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Issue 03


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AboutUs Issue 03 Rotary Mysore Midtown

Published in: Sports, Automotive
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Issue 03

  1. 1. Issue : 3 Volume : 32 18-07-2012 Pages - 4 Naina oh naina ................ ome July and its time for change of guard and backed by an enthusiastic team, AnupamaC in Rotary and Inner Wheel. Its a cusp when the outgoing leader looks back withsatisfaction and gratitude, while the new leader accepted the presidents post in all humility. Fresh blood was infused into the club in the form of Mrs. Pushpa Gangesh who was inducted by Dist. Chairman Mrs. Suma Krishna. The anchorslooks ahead in anticipation. RCL Hall wore afestive look with the elegant ladies draped in recognised all the Past Dist. Chairmen fromorange and green. The creative brain behind all Mysore by highlighting the theme for that year anddecorations – PP Mrs. Amitha Harish made sure fondly recalling their contribution. The chiefthat the hall was befittingly decked up. The stage guests address was replete with stories, words ofwas set for the coronation. Dr. Renu and Mrs. wisdom that comes with experience andLavanya anchored the evenings affectionate advice to the new team. Shedeliberations with panache. Thewinsome foursome led by lead singer INNER congratulated and appreciated the inimitable Inner Wheel Club of MysoreAnu Nandoo with Sudha, Prabha andChaitra in tow along with singing WHEEL Mid-Town. Anupamas year started off with goodies flowing in – Rs 75000/-sensation Pinku ( Anusha) invokedthe blessings of Govinda. Outgoing INSTALLATION was received as donations towards community service from Rotarians.president Mrs. Shama Milton beamed with She ensured an auspiciousa sense of achievement as she welcomed the beginning by carrying out a few meaningfulgathering. She acknowledged the support of her and of the Rotarians. The hall was packed The cherry on the cake for Anupama was a videowith Rotarians, Annes and guests and the stage clipping of her son Ajays loving message to hiswith Inner Wheel dignitaries. Mrs. Vimala Nagraj lovely mom. Thanks to Rtns. Bhanu and Rock forthe club secretary, very smartly presented a booting technology. Vice President Mrs. Umacondensed report of the years activities. Vivek profusely thanked everyone responsible forPP Sudha Vishwa introduced the installing officer the smooth conduct of the wonderful event.PDC Mrs. Naina Achappa with the peppy tune Meeting was adjourned for felicitations and“Naina oh naina....”. Amitha presented the new sumptuous headed by Mrs. Anupama Ravindranath as ........Chandrika RaghuMrs. Naina installed them. Exuding confidence
  2. 2. PRESIDENT’S THIRD EYE VIEW by sini MESSAGE The wheel has started rolling. Congratulations to the president who is turning over and to theThank you Inner Wheel sisters for making incoming president who is accepting theour first meeting a very colourful one. responsibility. RCL hall always looks wonderful when Anns are there in a flock. Last week I wasI would like to appreciate Rotary Midtown perplexed by the colour of Innerwheel members,Foundation, Rtn. Sundar, Rtn. Dr. then it dawned on me that it is the ruling party’sRavindranath, Rtn. Raaghu, Rtn. Venky, Rtn. colour, and they are conveying the message thatDr. Prahalad and Rtn. Manoj for liberally they are here to rule. IW is fully greased to rollcontributing to the Inner Wheel Club for smoothly with Rs. 75,000/- in their kitty on day onetheir community service projects. and what does Anupama has to worry about?Our team and members would like to Midtowns functioning style has taken a change after Vishwa took over, right from clearing the officecongratulate Mrs. Shama Milton, Mrs. of junk, furniture realignment, communicationVimala Nagaraj and their team for doing an methodology, personalized & branded gifts and weexemplary job and wish Mrs. Anupama have to wait and watch for more surprises inRavindranath, Mrs. Premila Jain and their administration. First board meeting at Ooty soundsteam all the very best and our whole hearted interesting and a refreshing change from Sportscooperation. Club.Friends lets visit “Makkala Mane” today and Count down has begun for London Olympics andhave a wonderful time along with the wish our participants bring laurels to our countrychildren. without taint. Like Vishwa has brought a change in Vishu Midtown, hope our participants will also bring a change in the medals tally. Best of luck to Anupama and the Indian Olympic 3180 VIEWS squad. Members, Anns and Annets can send their articles and feedback of AboutUs to§ºÀ¼À ZÉ£ÁßVzÉ ¤ªÀÄUÉ mallige3180@gmail.comC©ü£ÀAzÀ£ÉUÀ¼ÀÄC.ZÀ. C±ÉÆÃPÀ PÀĪÀiÁgÀThanks for the e bulletin Srinivas.Nice article on Narayan Krishnan of Madhurai whichshould be an eye opener for all Rotarians and family FIRST EMBRACEmembers of Dist 3180. My best wishes to Vishwaand his new team of Mysore Mid Towners for a MYSORE’Ssuccessful Rotary Year 2012-13 to establish " Peacethrough Service"......Regards.. Suma and H L Ravi,I P D G, 3180I am glad that you have opted to send me the issuesof your bulletin by e-mail. I have also received ahard copy. Please send me a soft copy only.NandkishoreThanks sini for making the bulletin ABOUT THEM’RamkiThank you very much for sending your clubs bulletinacross to us. I went through the content and looksgreat. Will definitely pass it on to our club memberstoo.Thanks again and have a wonderful time ahead.Nagaraj BG, Secretary, RMW 1. Is it the TRUTH ? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned ?Wonderful job now you have brought out midtowns 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS ?first ebulletin. keep it up. I am so proud of you. 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned ?Sundar uncle
