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ur signature Windows applications - CRD, MARS and SQL-RD - don't just handle scheduling, export and report distribution of Crystal Reports, MS Access Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services Reports, but offer a lot more. Take advantage of our superior experience in Business Process management (BPM) software, SQL Server Reporting Services, Crystal Reports Schedulers & Microsoft Access Schedulers. Benefit from best-of-breed practices and software to leverage solutions that will improve your business process management and maximize the return on your investment.

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Css presentation

  1. 1. Report Scheduling & Business Automation SoftwareIan Gifford – Managing Director EMEAStephen Carvell – Senior Solutions Architect - EMEA
  2. 2.  About Us Our Customers Our Solution Example Applications How it Works Benefits
  3. 3.  Founded in London in 2002 Offices in North America and UK 1000+ customers worldwide
  4. 4.  Proven, enterprise-class report scheduling and business automation Reliable, consistent and automated delivery of the right information, in the right format at the right time
  5. 5. SQL-RD  for MS SQL Server Reporting ServicesCRD  for Crystal ReportsMARS  for MS Access Reports
  6. 6. Report Automation  Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, custom schedule delivery of reports: Sales, Stock, Logistics, Maintenance, Contact Centre, Helpdesk, Call Data, Management Information......  “On demand” reports – triggered by email request
  7. 7. Business Automation  Electronic delivery of Invoices, Quotes, Statements, Purchase Orders, Remittance Advice, Salary Slips...  SMS and email alerts against low stock levels and other triggers....  IT Operations – e.g. backup routines, moving/deleting files, creating folders, general housekeeping tasks
  8. 8. DeliverExecute Report and Export • Time Scheduling & • Event conditions Automation • Data changes
  9. 9. Modify FilesSMS Alerts Email Alerts Run Report Print Report Data Changes and Folders Monitor changes in Data and other Event conditions • Time Scheduling & • Event conditions Automation • Data changes
  10. 10.  Boost Productivity  Free up IT resource to focus on other projects  Eliminate manual processes Improve Decision Making  Right information, right time, right format Cut Cost  No need for full-time administrator(s)  Cheaper than developing from the ground-up  Eliminate paper-based processes
  11. 11.  Higher Levels of Service  Information delivered at customer’s preferred frequency and in their preferred customised format Improve Business Performance  e.g. Boost cash flow  e.g. Reduce stock holding  e.g. Increase sales of “in demand” items
  12. 12.  Background  Master parts HP and Toshiba reseller for Australasia  Business holds $3.5 Million in parts and serves 8000 customers  350 orders a day
  13. 13.  Requirement  Automated and flexible way of delivering invoices and statements to customers and partners by email/PDF  Automated way of delivering reports to the business in a variety of different formats  A proven enterprise-class solution capable of playing a vital role in business operations
  14. 14.  Solution using CRD  Automatically distributing 10s of 1000s of invoices, statements and reports every month  Send Finance Department a report every 2 or 3 hours to highlight any customers that have exceeded their credit terms  “Allowed the reduction of accounts receivable by up to 60% and improve our cash flow by $300,000 – and all in under 5 months.”
  15. 15. Download a 30 day free trial at www.christiansteven.com