliations Account #I Account #2 Account#3 Account #4 A. Bank Wells Fargo Wells Fargo TOTAL B. Account Number *****0186 *****7864 c. Purpose (Type) Checking Savings I Balance Per Bank Statement 5,600 955,219 960,819 2 Add: Total Deposits Not Credit + 0 3 Subtract: Outstanding Checks 0 4 Other Reconciling Items 0 5 Month End Balance Per Books 5,600 955,219 ~ 960,819 6 Number of Last Check Written #1025 NA 7 Cash: Currency on Hand 0 0 + 08 Total Cash- End Of Month 5,600 955,219 = 960,819 CASH IN: INVESTMENT ACCOUNTS Date of Type of Bank, Account Name & Number Purchase Instrument Value9 +10 +II +12 +13 Total Cash Investments = 014 TOTAL CASH LINE 8- PLUS LINE 13 =LINE 14 **** 960,819 ********Must tie to Lme 4, Quarterly Operating Report