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Writer's workshop


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Published in: Education, Business
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Writer's workshop

  1. 1. Writer’s Workshop Summary
  2. 2. “In writing workshops, teachers invite children to do all the things a writer really does: research, explore, collect, interview, talk, read, stare off into space, co-author, and yes, prewrite, draft, revise, edit and publish.” –Katie Wood Ray
  3. 3. Why Writer’s Workshop? Writer’s workshop is a method of teaching writing that… • Allows students to write in a variety of genres. • Gives students opportunities to practice writing. • Allows student’s to express themselves through writing!  • Exposes students to the organization and thought required to create a story or write about a topic. • Helps foster a love for writing!
  4. 4. Classroom Setup Create separate gathering area for W.W. Book area: Supplies area: O O O O O Student writing folders Extra pencils Writing Paper Highlighters Composition notebooks • Tubes/crates of text • Books relevant to the genre Posters/Anchor Charts: • • • • • Characteristics of Good writing Steps of the Writing process Writing Strategies Beginning/ endings Transitions
  5. 5. Writer’s Workshop: teacher tips! O Create an inviting area where writing materials and baskets can easily be stored and accessible to students. O Stock up on extra supplies! O Have writing folders with students' names on them to house writing resources, rough drafts, and final copies. O Provide for each student a composition notebook to develop into a writer's notebook. O Establish "writing territories" (place where children write independently).
  6. 6. Author’s Chair O A
  7. 7. Resources O components/scrapbook/default.php?sectio ndetailid=29473&linkid=nav-menucontainer-4-319211 O g_workshop.html