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  1. 1. PATACHITRA- God’s blessingAbhishekDebasishSourabh
  2. 2. Aesthetic values of Palm Leaves• Exquisite art form Palm Leaf Painting was practicedlong back in few regions of India. This adoring andunique art is made up on palm leaf by engraving.• Palm leaf is a leaf on which all the spiritual book’s likeRamayana, Mahabharata & all the Vedas, Upanishadsare written in ancient times.• The tradition of palm leaves painting is closely linkedwith the worship of Lord Jagannath and claims adistinct place of its own because of its exquisiteworkmanship.
  3. 3. Origin and Paintings• Rare paintings of ODISHA.• The origin of paintings is traced to a moving legend in theChitralakshana, the earliest known treatise on painting. It issaid that when the son of the King’s highest priest died,Brahma asked the king to paint a lifelike likeness of a boy sothat he could breathe life into him again and this becamethe first painting.• Single painting takes around 6 to 15 weeks to completedepending on details of painting where rows of the samesized Palm leaves are arranged and sewn together and thenfolded in such a way to make a neat pile.
  4. 4. Who am I ?• Defines Orissa best with its aesthetic value ofOdishi culture, tradition, the picturesquelandscape.• Its unique theme that brings together theimmensity of life and the diversity of theDivine to stand as One.
  5. 5. What am I ?• Spiritual - Concerned with or affecting thespirit or soul• Blessings of Lord Jagannath.Flip CurtainsGiftsGreetingsBookmarksWall HangingOur Product
  6. 6. For Whom am I ?• Age 24 and above• Gender- Male and Female• Individuals having disposable income– Art lovers– Spiritual and religious people– Tourists - aesthetic value of Odissi culture andunforgettable memory from Odisha.– Decoration
  7. 7. Why Me?• Heritage painting• Devoted to Lord Jagannath• Unforgettable memory• “PARAMPARA”
  8. 8. •