  3. 3. Narayanan’s Day Out ... Rtn. Aiyanna I t was a beautiful installation, with a down to earth chief guest who came all the way from Madurai to be with us. Thanks Mr.Krishnan. The next day was too good indeed being with the guardian of around 450 destitutes and downtrodden in Madurai. No wonder he has the blessings of goddess Meenakshiamman to be a saviour. Thursday, 5th July, we took him from Pai Vista @ 9.15 a.m. to our breakfast joint Gayathri Tiffin Room (GTR), located in Chamundipuram where our great host Bheemanna was waiting with the early bird Rtn.Gopi. Rtn.Alagappan, Rtn.Bhanu, new president Viswa, Rtn.Nagaraj, Rtn. Mohan and I joined them to enjoy the famous roasted dosa, carrot halwa and idli’s. Krishnan was all praises for the dosas which he said was better than his hometown make. Once the stomach was full, we headed for the press meet in Patrakarthara Bhavana which was scheduled @ 11 a.m., coordinated by our media manager Bheemanna. On the way we rested for a few minutes in Bheemannas office to get prepared for the press meet where Rtn.Ramki joined us. Narayanan Krishnan was fantastic at the press meet answering the volley of questions from the reporters. Not only is he humble but brilliant too. The simplicity in him is at the highest levels which we all as human beings can emulate. End of the meet, our own photographer Venkatesh came with an album of the previous evenings photos and gifted it to Mr. Krishnan, as a memory, on behalf of Midtown. Then we proceeded to Soofi school guided by Rtn.Azeezulla and Annet Chintu (son of Rtn.Sundar) to witness the finest of training and education taught by Rtn. Azeezullas family for the differently abled children. Krishnan was all praises for the humane service done by the Soofi Trust. It was a very hot day and on the way we had tender coconuts to quench our thirst before we reached RMA. Krishnan was in for a shock looking at the welcome note written on the entrance board. Madam Vanitha Bhat welcomed and administrator Mr. Thimmaiah took us around to show the progress of the institution. Krishnan addressed the children and took oath from them; Do not waste food and follow whatever your guru teaches you. He congratulated madam for the discipline in students saying; this cannot be seen even in some of the convents. Krishnan while leaving touched the feet of madam Vanitha Bhat and took her blessings. On the way back, we had lunch at Highway 18 restaurant and as a sudden change in programme, Mr.Krishnan went to Automotive Axle to address a gathering of 50 people in the management cadre. Evening, “Coffee with Krishnan” was arranged at President Viswas house and being a good host the menu of the evening tea was great. On coming out of Vishwas house, Mr.Krishnan said to his uncle; “Mama, how and when can we digest this much of love”. This reflects how good a team we MIDTOWNERS are!
  4. 4. T he world population day was held at ‘Jyothinagar Samudaya Bhavan’ on 11th July at 3.30pm jointly by FPA India and Rotary Mysore Midtown. The function was inaugurated by president Rtn R.S. Vishwanath and the theme was “Universal Access to WORLD POPULATION DAY Reproductive Health Services”. The gathering was welcomed by Sri. H.R.Bhatt, secretary, FPA India. The guest speaker Dr. K.V. Lakshmidevi, who is a gynacologist andEC member, FPA India, educated the gathering about the personal hygiene and the problemsfaced by rural women due to lack of medical facilities. Sri. G.S. Bhatt spoke about FPA Indiaprogrammes and problems related to over population. How the population explosion ishindering our growth and the measures to be adopted to curtail it. Speaking on the occasionRtn. R.S.Vishwanath said that World Population Day is celebrated in European and Westerncountries where there is a problem of under population and whereas here in India we shouldnot celebrate but only observe it as a day, as we are already burdened with it. Rtn. Manoj,secretary and Smt. Jayashree.M.Urs, Vice president FPA India were present as chief guests. Every lady hopes that her daughter will marry ROTARY INFORMATION laugh a better man than she W orld did and is convinced that her son will never find a wife as good as ROTARIAN ACTION GROUP EXPANDS MATERNAL HEALTH PROJECTS IN NIGERIA In Nigeria, one out of every 18 women dies his father did!!! as a result of childbirth. The Beauty isnt measured by outer country has the second-highest maternal mortality appearance and what clothes we rate in the world. wear, but what we are inside. So, That’s why the Rotarian Action Group for try going out naked tomorrow and Population Growth and Sustainable Development see the admiration! targeted the northern Nigerian states of Kaduna and Kano with a pilot program aimed at reducing All desirable things in life are maternal mortality by preventing and treating either illegal, banned, expensive or obstetric fistula, a serious birth injury. From 2005 married to someone else! until 2010, the project, partly supported by a grant from The Rotary Foundation, reduced maternal So many options for suicide: death by 60 percent in participating hospitals, Poison, sleeping pills, hanging, reached 1 million women of childbearing age, and jumping from a building, lying on repaired obstetric fistulas for 1,500 Nigerian train tracks, but we chose women. The project also included surgery to repair MARRIAGE, slow & sure. damage from fistula. Many women with the injury don’t know it can be repaired, so Rotarians created a series of radio programs that explained Rtn. Sanjay.P 20/07/2012 the condition, its causes, and the available treatment. The action group is now preparing to Rtn. Raju Baliga replicate the project in the states of Abuja and 23/07/2012 Onoda, with plans to eventually establish the Rtn. Syed Aftab Ahmed model in other central and southern Nigeria states. 24/07/2012 Q uiz NEXT WEEK Q.: Where was the 100th RI IN MIDTOWN Convention held?. BUSINESS MEETING a) New Orleans b) Bangkok c) Sri Lanka Venue: RCL Hall, JLB Road, Mysore Date : 25.07.2012, Time : 6.30pm d) Birmingham (Last week’s answer : Third )