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Unit presentation


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Published in: Education
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Unit presentation

  1. 1. Miss Stewart’s Kindergarten Class WHAT’S GOING ON IN CLASS THIS WEEK!
  2. 2. What We Will DiscussEssential Question Unit Question What keeps the  What is money? world turning?  How is it used?
  3. 3. What We Will Discuss Cont.Content Question What is each piece worth? What does a penny look like? Who is on the face of a nickel?
  4. 4. Unit Summary This week in class your students will be exploring the United States monetary system. We will learn to identify each coin by their characteristics and also be able to tell the worth of each coin. Your students will be responsible for small projects and short assessments throughout the week. At the end of the week we will have a small performance in class and any parent is welcome to come. Each child will be dressed as a coin and we will perform the coin song.
  5. 5. Standard & ObjectivesStandard #1 Standard #2 Standard (4) Identify coins  Standard (6)Explain by name, including criteria used to sort objects. penny, nickel, dime, and  Objective #2:Students will quarter. acquire observation skills Objective #1: Students will as they determine each of be able to name four of the the characteristics of the US coins when shown the coins. From using front or back. They will be size, shape, and color they able to describe the will be able to sort the characteristics of each coin. coins into their correct groups.
  6. 6. Our Roles Teacher  My role as a teacher is to guide your students through the learning process. This week I will be observing the students through the lessons and pushing their thinking skills. Students  As a student your child is responsible for doing the actual learning. They will need to be open to new ideas and will be asked to perform small projects and complete some assessments over the week. Parents  As at parent is your job to encourage learning outside of the classroom. Interact with your children and ask them questions. Also please try and make it to our performance I know your students will love to see you here.
  7. 7. Benefits of Project-Based Learning Through project-based learning your students will be able to interact through hands-on activities. I think its very important for the students to be able to do projects because they are exciting and they motivate the children to learn. Through the projects this week your students will work together and communicate with their groups to report information they have observed.
  8. 8. Contact InformationIf you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at